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Packing tips for 2012 europe


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Packing tips for 2012 europe

  1. 1. • Must measure 54 inches or less (height + depth + Width)• Wheels with good handles are Best• 44 pounds or less when fully packed
  2. 2. • Small Flashlight• Micro fiber towel for fast drying.• Water bottle carrier• Vitamins(very important), Flavor packets for H2O, Cards, light weight games• Extra contacts/glasses• COPY OF PRESCRIPTIONS
  3. 3.  Must measure 39 inches or less (height + depth + Width) 11 pounds of less when fully packed Comfortable straps Many compartments
  4. 4. Put NAME on all ITEMSFor Cameras and valuables:Label with full name, P2Pprogram H08290, your addressand phone number.
  5. 5. •Clothing should not be too tight ortoo loose (baggy pants falling off isnot acceptable)•Shorts are to be finger length.•Blouses and shirts cover theshoulders (no bra straps showing ormuscle shirts)
  6. 6. •Shirts should not have writing, logos orpictures that would be offensive.•Avoid the three Bs, (belly, breast, orbottom…or wear pants or shirts thatexpose your underwear.) This alsoincludes in hotel corridors.•Bathing suits must be conservative. Onepiece only or tankinis.
  7. 7. •Weather in the four countries:•France & Italy 85 degrees F plus•Austria and Switzerland 70 – 75degrees F usuallyNIGHTS CAN BE COLD in Austria and Switzerland
  8. 8. Stay with this Guide PTP shirt 1 (an extra is recommended) 1- pairs of long pants 3- pairs walking shorts 2 tops long sleeve – pack for layering, dry weave… 5 short sleeve shirts
  9. 9. Stay with this Guide1 Dress Collared Shirt – Boys 1 1 Dress or blouse and skirt / pants – Girls 1 Sweater, Sweatshirt, or Fleece 1 Windbreaker or 2 or 3 Rain Ponchos At least 7 changes of underwear / socks
  10. 10.  Hat & scarf 1 Under Armor, thermals for warmth Swimsuit - tankini light / Disposable towel for beach Pajamas (Conservative)
  11. 11.  Travel Alarm Clock Watch2 Locks for luggage (TSA approved) Voltage / current adapter Power converter for electronics
  12. 12. • Two pairs of Walking shoes, running shoes, or hiking boots ONLY & One that is a little dressy Water shoes if wanted or closed toe sandals NO FLIP FLOPS WHATSOEVER!• SOCKS• COMFORTABLE• CLOSED TOE/ PROTECTIVE• START WEARING THEM
  13. 13. • DO NOT BRING A PURSE UNLESS IT FITS IN YOUR BACKPACK.• Fanny packs/backpacks are recommended for carrying items when touring.
  14. 14. • Must be smaller and fit into Suitcase• Use for Home stay & return flight• Wheels with good handles are BEST!
  15. 15. • List of suitcase contents on carry on & in an email. (Needed if reporting a loss)• Kleenex packs• Hand sanitizer• Moist towelettes….. Bathrooms lack soap or paper-towels (germ killer)• Chap stick
  16. 16. • Hat for sun protection - (Hat’s are acceptable outside, but can not be worn inside.)• Sunglasses• Insect Itch/Bite treatment…. Cortizone or Benadryl cream• Gum for cabin pressure• Pre-packaged food (ex: granola bars
  17. 17. • Must measure 39 inches or less (height + depth + Width)• 11 pounds of less when fully packed• Comfortable straps• Many compartments
  18. 18. • Blow up neck Pillow –(GREAT for bus rides also)• Eye Shade Daylight on Plane -------(good for bus rides also)• Disposable Foam Earplugs (good for sleeping on trip)• Music IPOD etc.• Splicer for sharing music• Pictures of family
  19. 19. • Only Bring what you need.• Try out how much you need NOW and ONLY BRING THAT• Keep in ZIP LOCK bags• BRING EXTRA ZIP LOCK ALL SIZES
  20. 20. • Travelers’ Digestive Issues (Optional suggestion only) –Taking ACIDOPHILUS PILLS TWO WEEKS BEFORE TRIP – Helps to build a good base for digestive system to handle new environment and food –Pepto Bismal / tums / Immodium… anti –diarrhea med
  21. 21. •• Z Pack (antibiotic) in case of illness• Motion sickness meds. (Pressure band, the patch etc. Dramamine tends to make kids tired.)• First Aid kit – small• Cold Medications• Pain Relievers – Tylenol, Advil, Aleve…• Allergy medicines
  22. 22. • Remember, that whatever you purchase you must be able to carry yourself!!!!!!• Pack your suitcase and leave some room for those special treasures.
  23. 23. Next meeting•Thursday, May 31st• 6:30 pm•Project Fair Presentations
  24. 24. THANKS FOR COMING• We will be there soon!!!!!!!
  25. 25. • Must measure 54 inches or less (height + depth + Width)• 44 pounds of less when fully packed• Wheels with good handles are Best
  26. 26. • Pictures of home and family to share with others• 2 TRAVEL LOCK (TSA) for the trains and hotel stays. Do not LOCK Checked luggage Pack lock in carry-on.• 5-6 Disposable Rain Ponchos –• Small Flashlight
  27. 27. • Indigestion med. (Pepto Bismal /tums )• Anti –Diarrhea med. (Immodium )• Pain reliever (Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin, Aleve)• Visine or saline eye drops• Allergy meds• Cold Medication
  28. 28. • Hat for sun protection - (Hat’s are acceptable outside, but can not be worn inside.)• Sunglasses• Bug Repellant ……• Insect Itch/Bit treatment…. Cortizone or Benadryl cream• Small Flashlight