Emergency Gear


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Emergency Gear

  1. 1. What to Carry in Your Vehicle If you are watching what is going on – you are ready before it hits the fan Left to Right: Tool Bag (Blue); Winch Bag (Hidden behind ); Tire Kit (top left); Electrical Kit (top left); Survival Backpack (Camo); Clothes Bag (& Hat); Tactical Bag (bottom right); Day Bag (top right); Water
  2. 2. Survival Pack - overview
  3. 3. Survival Pack – Close up
  4. 4. Survival Pack Contents (somewhat prioritized & categorized) •Clothes Pack (Grab & Go bag – Quick access and saves critical pack space) •Hiking Boots, Hiking Pants & Shirt, Hiking Socks, Hat •Camouflage Backpack (with multi-tool Leatherman on shoulder strap) •Bible (Without God, survival is futile!) (Small KJV In plastic bag) •First Aid Kit: Standard items: Band-aids, aspirin, Tylenol, Motrin, Ibuprofen, Guaze, Cold press, Tongue depressor/splint, Tweezers, Poison oak/ivy/sumac cleaner, Wound Antibiotic, etc. •Added items: 95% Filter mask, Latex gloves, Eye goggles (swimming type – multi-use) •Bandana, Snake bite kit, 12’ rip cord (tourniquet/shoe laces), Ear plugs, Scissors (hair quality); Waterproof band-aid tape (roll), •Carmex lip ointment, Benadrl (Day & Night), Sewing needles, Suture kit, Sun screen, Sinus med. (I need when flying) •Vision – Headlamp (1 white LED/2 red LED/1 halogen spot), ear lamp (Bckup), Eye glasses, Magnifying glass [monocular -missing] •Communications/Information: Ham Radio w/ extra battery pack •GPS Garmin (also a small compass as backup) •Whistle, Blue sticky note pad, Pencil, Sharpie •SAS Survival Guide book (great resource book!) •Element protection: Wind/Rain Jacket, leather gloves, extra pair socks, camo hat w/neck cover, Nylon insect mesh, •Torch/lighter, Matches (and magnesium fire starter as backup), DEET (100% in small bottle) •12’ x 8’ waterproof nylon tarp (lightweight tent/shade etc.) •Water purifier (MIOX – turns salt into chlorine), Iodine tablets (backup) •Water bag (Red MSR wide mouth w/ drink tube) (& Extra collapsible for mixed drinks) •Ceramic water filter pump (Removing and putting in “Luxury Bag” now that I have MIOX) •Hunting/Protection: Gun and fishing licenses •SOG knife/saw (6” blade unlocks and flips around into handle; exposing 6” wood saw) •22 ca Henry waterproof pack rifle w/150 rounds ammo 2 clips •32 Berretta w/75 rounds ammo & 3 clips •Fishing pole, Bait and tackle box, extra roll 4 lb line •Food: 3 days long shelf life (oatmeal, potatoes, veg. stews, fruits, nuts, trail mix, etc.), S.S. Cup (drink/ cook), Unbreakable Silverware •Personal hygiene: Toothbrush, bar soap, Moist towelets, Comb, Disposable razors & straight razor •Utility - 20’ nylon rope & 50’ nylon string, Pliers, Pick set, Knife and hook sharpener, Electrical Supply Bags •12V Solar (Sunlinq) Extra set of re-chargeable AA batteries, 12 V Charger & Connections for phone/GPS/Ham Radio •20’ 12 ga. Paired wire w/misc. clips/connectors (i.e., Batt. Jumper or dipole antenna) •GPS/ Ham Radio maps/charts/guides, Spare checkbook, [$1,000 Cash – Not shown], [Star chart – missing]
  5. 5. Clothes Bag SOG Knife (Special Operations Gear) Hiking boots, socks, shirt, pants (belt already on), 38/holster
  6. 6. Emergency Tool Bag - Overview
  7. 7. Emergency Tool Bag - Contents •Tyvek suit, latex gloves, leather gloves – [outside flap], Red car cloth, Ear plugs, Pencil, •“Gearwrench” ratcheting box end wrenches •Husky Standard & metric open end and box end wrenches •Husky Standard and metric regular 3/8” drive sockets and 3/8” drive ratcheting socket wrench handle •Husky Standard and metric ¼ drive sockets, ¼’ drive ratcheting socket wrench handle and ¼” screwdriver handle •Husky Standard and metric 3/8” drive deep sockets •Large and small sparkplug sockets •Pry bar, Ball peen hammer, •“Knipex” brand adjustable locking pliers, Quick adjust crescent wrench, Stripped nut/tubing/pipe pliers, •Milwaukee cordless impact drill & charger, Nut driver set, Hex to Socket adapter set, Hex to drill bit device, •Drill bit set, Carbide drill set, •File set, jewelers files, Assorted larger files (flat, round, triangle) & handle, Measuring tape, •100 yards nylon string, Roll box packing tape with fiberglass thread, Duct tape [missing], Tie straps, •Winching nylon strap tie down [moved to Winch Bag], Bungee cords, Nylon strapping w/ clips, •Cold chisel, Hacksaw & extra blades, Carbide hacksaw blade, Frozen nut splitter, Split ring/clip spreader set, •Small wire cutter, Klein wire stripper/machine screw cutter, Klein wire cutter, Wilde adjustable pliers, Tweezers, Small needle-nose pliers, Long needle-nose pliers, Mirror, Magnetic pick-up tool, Bailing wire, Machinest locking wire, •2 part epoxy tube, Pipe and hose repair parts and clamps, Small disposable brush, Wire brush [missing], •Pick set, Hex adaptable screw driver, Multi bit screwdriver, Detail screwdriver with assorted bits, T-4-10 screwdrivers, Angled screwdriver set, Glasses repair kit, Small space ratcheting screwdriver, Vise locking needle-nose pliers, Box cutter, •Spark plug gap setter, Easy out for screws, Standard and metric Allen wrench sets, •Trays for parts and tools, Socket adapters (3/8” to ¼” and reverse, Various extensions, Articulating joints for sockets, Various screws, Various Screw driver bits, Concrete screws,
  8. 8. Electrical Test/Repair Bag Tire Bag
  9. 9. Electrical/Tire Bags - Contents Electrical Bag  Pocket reference manual, Electrical reference manual [missing]  Meter: (True RMS, Volt, Ohm, Amp, Temperature, Diode, Capacitance), Meter tips  Solder torch and solder, matches  Extra wire, Electrical insulating tape, Splices, Connectors, Wire nuts,  Head lamp (cause the lights are often out!)  Extra batteries  Electrical Conversion Tips  Assorted fuses, Bulbs Tire Bag  Tire Compressor  Hole Repair Tools (Cleaner and Plug insertion tool)  Hole Repair cords (large set)  Hole repair glue
  10. 10. Luxury Tac Bag – Overview Space Permitting – Lower Priority
  11. 11. Luxury Tac Bag – Contents •USB & 12 cigarette lighter battery chargers; •12V to 120V inverter, 120V to multi-low voltages converter, Miscellaneous cables & ends •12V battery charger with float charge, Extra AA/AAA batteries; 2 AA/AAA Solar chargers, •Walrus Tent & Rainfly (stakes & poles), Coleman Anodized Cooking Utensils •Serius cooking stove & two cans of butane fuel •Bowie Knife (machete – not shown) •Waterproof rain pants, Cargo/fish net, Water carrying bag, Extra collapsible liquid bag, •MSR Ceramic water filter pump, •100K Candle Power Spot light, Gloves, Extra towel/rag, 95% HEPA filter •Olympus Stylus 800 Camera (not shown), Small adjustable tripod, Waterproof bag •Minolta Binoculars •Ham radio repeater directory
  12. 12. Personal Day Bag – No Overview Picture  Extra work clothes, socks, etc. in case you have to stay overnight somewhere near work due to civil unrest.  Snacks – So you don’t pay for hotel room snacks.  Razor, Deodorant, Toothbrush, TP, Shampoo, Brush, etc.
  13. 13. P.S. (Photo Shoot) Location