Discover why enterprises are switching to node.js


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Read whitepaper to get information on how nodejs works, why and where node.js can be used. More details at

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Discover why enterprises are switching to node.js

  1. 1. Discover Why Enterprises are Switching to Node.js
  2. 2. What is Node.js The Node.js Model of Working How Node.js Works Why Node.js How Other Programming Languages Work Who is Using Node.js Case Study Where Node.js Should be Used About Softweb Solutions Table of Contents 3 6 4 7 5 8 10 9 11
  3. 3. Node.js is a server side JavaScript platform and is used for building fast, scalable network applications. It was created in 2009 by Ryan Dahl and is currently sponsored by Joyent. 3 The strength of Node.js lies in the fact that it has been written in JavaScript; the programming language used in web browsers which allows client-side scripts to interact with the user, control the browser and change the content that is displayed to theuser. Node.js uses this capability of JavaScript for server-side network programming and is being used in the creation of desktop and mobile applications. It runs on JavaScript and uses the V8 engine developed by Google for use in its Chrome browser. The "engine" is a processwhich interprets andexecutes JavaScript,oneof themost commonly used technologies in webbrowsers. What is Node.js Node.js - the power and familiarity of JavaScript used for server side programming
  4. 4. The event-driven, non-blocking I/O model of Node.js makes it lightweight and efficient, and perfect for creating data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. How Node.js Works4 This method of working makes it ideal for websites which serve content that does not require a lot of CPU resources. Node.jsbased websites andapplications can handle alot of trafficsimultaneously verywell,which is itscore strength. ThewayNode.jsworkscan also be understood by therestaurant analogy. SynchronouslyRun Restaurant (how otherprogramming languageswork) Step 1- There are four tables in the restaurant and just one waiter. When all the diners are seated, the waiter goes to the first tableto take theorder. Step 2- Step 4- The waiter passes the order to the kitchen and waits while the order is prepared. He does not take orders from other diners during this time. The waiter finally moves on to the second table. He will repeat the same process that he did with table one i.e. ignore other tables whilehe is working on tabletwo. Step 3- Thewaiter servestheorderto thefirst tableand only then does he move on to theothertables. Obviously,this kind of service would take up alotof time andis notaveryefficient modelof runningthings. Asynchronously Run Restaurant (the Node.js model of working) Step 1- Thewaiter comesto thefirsttableand takestheorder.He quicklypasses theorderto thekitchen. Step 2- Step 4- The waiter moves on to take the order from the second table while the first table's order is being prepared. By the time the waiter has moved to the fourth table to take their order, the other three tables are enjoying theirmeals. Step 3- Once the first table's order is ready, the waiter serves it to the diners and continues to take orders from thethirdtable. This model is obviously much more efficient in terms of resource use for the restaurant and also in delivering food (content)to thediners. Node.js allows companies to reduce the number of servers while running a high-traffic site or application while achievingincreased speed in content delivery. Node is event-driven programming which means a lot can be done out of fewer servers
  5. 5. How Other Programming Languages Work5
  6. 6. The Node.js Model of Working6
  7. 7. In 1994, there were around 25 million Internet users worldwide. Today there are almost 3 billion Internet users. Most of the programming languages were not built to handle such huge amounts of traffic. Node.js has JavaScript as its base, which is a full-fledged programming language in its own right. Programmers are now realizing the benefits of using JavaScript to create and run applications in a way that reduces the resource requirements of theorganization andalso speeds up deliveryof thedata. In this regard, Node.js is not just another temporary trend in the programming community but represents a new way of thinking abouthowsoftware systemsshould be builtand operated. The official package manager of Node.js modules,, has over 83,000 modules available as of now. This means that the programmers can easily and quickly build applications using code that is "off-the-shelf", instead of re-inventing thewheel. Applications created with Node.js are capable of handling a high number of simultaneous connections and can save enterprises’ operating costson infrastructure. 7 Why Node.js Node makes a much smaller footprint on your web server. It allocates web server resources on an as-needed basis, not pre-allocating a large chunk of resources for each user.
  8. 8. In 2013, Node.js was the 2nd most watched project on GitHub, the world's largest code sharing and publishing service overtaking longtime developer favorites JQuery and Ruby on Rails. 8 Who is Using Node.js The major adopters of Node.js are – One of the earliest and biggest adopters of the technology, it made waves in the tech community for ditching Ruby on Rails for Node.js in 2011. Today, Node.js powers its entire mobile software stack. Because of this the company was able to reduce its servers from 30 to just 3! The system also saw improved speeds by up to 20 times the previous performance. The retail giant's embrace of Node.js was what brought over many other businesses to the platform. The company decided to implement Node.js to handle all its mobile traffic on Black Friday 2013 – the busiest shopping day of the year. The website was able to successfully handle over 200 million users online. The second major company to switch from Ruby on Rails to Node.js. The company now uses Node.js for its back-end services and has reported improved page load times, around 50% faster than before. Their developers are also able to create new features faster. The company has created the KrakenJS framework, which is now used in the development of all its new web applications. LinkedIn GroupOn Walmart PayPal The publisher of Wall Street Journal, DJX, Dow Jones Newswires and other industry leading publications has made the switch to Node.js for its web and streaming applications. The company is one of the core contributors to Node.js for Windows and also uses Node.js internally. Microsoft also provides cloud hosting for Node.js applications in Windows Azure. Yammer, its collaboration tool for enterprises also uses Node.js. Node.js powers the company's development of a universal, global UI framework for the entire GE group of companies. Microsoft General Electric Dow Jones & Company
  9. 9. 9 Where Node.js Should be Used Chat Stock Trading Software System Monitoring Applications Real-time Monitoring Tools Data Streaming Node.js is the ideal platform for chat systems because of their need for high traffic, data-intensive but low processing power application requirements. Node.js has also been used to create a real-time web solution for brokers who trade stocks daily and need to track stock prices in real-time. A Node.js- based application can be created to also perform calculations, graphs and analysis. Mobile based apps using Node.js can give day traders the ability to work from anywhere. Node.js has the ability to be used to create a web- based dashboard for monitoring applications being used on the enterprise's Intranet and on the cloud. Node.js can be used for creating tools that track website visitors and their interactions in real-time. This information can be utilized for creating targeted interactions with your visitors such as customized offers. The way Node.js treats HTTP requests and responses can be used to enhance the performance of real-time audio and video encoding and creating proxies between different data sources. The JavaScript ecosystem is perfect for real time applications such as games and chat Server-side Web Applications Node.js is a good choice to build web applications that run server-side only if the application is not going to be a CPU intensive application. Node.js along with MongoDB as the database choice can work well for such requirements. But if your application is going to be CPU intensive and has a relational database such as MySQL, MS SQL then Node.js is not the ideal choice.
  10. 10. 10 Case Study Real-time Stock Trading and Monitoring System Challenges Solution Benefits Our client, a financial consulting organization, wanted to give its customers the ability to get real-time notifications regarding stock prices. The subscribers would be getting updates on their desktops so that they would be able to make quick decisions with respect to which stocks to trade and which ones to hold on to. We were required to deliver advanced technology solutions that ensure effectual management of large multi- structured data and a range of business intelligence and analytic applications to boost tactical, operational, and strategic decision making across the organization. Our developers used Node.js as the server side technology to enable the site to deliver quick results to the users' desktops. RabbitMQ, the open source message broker software, was also used to deliver the data to the end users. The database technology was MongoDB. The real-time data provided to the client's customers means that now they are able to keep track of their favorite stocks around the clock. Client subscribers can now aggregate and analyze both data-in-motion and data-at-rest. The client needed a solution that accelerates the decision making process and also carries out Big Data analytics. This meant that our developers had to build an infrastructure that provides the ticker information and system behavioral trading signals after monitoring the real-time data and simultaneously sifts through years of historical ticks. Our solution enables significant time saving and improved business decision features. The client has seen increased customer satisfaction, higher retention and lower customer churn.
  11. 11. Softweb Solutions is a leading Software Development Company that serves clients worldwide of all sizes. We have a strong performance record in offering quality software development services demonstrated by our partnerships with leading software developers and our Microsoft Certified partnership. We provide cutting edge mobile app development solutions for all the major platforms such as Apple iOS, Android OS, Blackberry and Windows Phone. We help companies deal with constantly evolving business needs by incorporating all our strengths in our solutions. Softweb solutions 2531 Technology Drive, Suite 312,Elgin,lllinois 60124 US Tool Free Number:1-866-345-7638 | 300+ 10+ 1000+500+ Expert Developers for iOS, Android & Windows Years of Software Development Satisfied Clients & Growing Successful Projects Delivered 11 About Softweb Solutions