Free restaurant startup checklist


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Free restaurant startup checklist

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Free restaurant startup checklist

  1. 1. Free restaurant startup checklistThe MessageThe Message that you present needs to say a lot about you... and your restaurant. Peopleneed to know who you are and why they should eat at your restaurant rather than therestaurant down the road. Tell what makes your restaurant different. What gives it thatunique flavor that your guests crave? Create truth in your advertising and make anirresistible offer. Let them experience a bit of a feel for your restaurant so theyll want tovisit. The message is like the meat and potatoes of the meal.The MarketThe people you Market to is something that can change as often as your menus.Sometimes people fear change, but in order to have your restaurant making the mostsales, changes are often necessary. You may already have a list of loyal customers. If youdont, you really need to get one! But have you considered everything there is toconsider?1. Do the people near the restaurant desire the style that your restaurant presents?2. Are customers willing to drive there for the Wow experience that your place offers?3. What is the estimated income of these guests?4. Are there couples, families, singles?5. Do families show up on different nights than couples?Forming a personal relationship with your guests will keep them interested in returning. Ithelps to know who is most likely to dine at your establishment. Market can be looked atas the utensils needed for the meal.The MediaThe method of delivery of Media that you will use to get your message across is anotherpart of this equation that can change. One type method is usually not enough! There arenewspapers (large metropolitan papers and small town newspapers) and magazines toconsider. Cost will usually help with what media you will want to use. There are so manyformats to think about when working with how to market. TV, Radio and billboards canbe quite expensive, but remember that cost should not be the only factor in determiningwhat avenue to take for media methods. Direct Mail is a great way to advertise. Youllwant to be able to track your results as well and Direct Mail can provide such a benefit.
  2. 2. Coupons in bulk are usually a less expensive method of advertising, but the way that yourrestaurant reaches guests is personal and it varies from business to business. You have tofind the best fit for your restaurant. You can always change it if the first few tries are nota success.One necessary system is a Website. Most people will use Internet now to quickly andeasily look up a restaurant with the variables they desire. You really must have a website,as you will know by now if you have ever heard me talk about things you must have.Websites can be so personalized and perfected that a restaurant can reach people whowould otherwise not visit, except for what the website mentioned. Media is like theplatter that the meal is served upon.Remember that like a good steak and potato served on a lovely platter, a great Messagethat is well delivered by Media will make for great Marketing thats sure to bring more tothe table! – You can download free ebooks about: restaurantmanagement forms, restaurant business plan, restaurant marketing plan sample,restaurant startup guide…