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Blue print examples_f04

  1. 1. 13 Student Service Blueprint Examples Cleveland Indians Dairy Queen Special Order Cake Vicente Salon Showplace Cinema Virtual PCs FirstMerit Bank ATM Insurance Madhatter Music Flooring Sam B’s BGSU Theater Box Office Forest Creason Applebee’s Panera Bread Merry Maids Alberini’s Restaurant  2004 - Dwayne D. Gremler Insurance Service Physical Evidence -Parking Lot * -Money -Paperwork -Insurance -Telephone -Meeting Room -Receipt -Claim Check -Office Building Policy -Photos Customer Phone Calls Face to Face * Payment for * Retrieval of Visit Office File Claim Receive Claim to Office Meetings Documents DocumentsLine of Interaction Contact Person (Onstage) Employees Employee Agent & Policy Discusses Answer TakesLine of Visibility Writers Options Questions Payment (Backstage) Calls to make sure Contact everything Information Copy of Mail is fine Insurance Preparation Policy Filed Claim Co.Line of Internal Interaction Support Process Contacts Secretary sets up Prepare Prepare Co. to appointment to Mail Policy Billing Policy assure meet with agent fast payment Photos Taken of Property 1
  2. 2. Flooring Installation Physical Work truck Work schedule Work schedule Ceramic tile Saw Evidence Estimate on paper Work truck Sponge Pencil Price list catalogs Grout Screws Customer’s residence Chalk line Water Calculator Tape measure Customer’s Particle board Residence Consumer Customer calls Customer Tells company Customer Customer has a to get an decides that when they would decides to have new floor estimate estimate is with like it company do the installed in budget started/finished job Delivers final Delivers Installs new Contact Person estimate to start/finish date flooring (Onstage) customer to customer Estimates Estimates when Contact Person the job the start finish (Offstage) dates will be Estimates Estimates Estimates Counts the Gathers all cost of number of how long number of equipment and Support materials hours/workers current job future jobs materials for Process needed to will take that need job complete job completed Reserving a Ticket at the BGSU Theatre Box Office •parking •box office window •ticket •ticket •cookie cart •assigned seatEvidencePhysical •ticket order form •University Hall •ticket envelope w/ envelope w/ •cash/check/bursar/ •programs •inside of •ticket envelope w/ name name theatre pass •benches theatre name •snacksCustomer Call in Arrive at theatre Go to will-call Check in w/ Pay for tickets Wait until Take seat in reservation at window name theatre opens theatre A LINE OF CUSTOMER INTERACTION Bottleneck #3 (onstage) Greet at window Find name Take Payment Usher takes to Bottleneck #1 seatContact Person LINE OF VISABILITY (backstage) Reservation Ticket stub taken marked LINE OF INTERNAL INTERACTIONSupport Process Verify name in Name envelope Double check Stub and Cash Ushers chosen theatre pass filed into day system into audit system system and time Bottleneck #2 2
  3. 3. Food Bill Restaurant Entry Host/Hostess Waiting Table or Menu Drinks Food Hostess Stand Way Stand Area BoothPhysical exterior Appearance Entry WayEvidence Interior Other Parking Design customers Parking Unsatisfactory Lot waiting food Restaurant Exterior Sit Order Get Bill Walk in Put Go Receive ReceiveCustomer Arrive and drinks name sit at drinks food Pay Bill at wait and on table Apple- food Eat Leave wait bee’s Long restaurant list Wait Call Greet Take drink Deliver Deliver Process Take customer’sContact Customer and food drinks food bill Customer’s namePerson orders name Take to theirOnstage table Poor service ReceiveBackstage food orderSupport Prepare Waiting List Cook food RegistrationProcesses drinks system = Potential bottlenecks Service Blueprint Meredith Hazel - Marketing 405 3
  4. 4. Blueprint for Ordering a Personalized DQ Ice Cream Cake Represents Fail points / Bottlenecks Evidence • Store • Display • Employee • Cake Book • Order • Receipt • Cake Physical Appearance Freezer Uniforms • Design Cards Form • Sprinkles • Pre-Made • Store • Gel / Frosting Cakes Appearance • Cake Box Customer Look at Look Fill Out Actions Come into Stand Pre-Pay Pick Up Store Display in Line Through Order Cake Freezer Cake Book Form Line of Interaction (Back Stage) (On Stage) Greet, Brings Freezer Take Order, Cake Contact Person Get Money from Back Line of Visibility Fills Makes 24 hour Decorates Display Cake Freezing Cake Freezer Line of Internal Interaction Support Process Cake Micros Ice Cream Design Inventory Register Machine Projector System Maintenance Blueprint for the CinemaPhysical Evidence Parking Lot Signs with Employee Refreshment stand Line titles and start Exterior of actual Money Actual refreshments times Holders building Actual ticket Employees Computer Money Interior of restroomCustomer * Decide on what Get in Arrive at * Get refreshments, movie to see and * Receive ticket line and use the restroom theater what time to see it(line of interaction) (back stage) (on stage) Employee greets you, Employee takes money gives you the ticket, and and gives you PersonContact takes your money refreshments (Line of visibility) On line ticket Telephone “hotline” sales (Line of internal interaction) ProcessSupport Computer Preparation of refreshments processing * Has possible failpoints 4
  5. 5. Cinema Blueprint (continued) Interior of theater; Sign of movie Parking Lot Evidence steps, seats, lights and Lights dimPhysical Lights brighten Doors to theater screen exterior of Movie begins Credits roll building Other movie- goersCustomer Put jacket on Leave building and Finds the right theater * Find a seat * Watch movie and exit theater get into car (back stage) (on stage) Ushers and other movie- goersContact Person Employee dims the Employee lights and starts Employee cleans the movie projector brightens lights theaterSupport process Projection system Blueprint for ATM Customer of FirstMerit Bank Deposit slip Receipt Debit Card Debit Card Phone Statement Statement Check Register Receipt Receipt Register Receipt ATM ATM, Cash Cash Deposit check Use debit Withdrawals Call 1-800 Reconciles Records in Receives through card through money from number with statement to register statement ATM the month ATM questions register Transactions Check/add Answers balanced at cash & questions & looks end of day receipt paper up information Documents Electronically picked up & Information collected & processed driven to Akron generated Into a monthly statement & sent Update Final manual Checks are account process Of stored Network information checks 5
  6. 6. MADHATTER MUSIC EVIDENCECUSTOMER PHYSICAL Building Clerk’s exterior, counter, Order Order Discs, Parking Disc ticket Parking ticket Receipt Give Make Give Pick up Pay for Arrive clerk disc service clerk disc Leave Return Leave discs service request LINE OF INTERACTION FAILPOINT: DISC MAY NOT BE FIXABLE Greet & Decide Take disc Find Give (ONSTAGE)PERSON evaluate disc can & record discs for discs to disc be fixed order customer customer LINE OF VISIBILITY (BACKSTAGE)CONTACT File with File with other other orders repairs LINE OF INTERNAL INTERACTIONSUPPORT PROCESSES Disc repair machine BOTTLENECK: MULTIPLE ORDERS MAY SLOW SERVICE FAILPOINT: DISC MAY NOT BE FIXED ADEQUATELY Sam B’s Restaurant Physical Food Restaurant Hostess Desk Eating Area Menu Food Clean Table Bill/Receipt Evidence parking Lobby Appearance Uniform Delivery tray Customer Arrive at Reservation Seated Order drinks Receive food Receive & Eat (line of restaurant confirmed at table & meals & drinks pay bill by hostess interaction) Onstage Greeted Seated by Order Deliver food Clear dishes Collect by hostess, hostess, taken & drinks & trash Payment, Contact reservation Given menus Return receipt Person confirmed Backstage Server Kitchen Notify server Wash Process bill Contact Notified of Receives Order is ready dishes New table order Person Prepare food Clean-up Cash register Support Reservation (Food prep system system Processes System System) ***Green lines indicate areas where bottlenecks may occur ***Red lines indicate areas where fail points may occur 6
  7. 7. Forrest Creason Golf Course Club house Snack interior Tee boxes Parking cart Parking Physical Cash register Cart keys First tee Fairways Club house Money Score card Evidence Receipt Greens Call for Arrive at Pay for Obtain Wait for turn Play the Purchase snacks Finish roundCustomer tee time course the round golf cart to tee off course from snack Return cart cart Line of Interaction Employee Employee Employee drives(Onstage) takes distributes cart and receives payment cart keys paymentContact Line of VisibilityPerson Employee Fail(Backstage) reserves Point Employee tee time stocks cart Line of Internal InteractionSupport Registration Cart Course CartProcesses system maintenance maintenance maintenance Fail Point Fail PointPhysical Evidence: •POP Signs •Delivery tray •Menu •Dining Room •Parking Lot •Uniform •Food appearance•Parking Lot •Display Case •Table Tents •Trash Can •Receipt •Condiments•Building Exterior •Music •Uniform •Building •Drinks •Building Interior ExteriorCustomer: Arrive at Panera Decide Exit Place Order Receive Food Eat what to order •Clean dining room Cashier Deliver food at •Ask if CustomerContact Person Greet Takes Order Pick Up counter is satisfiedOnstage:Backstage: Sandwich Makers Dishwashers and Food Preppers clean the dishes are informed of order Via computerSupport Process: Bakers cook and bake pastries Assistant Manager Daily Inventory Dishwashers Clean Kitchen General Manager Orders Food 7
  8. 8. Alberini’s Restaurant Physical Evidence Parking Lot, Host Podium, Main Dining Menu,Specials Servers Drink and Servers Food Plate, Awning, Waiting Area Room and Sheet Notepad, Wine Glasses, Notepad Silverware, Restaurant Terrace Room dress Bottles(table Napkin Building setting) Look at Menu (create yourCustomer Call and Make Arrive at Give Name to Walk to Table own dish) Order Drinks Drink Order Food Eat Reservation Restaurant Host Line of Interaction (Onstage) Greet/Confirm Lead Guests to Give Menus Take Order Take Order Serve Drinks Serve Meal Reservation Table To Guest For Drinks For Food See if Table Contact Person Is Ready Line of Visibility (Backstage) Place Order Place Order on Take Reservation On Computer Pick Up Drinks Computer Pick up Meal (To Bar) (To Kitchen) Line of Internal Make Drinks Cook Meal InteractionSupport Processes Dishwasher cleans Executive Chef F&B Manager Tableware, laundry F&B Manager Creates Specials Orders Alcohol personnel clean linens Orders Food for the Day Alberini’s Restaurant Physical Evidence The dessert, The money Parking lot Menu Servers notepad plates, check, silverware moneyCustomer Look at Dessert Get Change Order Dessert Eat Pay Check Exit Restaurant Menu Back Line of Interaction (Onstage) Give Dessert Take Dessert Give change Serve Dessert Give Check Menu Order (if due) Contact Person Line of Visibility Place Order on (Backstage) Computer Pick up Dessert Process Check (To Kitchen) Potential Fail Point Make Dessert Line of Internal InteractionSupport Processes Potential Bottleneck Computer System 8
  9. 9. Service Blueprint: Virtual PCs F = Failpoint Ross Metcalf B = Bottleneck Appearance of storePhysical Evidence Appearance of store Appearance of employees Appearance of employee Receipt Phone conversation Receipt Phone conversation Phone conversation Phone conversation Repaired PC Customer Actions Customer is told the A customer calls VPC Customer Customer learns that PC Check-out process. Customer brings his PC diagnosis, and gives with a computer issue, is updated PC is fixed, and is told Customer picks up his to the store. permission to fix the asking for advice. on progress the final balance. PC, pays his balance. B problem. B and costs.Line of InteractionOnstage Employees Computer Check-In Collect payment. Inform Process. Customer customer of any relevant in- provides personal infor- formation such as warranty. mation, and detailed PC problem description.Line of Visibility Technician calls cus- Technician performs VPC employee listens tomer with diagnosis, the needed service. Offstage Employees Technician diagnoses to the customer and asks for permission to Technician calls the problem. gives a rough cost esti- proceed. customer to inform mate. Tells customer to him that the service bring their PC and any Store receives spe- is complete. other necessary materi- Technician installs Technician calls requested hardware customer with cial parts. als to the store. F or software. progress report.Line of Internal Interaction Internal Services Technician contacts 3rd party Special-order parts Special parts are Special parts arrive. vendors, if necessary. are ordered if neces- shipped. B sary. F