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Service blueprints as an indispensable step toward successful digital services. A tool to orchestrate touchpoints and stakeholders in multi channel and cross-channel services. Presented at The Web and Beyond, Amsterdam 2012.

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Service blueprints TWAB presentation v11en

  1. 1. Service blueprintsAn indispensable step towards successful digitalservicesSusanne van MulkenThe Web and BeyondSeptember 26, 2012, Amsterdam1
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. Contents• Challenges for ux designers• What are service blueprints?• How do they work in practice? - Lessons learned - Next steps3
  4. 4. Ux design is getting ever moremore lexciting! chal enging!4
  5. 5. “Always and everywhere”Companies want their products andservices available always and everywhere• Through digital self-service touchpoints• On multiple devices• Across multiple channels5
  6. 6. Existing processes are toocomplex forself-service
  7. 7. Digital future Website is multi- channel & cross- Mobile app channel Call centre Repairer
  8. 8. Multiple devices, multiple contexts
  9. 9. Management Ever Marketing morestake- Businessholders Legal IT
  10. 10. Increaseddependencyof back-end systems
  11. 11. Challenges of digital self-service• Many existing processes need redesign from a self-service perspective• Coherence in multi-channel services• Seamless cooperation between touchpoints• Alignment of ever more stakeholders• Heavier dependency of information from back-end systems
  12. 12. Screens page 1A- Idle screen A1 - Login screen A1.1 - Home B - Control menu tree (Lv. 1 - collapsed) B - Control menu tree (Lv. 1 - expanded) Back Exit 8 Mockups <Project name> 1 Heating 1 Heating <Project build/Software version> Local controller login 50 2 Cooling 1.1 Boiler A 25 75 Recently used 2 0 100 3 Sunscreens 1.2 Boiler B Login: 1 Find by number Control 4 Lighting One 1.3 <Menu item> Password: 1 3 2 5 Lighting Two 1.4 <Menu item> Start 6 Lighting Three 1.5 <Menu item> Q W E R T Y U I O P 7 Meeting room "Green" 2 Cooling Setup Alarms A S D F G H J K L 5 Soft keyboard area 4 5 8 Meeting room "Purple" 3 Sunscreens Login 2 Z X C V B N M ? 1 . . 4 Lighting One . .?123 space return 5 Lighting Two Help Touchscreen settngs 6 Lighting Three Login Clear 6 7 4 3 7 Meeting room "Green"1. Login button 1. Login IDs 1. Control button (See the page "menu navigation pattern" for (See the page "menu navigation pattern" for Goes to Login screen. (Login functionality is Optional: 1) Locally-stored login IDs are Goes to custom built control menu tree. detailed comments) detailed comments) optional on the local controller.) displayed in a drop-down list or 2) IDs are not Depending on login authorization users get stored, a regular text input area for login name. different views e.g. by installation part or room.2. Background image Optional. (Becomes more relevant in case 2. Password entry field 2. Recently used button touchscreen in placed outside the instalation Tapping in this field brings up a modal soft Shows a modal panel with the five most- cabinet such as a meeting room or hotel room) keyboard to enter password. recently-used menu tree items, allowing direct navigation to them. 3. Clear button Resets Login and Password form elements to 3. Find by number button default value. Allows direct navigation to a specific menu tree item by numeric input. 4. Login button Validates login and password combination, and 4. Setup button if successful goes to Home screen. Goes to the default Setup menu. This menu is structured based on the physical installation 5. Soft keyboard structure as used by the installer. This keyboard only appears on screen when the user taps the password field. Clicking 5. Alarms indicator return hides it again. Shows the most urgent status of alarms that have not been viewed or suppressed. With for example orange and red color . 6. Help button Goes to Help main screen. 7. Touchscreen settings button 8. Exit button Goes to Touchscreen setup screen. (Under this Logs current user out of system and goes to button is functionality such as language Idle screen. selection, display and sound settings, etc) 7/9OmniGraffle | Wireframe Template AnnekeL Modified on 23/06/2009 LocalGUI-TCX-V2.1.graffle Wireframes Style guides Sitemaps Typografie Frutiger LightCondensed Need for orchestration Frutiger Condensed Frutiger BoldCondensed Vertelfont Regular Service blueprint Vertelfont Bold ? Storyboards Personas HiFi Prototypes 12
  13. 13. What are service blueprints?13
  14. 14. Services - Frontstage and backstage Physical evidence Physical Frontstage Customer evidence employee actionsfrontstage actions Backstagebackstage employee actions Support processes (& IT) 14
  15. 15. Restaurant service (example)Physical Website Restaurant Waiter’s Interior Menu Menu Table dress Bill building uniform design upevidenceCustomer Online Study Arrival Hand coat Take a seat Order Wachten Eat & drink Payactions reservation menu Line of external interactionFrontstage Welcome, take Explain Bring &employee coat, lead to table menu Take order Serve meal explain billactions Line of visibilityBackstage Make Register Bring coat to Bring orderemployee reservation for customer cloakroom table as to kitchen Prepare bill ‘occupied’actions Line of internal interactionSupport Prepare meal Reservation Reservation Update cash Cashprocesses system Cloakroom system register register(& IT) 15 Update stock
  16. 16. In practice (at Informaat)16
  17. 17. How do we view service blueprints at Informaat?1. Link between service design and touchpoint design2. Heart of an interactive ux design platform17
  18. 18. 1. Link between service design and touchpoint design Service design Touchpoint design Service blueprint Customer journey Hi-fi prototype18
  19. 19. Service blueprints - Different forms and styles Dialing IBM-HELP to get assistance with Lotus Notes Carrie Chan | IBM T.J Watson Research Center, Hawthorne NY | 6.15.07 Blueprinting ideas v.4 service evidence problem with Lotus Lotus Notes Ticket number Notes Mail and Mail and Calendar syncing Calendar syncing works customer steps DIAL NAVIGATE PRE-RECORDED MENU TALK TO AGENT WAIT FOLLOW AGENT’S STEPS TO SOLVE PROBLEM PROBLEM HANG UP? SOLVED hazard line Dislike calling call centers how long am i being onstage put on hold for? i’m pressing ‘3’ and nothing is happening... 6D1511 is before 6A1511 in the menu choices... did I hear is he even listening to 6D1511 correctly? me? he seems to be what is a ticket number? he’s assuming i know all the typing a lot. and not customer’s journey IBM language even though I’ve paying attention. repeatedly told him I was new finally, the agent is back he’s talking really fast he’s apologizing for soft- ware malfunction - is this the same problem i was just having? or should i be worrying about something else? he solved the problem! Twitter Experience line of of visibility area visibility Physical Tweet Blog Post Comment Form Tweet Twitter Profile DM button on Twitter URL on Twitter profile Evidence Profile representative service User Give introductory speech. Ask for employee serial Present customer with menu options to Introduce yourself. Ask customer what Look up information regarding Ask what error message Proceed to follow steps outlined in documentation. Actions Confirm that the Ask customer to write down the ticket number. number. redirect call. Apologize for software problem they’re having. Lotus Notes Mail and Calendar the customer is getting. Clicks on link customer’s problem Reads blog post Email this ticket number to the customer. Comments on post @Replies to Tweet Follows on Twitter DMs over Twitter Visits Website script malfunction. syncing on database. is solved. Redirect call after customer inputs a Thank customer for calling IBM HELP. choice. Ask if they are on or Ask if the customer off site. has any other problems. provider’s steps Line of Interaction backstage WAIT FOR CALL DIRECT CALL TO PROPER DEPT. INTRODUCTION GET PROBLEM FIND SOLUTION TO PROBLEM WALK CUSTOMER THROUGH PROBLEM SOLUTION CONCLUDE GIVE TICKET NUMBER Onstage Contact Post to Twitter Publish blog post Responds to comment Respond to @Reply Analyze followers Respond to DM Analyze web logs Person application backstage processes P P P P P P P P P P P P P P support Line of Visibility implementation account executives product executives (BTO) operational executives (SO) Backstage Review, edit, & Review, edit, & Review, edit, & Review, edit, & Contact approve blog post approve comment approve responce approve responce reply Person Line of Internal Interaction Support CoTweet ExpressionEngine ExpressionEngine CoTweet Metricly CoTweet Metricly & Google Processes Analytics
  20. 20. Service blueprints at Informaat Blueprint: Sales support20
  21. 21. Ans is in de buurt Ans vraagt advies Haar nieuwe polis is klaarAnsTouchpointsFrontstageservicesBackstageservices 21
  22. 22. PREVENTIE AANVRAAG B 18 jaar Zelf werk/ opleiding Werkgesprek gevonden met AD of RIBvoor de WajogerGebeurtenissen Sociaal Begeleiding 16 jaar: 17,5 jaar Nakijken Aanvragen medisch en Samen met AD Terugkoppeling (gedeeltelijke) (evt rondom stage) Eerste Terugkoppeling participatieplan wajong arbeidskundig Opstellen beslissing krijgen Uitkering Informatie Adviesgesprek beoordeling en goedkeuren raadplegen onderzoek participatieplan ontvangen op school 18 jaar krijgen laten doen Geen werk kunnen vinden plaatsings naar eig gesprek kunnen potentiele brieven sch werkgever netwerk Contact leggen en on- Voorlichtng Wajonger toegwezen Kennis nemen van Werkgesprek Signaal naar SMZ Kennis nemen van (optioneel) Over- Op zoek naar derhouden met Pre- geven aan pre- krijgen. SMO en oordeel leiden dat participatieplan beslissing SMZ dragen aan reinte- goede match ventief netwerk wajongers gereed is gratie bedrijf (VSO’s, instellingen.)Arbeids Deskundige Taken van de Uitwerken par- Contact opnemen In kaart brengen - SMZ verzoeken om ticipatieplan met potentiele werk- potentiele inst- Wajonger vastleg- een beoordeling gevers room gen. SMZ voorzien van Participatieplan op- Begeleiding sollici- bekende gegevens sturen naar Wa- taties vanuit het netwerk in jonger de pre-wajong fase. NIEUWE WAJONG Hoe deze kaart in te vullen: Help mee het proces te verbeteren 22
  23. 23. Service blueprint 1 2 3 Service blueprint"Virtual route" Claims "Virtual route" ClaimsClaims service blueprint.graffle Mon Sep 10 2012 More or less Expertise lookup (postcode lookup of contractors); generic provisions to Policy coverage check: quick check to see if one of support the your policies are applicable decision to claim or not: Generic BM calculator: easily readable tool from which to read what happens to BM under what conditions Phase Damage occurs Claim information Determine approach Report claim User activity General Online claim information Select product Website (website) E-mail Online R3+ R3+ SMS Generic BM calculator Expertise lookup R3+ Channel Policy coverage check (Cust. dom.) choice? Offline No No Offline General Claim Offline Damage Pursue Yes Yes Consider Determine costs affects Yes Continue Yes Claim via CCC claim information not Review policy coverage Stop occurs claim? premium/ for self-settlement claim? (policy, brochure) claiming? BMI? No No Claim via third- Damage not party repairer Stop claimed Other channel Mobile phone System activity GetPropositionData GetNetworkContractors GetPolicies System SAP SAP 23
  24. 24. What works well Schade melden (voorbeeld) • Holistic view of service MarketingComm / Mobiele Mobiele Physical Mobiele ProductDev Website • All relevant touchpoints app app app evidence • Visual, easy-to-understand language Customer Marketing / Foto’s Schade- UX Schade Schade actions proces opvragen nemen van schade aan- details melden melden • All stakeholders ‘on board’ Frontstage • Eases reality and feasibility checks (employee) Proces Gegevens Gegevens actions HR uitleggen opnemen opnemen Operations Backstage Dossier (employee) aanmaken actions Support processes IT ERP Klantbeeld & IT24
  25. 25. Room for improvement• Some swimlanes are less relevant Service blueprint / - Je verzekeren - Nieuwe klanten - Online Versie: Ccncept v. 0.5 Pagina 1 van 5 Service blueprint / - Je v• Can quickly get big and complex Kan deze premieberekening op Autotrader plaats vinden qua BDS, Phase Ontdek Speedtrap en Look&feel? Oriënteer Klant akkoord Nee Lees tip over FBTO, klik Lees tip over FBTO User actions Ga naar FBTO homepage ? deeplink naar site• Typical aspects of digital, multi- Beantwoord relevante vragen Lees suggestie Lee Kies thema/event Dit is mogelijk een aantal dekkingen tegelijk User interface voor FBTO website wordt gevormd Ja o.b.v. Customer Portal (CP) channel services stay too implicit X Partner sites X X X X Touchpoints Sociale netwerken Partner sites Partnered widgets Fora Sociale netwerken FBTO website Partner sites Google Partnered widgets Banners op andere sites Sociale netwerken Partnered widgets Line of interaction A Source heeft Front stage actions Nee profieldata? Deeplink naar dialoog op site To Geef suggestie(s) incl Geef samenvatting van argumentatie(s) Ja antwoorden weer Toon themas en events Nee Bied mogelijkheid / Vraag Stel relevante vragen toestemming klant voor t.a.v. thema/event Klant ophalen gegevens akkoord? A Line of visibility Ja Bep Voorinvullen bekende Sla bezoek aan de site op Back stage actions gegevens obv intentie, b in cookie A: Optioneel kan de klant source, profiel etc Bepaal aanbod / H via deze weg ook zijn suggestie incl premie (antwoorden) F profielgegevens uit het sociaal netwerk op laten Haal profiel gegevens Haal relevante vragen op halen op uit sociaal netwerk o.b.v. intentie Sla antwoorden op in profiel sessie variabele intentie komt van thema/ event/metadata bij banner, SAP RTOM? of van bep. proces dat klant SAP PM Line of internal interaction Waar zijn de vragen die kiest (bijv auto premie FZB FLS gesteld moeten worden om berekenen) etc. de suggesties te bepalen processes & systems opgeslagen? Is dit ook in RTOM of elders? Supporting BRE (SAP RTOM?) Service blueprint25
  26. 26. Informaat’s service blueprint• Adaptation of the basic format Service blueprint EXPLORE INSURANCE - service phases INQUIRE CALCULATE PREMIUM Reference dialogues Select coverage TOUCHPOINT AGNOSTIC Provide premium determinants User actions & receive quote - user actions = customer story START YES Provide ID Vehicle identified? YES Vehicle price > €75K? NO Review + tune object characteristics Provide birthdate Search address without postal code? NO Provide Postal code + House number Address found? YES Provide damage free years Choose coverages Receive calculated premium + logic Calculate NO premium based NO YES on vehicle id Provide street, house number, residency NO Select vehicle characteristics Customer portal - each touchpoint its own RESPONSIVE WEB Employee portal swimlane INTERNAL WEB DESKTOP Touchpoints Mobile app iOS - 1x service provisions instead Mail @ of 2x employee actions provisions Service Calculate Provide Gather premium determinants Get coverages premium & product info provide quote - layers for extra information processes & IT Support ERP ERP CRM KCS RDW ERP• Interactive version Adapted service blueprint27