The Software Ecosystem from Thailand


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A brief introduction of the software ecosystems in Thailand provided for CEBIT 2011

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The Software Ecosystem from Thailand

  1. 1. The Center of Excellence for Global Class Software ---Trust on “The Software Ecosystem from Thailand”Over few years, Thailand has proven as the international reputation on BPO and ITO as the center ofexcellence to conduct the world class software outsourcing. The software industry gains the strongcomplementary elements: a centric manufacturing of international software leading companies that align theglobal market leaders and numerously indigenous companies who achieve the significant global marketsuccess. Thai software has been recognized internationally as being dynamic, highly innovative, technicallyexpert and international standard adept.Since 2008 to 2010 Thailand has been ranked as the Top 30 global destination for IT outsourcing by Gartner.Thai Software Industry today comprises over 3,000 companies, employing over 40,000 skill people. The marketopportunity rose from the domestic demand on internet and mobile usage such as there are nowadays 24million internet users and 69 million mobile users. Thailand is also one of the biggest no. 3 social networksonline community as Facebook that is estimated today 69 million users.Key successful FactorsThe successful development of software industry in Thailand complied by the uniquely supportive ecosystem.Almost all of the world’s leading software companies including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle have significantpresence in Thailand. Situated in the strategic location in Asia Pacific region, Thailand is accredited for leadingdestination of IT outsourcing location, for instance Thomas Reuter has established the software center since2001 and deliberated the global development site. Currently the company employs more than 1,300 ITprofessional as the largest software development site globally. In addition, the DST international Bangkokcentre was established in 1993 and has grown to over 800 professionals providing Consulting, Support andDevelopment services to Clients and DST affiliates globally. In Thailand, DSTi services more than 50% of FundManagement companies and more than 50% of Broker companies.Skilled workforceThe software sector in Thailand has been driven by the highly skilled and well educated workforce. Thailandeducation system transforms the variety of IT professional courses set by the standard nationwide. Thailanddevelopment policy delegates the opportunity to the geographic clusters such as the IT valley in the northernof Thailand and outsourcing cluster in Phuket. The development of language skill in Thailand has been provenas the various interpretation skill. Localization enablers the international business in Thailand such , the largest online community of translators and Localization Industry Standard Association (LISA)located in Bangkok to promote the localization and translation industry globally. Thailand is also the largestIS/ISV communities to do outsourcing in Southeast Asia region. Also now we have certified 33 companiesCMMI appraisal and more than 103 software developers are training and implementing (PSP) ranked at 3rd inthe world. The number of certified software professional in PM, Software Quality Assurance and softwaretester were approved by Quality Assurance Institute (QAI) achieved 80 persons.Research and DevelopmentThe industry development is underwritten by the continued state investment in education and research. Theinformation and communication technologies are the priority area supported by the government; thereforethe investment in R &D has also significantly risen. The Ministry of ICT has invested to initiative projects tocollaboration among academic, research and industries to ensure the optimum usage of resource and applysuccessful commercialization. There are more than 100 universities produce more than 4,000 skill professionalworkers annually. Some institutions, for example Software Park Thailand provided professional high skillenterprises training such as IT professional, project management, and software process.
  2. 2. Specialist ClustersThai software industry has been developed deep in sectoral expertise in specific areas such as mobileapplication, enterprise software in the several devices, graphic & animation and horizontal software such astourism, financial services, logistics, hospital, food, agricultural, manufacturing industries and so on. Thestrong network of companies within the clusters has ready accessed and provided the solid platform topenetrate both domestic and international markets, for example the Association of Thai ICT Industry (ATCI),Association of Thai Software Industry (ATSI) , Thailand Software Export Promotion Association (TSEP), ThailandAnimation & Computer Graphics Association (TACGA) and so on.Government PrivilegeThe second phase of the National ICT Master Plan II comply the priority to optimization and investment in ITInfrastructure. The government launched 16 e government pilot projects and delivers the economic stimulusprogram to reinforce the industrial sectors as well as investing in IT enabler services. The tax privileges areapplicable from Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) with 8 years tax exemption for foreign start-up andincentive applied to equipment and machinery. The government also promotes the development of 3G andWimax, web 2.0 and security system.The upcoming change of computing generation such as mobile internet, cloud computing, social network willchallenge the emergence of new business model, the software valued chain, and end-user demands. Thecompanies recognize this trend will be capable to drive the new Software Economy especially the Saas marketthat is expected to triple value and position successful as world leaders in the near future.(More information, please contact Software Park Thailand at Thai Software Value Proposition Infrastructure and government incentive: Computer-related crime act 2007,WiFi/Wimax and 3G technology adoption, tax intensive scheme, government promotion policies Computer service: System Integration (SI), Network service, Software and data maintenance, data center and disaster recovery center IT Professional Expertise (50,000 persons) 2010: Programmer, software developer, design and architect, database administrator, IT project manager, Management Team Tourism Commerce Medical software Logistics -Hotel management -Dynamic Domain name -Open-source medical service -Warehouse management system -Back, Front office -Back and front Medical -Fleet management -B2B, Point of sales software service -RFID -Reservation -E-commerce -Picture Archiving and communication system -Helpdesk and escalation -E-marketing -Promotion and advertising on mobile -Database management -Transportation management Financial & Banking Mobile Application Telecom Manufacturing -Risk management -Mobile Internet/ Mobile -Prepaid-post paid system -MRP/ERP/SCM Game -CRM -Target promotion and -Fixed asset software -Enterprise software on advertising - Mobile internet Banking Iphone, Android and Ipad -Dealer web application -Transfer system via mobile -Integrated brokerage -Inventory management -Cloud computing application -Mobile internet