“Thinking Outside the Box


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“Thinking Outside the Box: On-Line Solutions for Your Association”

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  • From a Goodwill Survey
  • “Thinking Outside the Box

    1. 1. “Thinking Outside the Box: On-Line Solutions for Your Association”<br />
    2. 2. Today’s Speaker<br />Michael Shollenberger<br />CEO, AuthWire LLC<br />Sean Hill<br />CTO, AuthWire LLC<br />Founder of two successful software start-ups<br />Former IT executive with Goodwill Industries International <br />Expert in Open Source and Non-profit software solutions <br />
    3. 3. Topics<br />Constituent Management<br />Online membership dues processing<br />Web sites management/donations<br />Online voting<br />Conferences/Seminars – signups and payments<br />Continuing education/ online courses<br />
    4. 4. The Challenge<br />Budget/resources<br />Lack of integrated information systems<br />Consolidated and standardized reporting <br />Cost effective donations management<br />So many solutions, vendors and technologies<br />
    5. 5. How do you manage your data?<br />Spreadsheets<br />Index cards/paper<br />Access Database<br />Online tool<br />Outlook<br />QuickBooks<br />Proprietary software <br />We’re not tracking our data<br />
    6. 6. Constituent Management “Where it all starts” <br /><ul><li>Establish a core system to manage your constituent data
    7. 7. Everything you need to know about all of your constituents – donors, board members, staff, volunteers and clients – all in one place.
    8. 8. Choose a solution that is expandable as your needs grow
    9. 9. Know how you are going to use it, only implement what you need
    10. 10. Start with a good set of quality and accurate data
    11. 11. Go for cloud-based solutions to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    12. 12. Choose a multi-tenant solution for data consolidation and reporting
    13. 13. Compare licensing and support costs
    14. 14. Flexibility to meet your businesses’objectives, needs, and structure
    15. 15. Examples (Salesforce, CiviCRM)</li></li></ul><li>Online Dues Processing<br />Analyze cost structures <br />One-time and recurring donations processing<br />Integrated receipts and communications (email, mail)<br />Pledges<br />Personal campaign pages<br />Reporting<br />Examples (Authorize.net, Paypal, SkipJack)<br />
    16. 16. Web Site Management & Donations<br />Content Management system<br />Membership Dues Processing integration<br />Employee directory integration<br />Online donation integration<br />Examples (Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla)<br />
    17. 17. Online Voting<br />Ease of use/minimal training<br />Security<br />Examples (Associationvoting.com, Survey Monkey)<br />
    18. 18. Conferences & Seminars<br />Event listings integrated with your site<br />Online or offline registration (paid or free)<br />Find and communicate with current and past participants<br />Simple or complex fee structures<br />Examples (Cvent, CiviCRM)<br />
    19. 19. Continuing Education & Online Courses<br />Standards compliant (Scorm, AICC)<br />Registration and payment<br />Forums, Lessons, Quizzes<br />Examples (Moodle, Blackboard)<br />
    20. 20. Open Source Advantages<br />Predictable, measurable cost<br />Reliability<br />Stability<br />Standards based<br />Flexibility and extensible<br />Community support and accountability<br />Consistent feature upgrades <br />
    21. 21. Authwire Solution<br /><ul><li> Web Based Training
    22. 22. Course Registration
    23. 23. Continuing Education
    24. 24. Web Site Management
    25. 25. Donations
    26. 26. Constituent Management
    27. 27. Online Voting</li></ul>We partner with open source vendors to help non-profits reduce software license and credit card processing fees, while re-directing revenue to open source vendors to fund their missions. <br /><ul><li> Membership Dues
    28. 28. Shopping Cart
    29. 29. Credit Card Processing</li></li></ul><li>Q&A<br />Questions and answers<br />