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Flex Olap Components
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Flex Olap Components


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Presentation of our Flex based OLAP cube query and analysis tool which helps in business intelligence and analytics solutions. Tyler Frieling

Presentation of our Flex based OLAP cube query and analysis tool which helps in business intelligence and analytics solutions. Tyler Frieling

Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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  • 1. Flex-OLAP Products Deliver components to facilitate analysis of Mondrian based OLAP systems
  • 2. What we understand
    • Flex-Mondrian Technology Needs
      • Multiple data delivery options (XMLA, MDX, JDBC)
      • Cube Inventory and Meta-data
      • Intuitive drag-drop grid interfaces for non-MDX queries
    • What we heard from our research
      • Less reporting more discovery analysis
      • Slice-dice available cubes
      • Flex 3
      • Mondrian
      • Educated user-base
      • Jboss Server
  • 3. Results: Investigate Flex-Mondrian Technology Flex Pentaho Mondrian DB ROLAP Cubes Data Requested and Delivered AMF Java Pentaho Mondrian DB ROLAP Cubes Flex Extreme Recommended if system will have >60 concurrent users Recommended SOAP XMLA
  • 4. Results: Cube Inventory Component
    • Using the proposed architecture it is possible to obtain inventory and metadata of available OLAP data:
      • Cube Inventory
      • Cube Metadata:
        • Dimensions
        • Hierarchies
        • Levels
        • Members
        • Measures
    Cube Metadata OLAP Inventory
  • 5.
    • MDX Based Interface for technical and specific analysis
      • Consistent interfaces for query results
      • Support User-created MDX queries
      • Enhance discovery by reporting available OLAP tuples
      • Enable storing of queries and results
    OLAP MDX Component
  • 6.
    • Non-MDX based analysis for non-technical analysis
      • Empower users by providing drag-drop support to create 3 Axis queries:
          • Colums, Rows, Measure
      • Use OLAP meta-data to define drag-drop tuple options
      • Axis tuples can be further filtered using tuple drop-downs
      • Enable storing and sharing of queries and results
    Available Tuples Tuple drop-downs OLAP Pivot Component
  • 7. HTTP
    • Creates communication layer between Flex and Mondrian
      • Implements Flex 3’s OLAP interfaces: IOLAP______
      • Uses SOAP to issue XMLA requests
      • Supports execution of MDX queries and conversion to IOLAPCube
      • Will support flattening of XMLA results for use in non-OLAP components
      • Logging supports server-side log4j, on-demand Flex UI logging
      • Facilitates custom development
    OLAP ActionScript Library OLAP ActionScript Library Flex Pentaho Mondrian IOLAP__ Data AS3 SOAP XMLA
  • 8.
    • Exporting
      • Export to Excel via Office Web Component (requires use of IE)
      • Export to CSV
    • Visualization
    • 1. Cartesian graph support (Bar, column, line)
    • Development and Integration
    • 1. Analysis pieces (Tabs in prototype) can act independently
    • 2. Analysis pieces created as separate Flex components
    • 3. Code can be delivered
    • 4. Charting and Export items require more research to find best way to integrate into existing application.
    Additional Tasks
  • 9. Contact us
    • Sherlock Informatics:
    • Ignite Analytics:
    • Tyler Frieling
    • Solution Delivery