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Productivity (GTD, Pomodoro, etc.)



Talk at Barcamp Bangalore 10

Talk at Barcamp Bangalore 10



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Productivity (GTD, Pomodoro, etc.) Productivity (GTD, Pomodoro, etc.) Presentation Transcript

  • Let’s talk about Productivity Swaroop C H www.swaroopch.com Barcamp Bangalore 10 July 11, 2011
  • Quick show of handsHow many of you practice GTD?How many of you practice Pomodoro?How many of you practice ANY kind ofsystem?Those who don’t have a system, WHYdon’t you have one?
  • Quick show of handsWhat do you want to get out of thissession?
  • Before I talk about Productivity In the book “Persuasion” by James Borg, he says a persuasive speaker needs to establish three things: Ethos - ethical - character and reputation Pathos - emotional appeal Logos - logical
  • Ethos“For the message to be believable,there had to be ‘source credibility’ -this is something that exists in theminds of the listeners.” -- James Borg
  • Let’s establish source credibility It all started with my blog post "Why I do time tracking" 2 years ago: www.swaroopch.com/2043 It was a wildly popular article HN front page, linked by ma.tt, etc. few people even wrote their own time-tracking apps after reading it!
  • Am I productive? You decide...Blog - popular (3000+ readers)Books - 2 popular technical booksRunning - have run 5 half-marathonsand 1 full marathon, plan to run 2*halfthis year (spoke at BCB6 about this)Cycling (spoke at BCB7 about this)
  • Am I productive? You decide...Startup ( www.swaroopch.com/for-startuppers/ )Side projects such as http://isbn.net.in,dotbash, dotvim, flask-boilerplate, etc.Long-term Personal finance plansAnd still have a day job, friendships,family life, meet new people, etc.
  • The point is... Not to praise myself, that would be boring A system has helped me manage my energy and time, and that’s what I want to talk about
  • Why care about Productivity?Because time is our most preciousresourceBecause expressing creativity isimportant, i.e. producing is important No matter how much we deny
  • Why care about Productivity?Because we want to be successful -> results -> productivity happy -> self-respect and self- confidence -> productivityAnybody disagrees so far?
  • I believe... Success -> Results -> Habits -> Hawthorne Effect -> Pomodoro Happiness -> Motivation -> Weekly Review + System -> GTD
  • Pomodoro TechniqueHave a single master list of tasks to doGo through master list in the morning Pick tasks to do today Estimate time for each task in numbers of pomodoros
  • Pomodoro Technique1 pomodoro = 25 min work + 5 minbreakDuring those 25 min, focus ONLY onthe chosen task. Nothing else matters. If you are interrupted, restart with the timer at zero
  • Pomodoro TechniqueMark after every successfullycompleted PomodoroWhen task is done, strike it off(Repeat)[Is there a whiteboard?]
  • Why does Pomodoro work?Forces you to prioritize by allocatingconcrete time for it todayForces you to define the task becauseyou have to estimate time for itForces you to be realistic about whatyou can get done in a single day
  • Why does Pomodoro work?Forces you to focus, 25 min at a timeForces you to feel guilty when youhave too many interrupted pomodorosor too less completed pomodorosMore at www.swaroopch.com/3120
  • GTD http://shop.thedolectures.co.uk/product/get-your-mind-out
  • GTDcollect -> Collection Bucketsprocessorganize -> Projects, Someday/Maybereview -> Inbox Zero, Waiting For,Weekly Reviewdo -> the “next action”
  • Why GTD works?A system to park your thoughtsHow do you decide what NOT to do?Horizons of Focus http://www.gtdtimes.com/2011/01/26/ the-6-horizons-of-focus/More at www.bnet.com/article/how-to-get-started-with-getting-things-done/52958
  • Weekly Review - the secret sauce Remember how good you feel when you “close loops” before a long vacation?
  • GTD Weekly ReviewI focus on four areas of life ( StevePavlina Newsletter #22 ) Career Finances Relationships Health
  • GTD Weekly ReviewIf all is well in the four areas of life,life is good. You have nothing to worryabout (remember Hawthorne Effect?)It is perfectly okay to have short-term imbalance as long as you havelong-term balance
  • Pomodoro and GTD togetherPomodoro -> howGTD -> what
  • Seems complex?As David Allen says: “If you drive a manual gear car, complexity is out in the open. If you drive an automatic car, complexity is under the hood, you have a smooth drive. Your system is the “under the hood”
  • The CaveatThis way of thinking is what works forme I don’t think about my system actively any more, it’s my routinePlease feel free to come up with asystem that works for YOU
  • P.S. Great startups opportunity http://quantifiedself.com/guide/
  • It’s a BarcampSo I’ll stop talking, and YOU can startdiscussingIf you want to chat about this later twitter - @swaroopch email - swaroop@swaroopch.com