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How to use Survey Monkey

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Survey Monkey Presentation

  1. 1. because knowledge is everything Discussion points: Why would you use a survey tool? How would the information be used? What are the benefits and pitfalls of using surveys to collect information? Suzie Vesper - 2008. Feel free to use!
  2. 2. Getting set up
  3. 3. Create an account Make sure you select correct time zone
  4. 4. Watch the video tutorials
  5. 5. Create new survey Useful to have this option Only available on upgrade
  6. 6. Survey Design
  7. 7. Choose theme Build your own Ready made themes
  8. 8. Add questions From scatch OR copy and paste Examples are VERY helpful
  9. 9. My common question types Rating Scale Multiple Choice (one answer only) Comment/ Essay Box
  10. 10. Multiple choice - single answer Display options
  11. 11. Rating Scale - single answer Row choices are what they are rating Column Choices are the rating scale Even number of rating options forces an opinion
  12. 12. Essay box - open ended You can change the height (number of lines) and width (chars wide) of the box Textbox is only one line so tend to use essay box for open ended questions.
  13. 13. Survey Options
  14. 14. Advanced - Skip Logic Different paths through a survey based on responses to questions (only if upgraded) Great to allow for principals, teachers, lead teachers and facilitators to all be able to take the same survey but have sections specific to them.
  15. 15. Collecting Responses
  16. 16. Setting up a collector I generally use this option Normally name link the same as survey
  17. 17. Setting up a collector Always use the top link - even for wiki pages etc
  18. 18. Collector Settings and restrictions In a workshop setting, I normally pick yes as some people may be sharing. If you upgrade, you get this option which I use to highlight online resources.
  19. 19. Survey Analysis
  20. 20. View Summary Quantitative results will look like this
  21. 21. View Summary Qualitative results will look like this Click view Will open individual survey that includes this response
  22. 22. Browse Responses Look through each individual survey response Move between each response
  23. 23. Filter Responses Filter based on responses to questions (upgrade only) Great for separating out individual school responses to feed back their specific data When filter applied and download requested, it will only download filtered data.
  24. 24. Download Responses Can be done in a range of formats (upgrade only) I tend to choose a summary in PDF form
  25. 25. Presentation by Suzie Vesper from CORE education Want to get in touch?