Guide: Panel Management


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In this guide to Panel Management, you can learn how to build and maintain a successful self-service research community. Panel and community building is the best way to increase engagement, boost response rates, and track performance over time.

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Guide: Panel Management

  1. 1. Panel Management Build and Maintain Your Own Self-Service Research Community
  2. 2. What is a Panel? A Panel is a group of individuals that have signed up to be a member of an online community for the purposes of participating in surveys. The Survey Analytics panel network provides you access to more than 5 million active members from around the globe that are double opted-in, pre-screened and highly qualified to participate in research studies of all kinds. Survey Analytics prides itself on building a community of extremely responsive panelists that accurately represent the general population. By using a variety of recruitment methods, we attract the right respondents to participate in your research study. Our industry expertise gives us an unparalleled advantage to offer innovative tools and the industry knowledge needed to meet the demands of our clients.
  3. 3. Why do you need a Research Panel? If you intend on doing online research, you must utilize a panel. You cannot just send emails to people that have not previously agreed to participate in your study. If they did not opt-in, this is considered spam, and it will generate a very negative reaction. Therefore, you must find people who have already agreed to take your surveys at a specific time when you want to conduct an online research project. Customer Panels are the most common type of Panel that we manage at Survey Analytics. In addition to the spam issue, having your own private Panel lets you build relationships with your customers as you gather their opinions, give them rewards and insider information, and show them how their involvement has made a difference. Panel can help you manage and scale programs like... Customer satisfaction research and customer loyalty programs Improving value in user experience or customer experience Employee incentives and reward programs Retail/chain geolocation-based and triggered surveys Managing a consumer insights panel Crowdsourcing, social referral programs Polling and/or petitioning for a cause Collecting feedback in your own existing application
  4. 4. 10 Reasons to Build a Community with Survey Analytics Centralized Panel Platform Built-in communication system, reminders, sampling, engagement tools, analytics and panel dashboards all in one place. Seamless Transition If you aren't starting from the ground up, we can help you pull existing panel members, surveys and data into our platform. Experts at Your Fingertips Our team has many combined years of industry experience. Custom branding, survey programming, data filtering, new features - no problem. Cross Compatibility Get members and responses from every dimension with an online and mobile enabled panel platform experience. Higher Response Rates Many built in features to make your community go viral and an overall more enjoyable user experience for survey respondents. 1 2 3 4 5
  5. 5. 10 Reasons to Build a Community with Survey Analytics Panel Health Dashboard Measure your panel recruiting efforts end-to-end, see growth and attrition stats as well as the success of each individual survey. Participation Control Keep the unqualified members out. Apply a variety of quota control measures through high level filters and custom profiling surveys. Social Integration Members can join a panel using their Facebook or Linkedin profile. There is also an integrated refer a friend and sharing feature. User Segmentation Send personalized surveys to selected panelists. Easy filtering delivers surveys to the right people at the right time. Automated Points and Rewards Stock your inventory, set points for each survey and the points needed to redeem. The reward fulfillment process is handled automatically at ease. 6 7 8 9 10
  6. 6. Basic Profile Dimensions & Demographics We offer over 300 panel attributes and consumer dimensions that are collected on each user. Some of these dimensions include: Gender Age Education Employment Income Ethnicity Language Cell Phone Shopping Gamer Beverage Insurance Travel Interests ...and over 300 more.
  7. 7. Survey Analytics about us We help companies listen. At Survey Analytics, surveys are just a small piece of the puzzle. We help companies listen through our suite of powerful and interconnected DIY research tools. Our platform gives you the actionable reports you need to engage with your audience. With real-time analytics and customizable dashboards, you can see the information that you need to make the right decisions. Aside from surveys, we offer high quality panel and community building software as well as a variety of tools for developers such as API calls to Salesforce and a mobile survey SDK. Our platform adheres to the highest levels of security to protect your valuable information. We support 44 languages and are currently helping clients in 15 countries and 30 different industries. 1 (800) 326-5570 • USA +1 (513) 268-6458 • International @SurveyAnalytics Seattle 93 S. Jackson St. #71641 Seattle, WA 98104 Cincinnati 823 Delta Ave Suite F Cincinnati, OH 45226 Pune 501, 4th Floor, ITI Rd Aundh, Pune, 411007