Q2 2012 global brands report


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Q2 2012 global brands report

  1. 1. MEDIA VALUE REPORT BRAND EXPOSURE ANALYSISQ2 2012 | GLOBAL BRANDS 12 20 c. In t, en im nt Se al r ne Ge ©
  2. 2. | Q2 2012 GLOBAL BRANDS REPORT REPORT OVERVIEW Q2 2012 HIGHLIGHTS Apple for the last two quarters, Google FedEx presence abroad. It also placed third on the list of Perception Media Value winners. JPMorgan ChaseMEDIA VALUE WEIGHTINGS Media Value measures the sentiment-adjusted purchase equivalent value of brand exposure across the Internet. sentiment. IMPACT MEDIA VALUE the overall level of discussion and exposure. PERCEPTION MEDIA VALUE Perception Media Value measures a brand with a focus on the quality of the exposure created. TABLE OF CONTENTS REPORT GOALS The quarterly Global Brands report series as determined by the sentiment, frequency and Media Value metrics and lists the top ten in © General Sentiment, Inc. 2012 2
  3. 3. | Q2 2012 GLOBAL BRANDS REPORT IMPACT MEDIA VALUE TOP 20 GLOBAL BRANDS IMV Company* News Media Social Media Twitter Total Notable Source Trend 1. $756,589,232 The New York Times 2. Apple $594,328,986 The New York Times Microsoft $356,443,956 The New York Times $331,359,901 The New York Times Hewlett-Packard $258,188,355 $205,814,897 Sony $176,217,848 The New York Times Disney $146,926,647 FedEx $142,152,883 Daily Oklahoman 10. Yahoo! $140,761,147 The New York Times 11. CBS $138,631,538 12. Intel $132,530,552 softpedia.com eBay $109,775,259 dailymotion.com Oracle $105,526,941 The New York Times MTV $96,907,597 Nike $96,259,054 Detroit Free Press Starbucks $87,412,267 $84,787,138 Detroit Free Press Chrysler $82,019,636 dailymotion.com 20. IBM $77,589,085 slideshare.net © General Sentiment, Inc. 2012 3
  4. 4. | Q2 2012 GLOBAL BRANDS REPORT IMPACT MEDIA VALUE TOP 10 ANALYSIS 1 At the end of June, Google I/O 2012 prompted a ton of media coverage. During I/O’s three days, the company unveiled Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the Nexus 7 tablet and the Nexus Q (an orb-shaped media streaming device) and introduced improvements to $756,589,232 existing products. Google also used skydivers to introduce the $1,500 Google Glass prototype. 2 This quarter, Apple got good news and bad news. It won its second injunction against Samsung, blocking sales of the Galaxy Nexus smartphone. However, Minneapolis- based investment bank Piper Jaffray gave Siri a low grade for its lack of accuracy, $594,328,986 prompting others to discuss Siri’s shortcomings. Apple was also implicated in a lawsuit alleging e-book price-fixing. 3 Microsoft purchased Yammer, a social network for corporate use, at the end of June. $356,443,956 Just days later, a European court upheld a $1.07B fine for failing to share product information with competitors. During Q2, many also speculated about the upcoming release of Office 2013 and the possibility of a Microsoft buyout of RIM. 4 At the end of the quarter, a series of storms on the East Coast caused power outages at Amazon.com’s data centers, which are used by high-profile companies Netflix, Instagram and Pinterest. All three sites suffered disruptions as a result. Much of the $331,359,901 coverage of Google’s new tablet also name-dropped Amazon’s Kindle Fire. © General Sentiment, Inc. 2012 4
  5. 5. | Q2 2012 GLOBAL BRANDS REPORT5 In mid-April, Hewlett-Packard stock led the Dow Jones Industrial Average, rising after a study found that global PC shipments $258,188,355 increased despite predictions of a drop and that HP remained the market leader.6 Samsung’s global patent dispute with Apple continued as a second court ruling banned Samsung from selling the Galaxy Nexus $205,814,897 smartphone at the end of the June.7 As the quarter began, Kazuo Hirai took over as CEO of Sony, and by the end of June, Sony had led the investor group that purchased EMI $176,217,848 Music Publishing from Citigroup.8 Disney received a great deal of attention as Chairman Rich Ross resigned following the company’s $200M loss with science-fiction film $146,926,647 John Carter.9 In 2012 alone, FedEx has already opened 26 new locations across Europe. In early April, it further boosted its presence on the continent, $142,152,883 acquiring Polish courier Opek.10 After just three months as CEO, Scott Thompson said Yahoo! would cut 2,000 jobs. In mid-May, amidst controversy surrounding his academic $140,761,147 background, Yahoo! announced Thompson’s departure via press release. © General Sentiment, Inc. 2012 5
  6. 6. | Q2 2012 GLOBAL BRANDS REPORT PERCEPTION MEDIA VALUE TOP 10 WINNERS Company* News Media Social Media Twitter Total 1. AXA 110.3% 2. Ball Corporation 109.1% FedEx 95.9% 52.4% Mattel 47.9% Chevron 46.2% 44.0% Goodyear Tire 43.4% AutoNation 40.9% 10. Sunoco 36.8%4 After much speculation, Malaysian oil and gas company Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas) put in a bid for Progress Energy. The +52.4 % prospective purchase increased the number of positive mentions about the company.5 Mattel announced plans to create a bald Barbie doll to help children dealing with hair loss due to chemotherapy and illnesses. The company +47.9 % will donate the dolls to children’s hospitals and other medical centers worldwide. © General Sentiment, Inc. 2012 6
  7. 7. | Q2 2012 GLOBAL BRANDS REPORT PERCEPTION MEDIA VALUE TOP 10 LOSERS Company* News Media Social Media Twitter Total 1. ACE Group - 1,656.4% 2. Avery Dennison - 181.1% - 142.1% Amphenol - 97.7% University of Phoenix - 94.0% Aon - 82.2% - 80.7% Dollar Tree - 74.0% Abbott Laboratories - 69.4% 10. Cartier - 61.3%5 President Barack Obama signed an executive order to protect veterans from the aggressive and deceptive recruiting tactics employed -94.0 % by higher education institutions like the University of Phoenix.7 In May, CEO Jamie Dimon announced that JPMorgan Chase had lost $2B and predicted that amount could double in the next few -80.7 % quarters. By the end of June, estimates were up to $9B. © General Sentiment, Inc. 2012 7
  8. 8. | Q2 2012 GLOBAL BRANDS REPORT CONTACT US EMAIL Chelsea.Morgan@GeneralSentiment.com Pete.Moran@GeneralSentiment.com TWITTER @gensent ABOUT GENERAL SENTIMENT OVERVIEW consumers in faster cycles. OUR SERVICES MEDIA MEASUREMENT DASHBOARD real-time snapshot of public opinion about brands or people important to your business. It is a perfect overview for the executive-level decision maker. REPORTING SERVICE and where discussion takes place. SYNDICATED REPORTING prime-time television reports and the top quarterly Global Brands series. © General Sentiment, Inc. 2012 8