Introduction to Panel Management Solutions
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Introduction to Panel Management Solutions






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Introduction to Panel Management Solutions Introduction to Panel Management Solutions Presentation Transcript

  • Online Panel Management
    An opportunity to enhance your research practice
    Speaker: Rudly Raphael
  • About SurveyAnalytics
    • Started in 2002 in Seattle, WA
    • #172 on Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies
    • #12 on Puget Sound Journal's Top 100 in Washington
    • Over 6K+ clients and growing!
    • QuestionPro, SurveyAnalytics, IdeaScale, MicroPoll
    Rudly Raphael
    Director of Panel Solutions
  • Agenda
    Online panel landscape
    Industry challenges
    Advantages of using an online panel
    How to select the right panel management solution
    MicroPanel platform
    Panel management best practice
    Panel recruitment
  • Online Panel Landscape
    Virtually nonexistent 10 years ago
    Significant growth in the MR sector
    85% of online research spending is supported by panels
    Industry is still dominated by a handful of providers who account for more than 50% of panel revenue
    Increase internet penetration will result in the creation of more panels
  • Industry Challenges
    Data quality
    Response rate
    Industry standards
    Price war among panel providers
    Software license fees
  • Advantages of online panels
    Quick research turn around
    Control over data quality
    High response rate
    Extensive profile information
    Reduce project cost
  • Panel software selection
    Cost (Annual software license ranges from $10k+ depending on panel size)
    Platform (Hosted or Installed)
    Software capability
    Integration (reward catalog, mobile, etc.)
    Learning curve
  • Panel Workflow
  • Panel Design Outline
    Develop benchmark questionnaires
    Panelists communication material
    Member portal design and layout
    Develop first survey
    Identify and develop subsequent surveys to exercise panelists
    Determine panel size
    Determine survey participation frequency
    Decision on survey and registration incentives
  • Panel Recruitment
    Database source (existing customer list or recruitment from scratch)
    Recruitment channels (Industry list, Ad network, CoReg, social media)
    Affiliate Program
    Engagement (first survey, profiles, specialty profiles, activities)
    Recruitment tracking tools
  • Reward
    Establish a point system (if it’s good for AMEX, it’s good enough for you)
    One shoe does not fit all (points, drawings, gift cards, prizes)
    Rewards are not meant to be treated like rebates
    Activity rewards (registration, profiles updates, disqualification)
    Drawings (are conducted on time and winners are announced and posted)
    Survey Incentives (must be based on complexity, survey length, audience)
  • Best Practice
    KISS principle (always have your respondents in stick shift mode)
    Set reasonable expectations
    Treat your members like experts
    Be an advocate for panelists
    Incentives, Rewards – Don’t insult their intelligence
    Set participation rules
    Address every email
  • Quality not Quantity
    Panel intimacy
    Test, test, test and test some more
    Avoid the survey invitation overkill
    Don’t put reminders on autopilot
    Develop multiple survey invitation templates
    Add resting period after each survey
    If necessary, offer incentives for disqualifiers
    Throw them a bone every now and then
    Always have a parachute plan
  • Confidence Score
    Confidence score is a sampling feature integrated within Survey Analytics, designed to address data quality by sampling respondents based on survey response pattern and profile information.
    A score is assigned to each profile variable
    The system tracks respondent’s survey taking pattern
    Survey data is cross referenced with profile data
    Inconsistencies are red flagged and drops the score
    Respondents with low confidence scores are selectively removed from future sample
  • Deliverables
    Panel engagement tools
    Panel management dashboard (metrics, utilization)
    Member portal administration
    Panel segmentation (specialty profiles)
    Recruitment tracking
    Reward tracking
    Online research tools
    Data delivery and online reporting facility
  • MicroPanelplatform
    Community portal for panel registration and profile management
    Panel engagement Tools (quick polls, message boards, respondent management)
    Unified software platform (surveys, reports, advance analytics, panel management)
    Data delivery and online reporting
    Custom reward solution (points, cash, gift cards)
  • MicroPanel Modules
    SurveyswipeSmartPhone App
    Ipad App
    Survey Pocke
    Ideascale – idea generation
  • MicroPaneladvantage
    Affordable software licensing fees (small, medium, large firms)
    Unlimited surveys(no additional data collection charge)
    No up front development charge (panels can be created in minutes)
    Unified platform (Surveys, reporting, analytics, mobile, panel, polls)
    Custom reward solution (points, cash, gift cards)
  • Questions?
    For more information or to schedule a demo, contact:
    Rudly Raphael
    Director of Online Panel Solutions