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Eklavvya (Online Exam/Assessment Engine)
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Eklavvya (Online Exam/Assessment Engine)



On Demand Assessment / Online Exam of Student: ...

On Demand Assessment / Online Exam of Student:
Eklavvya allows institutes/Organizations to test that their convenience,reducing assessment planning time and scheduling

Reduction in Administration Cost:
Eklavvya will help reduce overall cost of assessment procedure and bring more scalability to institutes approch to manage assessment of the student. Eklavvya would reduce administration and student assessment cost by more than 40% by making it completely paperless and accurate.

Instant Access to Result Data:
Instant Analysis of assessment would save substantial time of the institute to keep track on student performance.

No Hardware Software Licensing Cost:
Save Substantial cost in hardware,servers, software licensing cost
Pay only as per your usage and subscription!!!!



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Eklavvya (Online Exam/Assessment Engine) Eklavvya (Online Exam/Assessment Engine) Presentation Transcript

  • Online Examination andAssessment Tool for Objective Subjective Assessments Copyright Splashgain Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • About Eklavvya Cloud Based - Subjective/Objective Assessment (examinations) Management of Nationwide Online Student Registration and Online Examination in Paperless Way Software as a Service Platform with Minimal Investment Knowledge Management and Knowledge Sharing Process  Document sharing mechanism  RSS Feeds Sharing  Video upload and Sharing with specific group of Students
  • Advantages of Eklavvya◦ Manage entire examination process (Subjective and Objective) online with minimal administrative work◦ Facility to manage entire question Bank per subject/topic/difficulty level◦ Managing/Scheduling of the online assessment for the students/batch of students◦ Detailed analysis of Results of each evaluations◦ Acceptance of Exam Fee Payment using Voucher/ Credit Card/ Internet Banking etc
  •  Knowledge Management ◦ Sharing of documents, links, RSS feeds Question Bank Management ◦ Manage Question Bank based on Subject, Topic, Difficulty levels Exam Paper Generation and Scheduling ◦ Automated Exam Paper Generation based on predefined criteria Candidate/Student Management Exam Administration Student Communication Management Payment Management
  • System would generated detailed analysis ofstudent assessment
  • System support PDF, Printable Version of Certificate forSuccessful Candidates
  •  Manage Question Banks of subjective/Objective multiple subjects, topics as per Difficulty level, question types Define objective type questions with multiple choices ranging from 2 to 5 Import Questions from other sources Generate multiple set of Exam Papers with predefined criteria like Total Questions, Difficulty Level, Negative Marking etc Define Advance Parameters like Total time, Question Navigability, Total Marks etc.
  •  Objective questions with multiple choice ranging from 2 to 5 True ,False type questions Fill in the blank type questions Subjective question (candidate can type answer) Image/Picture based question (Picture series, identification of image etc)
  •  Define schedule of the exam with multiple number of students assignment Each individual students would receive randomly generated questions with unique sequence of question numbers. Schedule tests for remote candidates for the assessment Analyze result of the students as per Rankings of test result Details analysis of Avg Score, Min score, Max score of the test Shortlist candidates based on test assessment
  •  Video Sharing , Documents Sharing ◦ Upload Video , Documents ◦ Assign View access right to certain students or Group of students Video, documents and RSS feeds
  • For More Details ContactSplashgain Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,info@Splashgain.com+91 20 6510 7848 Copyright Splashgain Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.