Digital citizenship


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An overview of digital citizenship in schools.

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  • Digital citizenship

    1. 1. Connected and confident What does digital citizenship ‘look like’ in our increasingly connected world Suzie Vesper - Digi Advisor November 2012 Note: View videos linked to from slides as part of this presentation. If you are having trouble clicking on the links, look in the ‘Notes’ tab for each slide to get the hyperlink.
    2. 2. So what is digital citizenship
    3. 3. Definition by Netsafe John Fenaughty Senior CORE researcher Previously Research Manager at NetSafe Link to John Fenaughty’s Edtalk
    4. 4. Kellie McRobert on key competencies and e-competencies Link to Kellie’s e-competencies wiki Link to Kellie’s video on the Curriculum Online website
    5. 5. Jason Ohler on digital literacies and capabilities Link to Jason Ohler’s Edtalk
    6. 6. Andrew Churches on citizenship and cybersafety Link to Andrew’s digital citizenship resources Link to edtalks video
    7. 7. gobeirne on Flickr andy miah on Flickr malclocke on Flickr gobeirne on Flickr ChCh earthquake Examples of digital citizenship during the Canterbury earthquakes
    8. 8. ChCh earthquake Link to the Te Papa video on YouTube
    9. 9. ChCh earthquake
    10. 10. ChCh earthquake Link to Shirley Boys YouTube video An example of good digital citizenship or not?
    11. 11. What kind of digital citizen are you as a teacher?
    12. 12. Educators working in online spaces
    13. 13. Have you considered important aspects when setting up online spaces? Page on social media and ethics website where this video is available
    14. 14. How do you build readership?What is the purpose? What is the fine print? Room 3’s blog Who is ultimately responsible? Other considerations
    15. 15. Other considerations ThatThat’’s mys my art andart and writing.writing. ThatThat’’ss our classour class Who owns the content? How long will content be online? How will you manage issues? ? What web content can you reuse?
    16. 16. Other great digital citizenship resources Digizen Netsafe kit for schools Netsafe My LPG Google - YouTube and Digital Citizenship EGGS - Digital Citizenship guidelines for teachers The Digital Citizenship project
    17. 17. Consider what your school needs to focus on in relation to digital citizenship. What support do you need as an educator to be able to develop digital citizenship skills in your students and yourself?