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Eclipse slide presentation


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. ECLIPSE Introduction
  • 2. What are we trying to do?
    • To provide services for our community
    • - In the language of their choice;
    • - support opportunities for increased independent living;
    • choices available are thoroughly explained so that they can exercise a degree of control over their own lives;
  • 3. What are we trying to do?
    • where there is support from the community;
    • builds a sense of belonging;
    • promotes their increased participation in Civic society;
    • And in the long term the facilities are self sustaining and self financing.
  • 4. Part one – ‘ Realising Community Benefit’
  • 5. What services are we looking to provide? - Promoting access to Employment, Education and Training facilities; - Day care facilities, (elderly and childcare); - Entrepreneur development facilities; - Meeting non medical health needs.
  • 6.
    • Part Two –
    • ‘ Realising your Dreams’
  • 7. Income generation
    • To generate an income that will sustain ‘Eclipse’s’ services and community benefit aspiration.
    • “ A niche facility” where the community can host events based on three concepts:
  • 8. Inspirational: Individualistic: Imaginative:
  • 9. What evidence do we have to back up our proposals? Welsh Assembly Government data; Living in Wales survey; The UK census; Knowledge of ‘our’ own community; Research in to Minority Ethnic communities; Customer survey; Labour Force survey; Data on Marriages;
  • 10. Why are we doing it?
    • Complementing mainstream services;
    • Promoting community cohesion;
    • Promoting good race relations;
    • Improving access to employment opportunities;
  • 11. Why are we doing it?
    • Improving access to education and vocational training;
    • Improving access to self employment, and business start ups;
    • Improving access to tailored and targeted health care facilities;
  • 12. Who do we need to involve?
    • Additionality and complementing existing services.
    • Providing these services is underpinned by the availability of partners, partnership working.
  • 13. Who do we need to involve?
      • Government agencies
      • Specialised advisers
      • Cardiff Councils Departments
      • NHS Wales;
      • Cardiff and Vale Health Authority;
      • Mosques, Temples and community organisations
      • Voluntary action centres, and other voluntary organisation
  • 14. Our success will be based on
      • - a detailed knowledge of the community,
      • - its religious, cultural and dietary needs;
      • - Evidencing the business case;
      • - on maximising business acumen with community spirit.
      • - Raise sufficient funds through partnership working,
      • Raising our own capital
      • - Contract services that will be provided to the community.
  • 15. How are we going to go about it? Accessing grants and funding from?
      • Local community
        • We propose to sell ‘Shares’ to community members so as to ‘buy in’ their involvement and support. 120 shares valued at £2500 each will be made available.
  • 16. Accessing Funding from
      • Welsh Assembly Government
        • Communities First (CPAF) to provide one off funding for capital refurbishment.
  • 17. Accessing funding from
      • Europe funding through WEFO
      • Big Lottery
        • People and Places fund.
  • 18. Issuing Contracts to
        • Career Wales;
        • Job Centers Plus;
        • Universities;
        • NHS;
        • Cardiff and Vale Health;
        • Cardiff Council Education & Health services;
        • Solutions for communities,
        • Invest in local communities fund
  • 19. In Kind Support
      • Cardiff Council
      • Surveyors, Architects and legal fees are all bound in kind and we estimate this to be in the region of about £100,000 during the set up phase.
  • 20. Why this group of people?
      • Having established individually in Private, public and voluntary sectors;
      • Our common desire to provide facilities for the community,
      • To meet the needs of the community and
      • To set high standards for ourselves are our core strengths.