5 Best iPadApps for Kids
No	  ma&er	  whether	  you	  support	  the	  use	  of	  iPads	  and	  tablets	  in	  schools	  or	  not,	  you	  can’t	  d...
1.	  Sleep	  SoundCreator	  for	  toddlers	  ages	  2.5	  and	  up,	  you	  can	  safely	  assume	  that	  your	  2,	  3,	...
2.	  Le.er	  SchoolAn	  amazing,	  intuiAve	  game	  to	  learn	  all	  about	  leLers	   and	   numbers:	   wriAng,	   co...
3.	  BBC	  Earth	  WondersThis	  BBC	  Earth	  Wonders	  app	  showcases	  some	  of	  the	  most	  beauAful	  BBC	  natur...
4.	  Na<ve	  NumbersMath	   is	   an	   important	   skill,	   but	   it	   can	   easily	   become	   a	   hated	   subje...
5.	  Look	  and	  FindLook	  and	  Find	  Elmo	  on	  Sesame	  Street	  is	  a	  new	  educaAonal	  app	  from	  the	  cre...
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5 Best iPad Apps for Kids


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Do you have a kid in home and looking for iPad apps which can help them learn? Check out these 5 awesome apps for kids!

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5 Best iPad Apps for Kids

  1. 1. 5 Best iPadApps for Kids
  2. 2. No  ma&er  whether  you  support  the  use  of  iPads  and  tablets  in  schools  or  not,  you  can’t  deny  the  fact  the  they  are  really  amazing  educa<onal  tools.iPads  have  changed  many  things  and  most  changes  are  for  the  be&er.  It  has  changed  your  way  of  working,  reading,  learning,  communica<ng.  Introduc<on  of  iPads  into  educa<on  has  made  it  more  dynamic  and  very  interac<ve.  Students  are  now  more  ac<ve  because  of  iPads.  It  inspires  the  crea<vity  of  the  students.  Learning  on  a  device  that  is  wanted  by  the  students,  mo<vates  them.  iPads  having  enormous  features,  apps,  allows  the  students  in  geCng  engaged  with  the  contents.  Wherever  the  Students  go,  they  can  find  informa<on,  access  books  etc.  No  need  to  carry  those  bulky  backpacks  or  not-­‐so-­‐portable  laptops  anymore.
  3. 3. 1.  Sleep  SoundCreator  for  toddlers  ages  2.5  and  up,  you  can  safely  assume  that  your  2,  3,  and  even   4   year   olds   will   enjoy   magic   of   this   app.   TinyHands   SorAng   requires   no  English  skills  whatsoever  –  it  is  all  about  pictures  –  and  is  therefore  perfect  for  children  who  don’t  speak  English.  The  goal  of  the  game  is  to  sort  all  the  objects  into  their  correct  places.  Each  screen  has  a  unique  theme,  and  requires  slightly  different  skills.  The   sorAng   is   based   of   shape,   color,  size,   and   other   subjects   such   as  seasons,  on  land/under  water,  etc.-> TinyHands Sorting (Free)
  4. 4. 2.  Le.er  SchoolAn  amazing,  intuiAve  game  to  learn  all  about  leLers   and   numbers:   wriAng,   counAng,  phonics   and   more.   In   three   easy   steps,   it  teaches   kids   how   to   write   leLers   and  numbers,   using   just   the   right   gradient   to  make   it   super   easy   to   learn.   Using   LeLer  School   Kids   pracAce   essenAal   skills   as   they  play  four  exciAng  games  per  leLer/number-> Letter School (Free)
  5. 5. 3.  BBC  Earth  WondersThis  BBC  Earth  Wonders  app  showcases  some  of  the  most  beauAful  BBC  natural  history  clips,  edited  with  only  the  sounds  of  nature,  from  landmark  series  such  as  Planet   Earth,   Frozen   Planet   and   Life,   along   with  stunning   images  from   world-­‐renowned  natural  history  photographers.  it  lets  kids  explore  the  worlds  regions  and  animals,  all  without  leaving  the  living  room.With   the   huge   amounts   of   unique  pictures   and   videos   BBC   has   to   offer,  this   app   is   worth   the   price   of  admission,  which  is  $3.99-> BBC Earth Wonders ($3.99)
  6. 6. 4.  Na<ve  NumbersMath   is   an   important   skill,   but   it   can   easily   become   a   hated   subject   due   to  misunderstanding  of  basic  concepts.  NaAve  Numbers  takes  children  through  the  simple   elements   of   math,   starAng   with   rods   and   moving   on   to   pictures   and  numerals.   Slowly  but   surely,   kids   can  understand  what   these   numbers   are   all  about,  and  that  there’s  more  to  numbers  than  just  symbols  –  they  actually  stand  for  something.NaAve   Numbers   Lite   introduces   the  first   5   (out   of   25)   engaging   and  carefully   sequenced   acAviAes   that  develop   an   understanding   of   early  math  /  number  sense.-> Native Numbers (Free)
  7. 7. 5.  Look  and  FindLook  and  Find  Elmo  on  Sesame  Street  is  a  new  educaAonal  app  from  the  creators  of  PoLy  Time  with  Elmo.  In  this  app,  everyone’s  favorite  furry  red  monster  needs  help  finding  things  that  go  HONK!  and  BOING!  and  CLANK!  With  Elmo  as  their  guide,   preschoolers   can   develop   hand-­‐eye   coordinaAon   while   looking   for   silly  things  on  Sesame  Street.Included   in   this   app   is   Look-­‐Look  Memory  Game,  a  fun  matching  game.  Children   tap   on   picture   cards   to   flip  them   over   and   then   try   to   find  matching  pairs.-> Look and Find ($1.99)
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