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A completely updated roundup of blogging examples from the one done in May.

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Blogging Examples in Education Oct 08

  1. 1. Blogging Examples in Education Roundup of Examples updated in October 08 Compiled by Suzie Vesper This is designed to show ideas rather than the ‘how to’. For tutorials on some of these tools try: OR
  2. 2. General Blog Guidance and Advice Being safe on the web Blogging Advice Wiki Be a Safe and Responsible Blogger
  3. 3. Blogs - Sharing from the Classroom Student of the Week Acknowledging volunteers road-patrollers.html 2008/04/student-of-week-emma.html
  4. 4. Blogs - Sharing from the Classroom Kids at Work First Day at School claytons-first-day.html artists-at-work.html
  5. 5. Blogs - Publishing Writing and Giving Feedback (written and oral)
  6. 6. Blogs - Publishing Writing exposition-writing.html
  7. 7. Blogs- Hotseating (writing from another perspective) Caterpillar diary april-11th.html
  8. 8. Blogs - Literature Study Goodnight Mr Tom
  9. 9. Blogs - Goal Setting Rationale for goal setting Example of a goal on a blog 2008/08/blogging.html my-goals-for-term-3_25.html
  10. 10. Blogs - Sharing Learning Intentions and Outcomes Use of Digital Camera Mrs Wagner’s Class blog_id=582215&mode=comment&blogger_id=162000 learning-log-for-april.html A teacher reflects on the power of blogging in his classroom
  11. 11. Blogs - Sharing Learning Intentions and Outcomes Scientific Investigation Key Competencies wheel-axle-experiment.html managing-ourselves.html
  12. 12. Blogs- At stages of an inquiry Introduction Assessment you-guess-what-our-next-inquiry.html can-you-name-pulley.html
  13. 13. Blogs- Publishing results of inquiry Heroes study Flight study heroes-and-champions.html 2008/08/flight-of-room15.html
  14. 14. Blogs- Recounts from trips/events Japanese Visitor Gardening Recount Note the way comments allowed for teacher/child interaction learning-japanese.html 399
  15. 15. Blogs- Recounts from trips/events Cross Country Field Trip country.html 2008/10/fabulous-field-trip.html
  16. 16. Blogs- Exploring concepts/ beliefs Friendship Evolution friendship.html 2008/09/evolution.html
  17. 17. Blogs- Going Deeper Encouraging higher order thinking you-guess-what-our-next-inquiry.html
  18. 18. Online Tools - Blogs Dialogue Through Comments Advice to Student Maths Homework 2005/02/5th_grade.html#comments homework/year4/maths/fractions
  19. 19. Blogs - Resources for practising a Skill Probability Activities probability-games.html
  20. 20. Online Tools - Blogs Children as authors Learning Logs Feeding in ideas on a Topic 2008/05/great-start-to-term-two.html ideas-and-opinion_03.html
  21. 21. Online Tools - Blogs For Reflection Posts that Reflect Writing with Comment on Learning Reflection node/922#comment Great blog post on encouraging reflection
  22. 22. Blogs- Teaching content Meaning of terms connotation-and-denotation/ what-is-figurative-language/
  23. 23. Blogs - ‘How to’ videos Creating your own videos and uploading them Using Technology Teach a Language lesson-2.html
  24. 24. Blogs- Student Blogs Secondary - Tech Design Year Five Student Blog white-sunday.html
  25. 25. Blogs - Multimedia Resources Using existing online videos making-cool-helicpter-aerial-screw.html water-out-of-the-ground/
  26. 26. Online Tools - Blogs For Reflection Teacher and Student Analyse a Text Reflection http:// questions-continued.html
  27. 27. Online Tools - Blogs For Keeping the Community Informed Principal Updates Sports Team Notices intermediate-in.html
  28. 28. Blogs - Teachers sharing with teachers Experiences with ICT Tools Ideas for engaging kids forms/ reluctant-writers-and-ict.html
  29. 29. Blogs - Teacher Professional Development Blog4Educators EdTech Mag week-one-personal-reflections.html november-december-2006/blog-rules.html An online blogging course you can work through
  30. 30. Blogs - Teacher Reflection On a unit for the term On a single activity reflections-1-chocolate/ 2008/05/31/voicethread-for-maths-problem- solving/