Developing mobile sales app for a hardware manufacturer


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Developing mobile sales app for a hardware manufacturer

  1. 1. USER FRIENDLY PRODUCT NAVIGATION CUSTOMIZED SOLUTION CATEGORICAL PRODUCT ANALYSIS MULTICHANNEL COMMERCE ANYWHERE ACCESS Background OTTO Controls, a division of OTTO, is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of precision switches and control grips, serving numerous commercial and government establishments for more than 50 years. Their switches and control grips perform every day in some of the toughest applications including heavy equipment, aerospace, marine, medical, communication and other demanding markets. Case Study Developing iOS and Android catalog sales app for a leading hardware manufacturer Challenges For OTTO, catering their industrial grade products to unique and demanding environments brought about a need for a catalog application that would showcase their products without having to redirect the sales representative to another website. The key here was to centralize their product database for it to be available on all their online channels. Serving multiple ecosystems, the app also had to be compatible with Android and iOS, two of the world’s most used mobile operating systems. Another key requirement of the client was to make the application fully functional in offline mode. This meant that the showcased data had to be made available in case of no internet access. Multiple product channels meant that the sales representatives had to look through a number of sites to gather information and documentation related to the products. Solutions Softweb Solutions identified these requirements and provided an innovative catalog application analogous to both mobile environments. With the ability of SQLite to link its library to the application program, which can also be called dynamically, we were able to centralize the product database across all platforms. This ensured a smooth operation through all their channels that deal with the same products. Xcode was used to design the iPad app, while Eclipse was used to design the Android app. The offline access gives sales representatives using the app the ability to make presentations and conduct meetings anywhere, ensuring the availability of the entire catalog. Information entered into the app during offline mode would reflect on relevant channels as soon as the device finds an internet connection. The app serves as a vantage point for sales representatives who have all the product knowledge at their disposal any time of the day.
  2. 2. Summary OTTO wanted to expand its reach beyond the web for which they needed a unique yet simple catalog application for iOS and Android based tablets, which would aid their sales staff in pitching their products to prospective buyers. Softweb Solutions developed an intuitive and attractive catalog app, complete with product knowledge and sales related information. Using TestFlight for iOS and Google Expansion for Android, we were able to deploy the apps to check their functionality, before they were made available on the respective app stores. Contact Information Softweb Solutions 2531 Technology Drive, Suite 312, Elgin, Illinois 60124 US Toll Free Number: 1-866-345-7638 Email: Case Study Technologies Used Operating System: iOS 6 and above Tools: Xcode, Instruments Device compatibility: iPad Database: SQLite 3rd party tools: TestFlight O O O O O Features Business Benefits Product catalogO Document repository for product detailsO Offline accessO Search product by meta dataO Compare products of same levelO Locate product distributors and sales representativesO Advance search capabilityO The app creates brand awarenessO Sales reps always have hands-on informationO Offline access for anytime functionalityO Save on printing costs as all documents are available on the appO iPad: Android: Operating System: Android 3.0 and up Tools: Eclipse Device compatibility: Tablet Database: SQLite 3rd party tools: Google Expansion O O O O O