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This presentation demonstrations how to load the series of GeoPlace and Ordnance Survey AddressPlace products using GO Loader. The first loading tool to support AddressBase.

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  • Project ManagementParse the GML SchemaTranslate the schema to your database-In this example, we use Oracle 11gConfigure the Data LoadDatabase Management-Review Tablespaces/Partitioning-Create tables-Load data-Create Indices
  • Loading AddressBase Products

    1. 1. Loading AddressBase Products
    2. 2. What is the Address Base Product Suite? Includes the best parts of: National Land and OS MasterMap Royal Mail Property Gazetteer Address Layer 2 Postcode (NLPG) Address File (PAF) Address Base is supplied in GML 3.2.1 Supported by GO Loader Loading into Oracle, SQL Server 2008 or PostGIS.
    3. 3. Project Management • Create a New Project to load Address Base • Add Project Description and Notes as required
    4. 4. Parse the GML Schema • Add the AddressBase Schema • Click Parse Schema – GO Loader will quickly parse the GML schema.
    5. 5. Filter the GML Ability to filter Feature Types Or filter Properties
    6. 6. Tanslation PolicyUse JoinTables tolinkComplexProperties
    7. 7. Translate gml to your database Expand GML Elements to Translate them to your Database E.g. Basic Land & Property Unit (BLPU) Elements
    8. 8. Maintain Integrity using Joined Tables... Joined Tables: E.g. LPIs, Classifications, Delivery point addresses, Organisations, XREFs etc...
    9. 9. e.g. Land & Property Identifier (LPI)
    10. 10. LPI Joined Table Translates GML features to Table columns
    11. 11. Loader Configuration Enter the Database Connection Details Test the Database Connection
    12. 12. Spatial Reference Select from a wide range of spatial reference systems
    13. 13. Tablespace & Partitions Database Management: Select Tablespaces and Partitions as required
    14. 14. Review Loading Options
    15. 15. Create Tables Creates tables in your database in preparation for data load
    16. 16. Load Data
    17. 17. Load Progress
    18. 18. Data Load Complete!
    19. 19. Create Indices Creates indices in your database after your data has loaded
    20. 20. AddressBase Contains Royal Mail PAF Residential and Commercial properties linked to UPRN
    21. 21. AddressBase Plus Sourced from local authorities, Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail Contains OWPA – for example, subdivided properties, places of worship and community centres.
    22. 22. AddressBase Premium Includes Land Property IdentifierComprehensive dataset detailingproperty lifecycle 1.
    23. 23. AddressBase Premium Includes Classification InfoComprehensive dataset detailingproperty lifecycle 2.
    24. 24. AddressBase Premium Includes Delivery Point InfoComprehensive dataset detailingproperty lifecycle 3.
    25. 25. AddressBase Premium Includes Application XREF InfoComprehensive dataset detailingproperty lifecycle 4.
    26. 26. AddressBase Premium includes Lifecycle Property Lifecycle
    27. 27. Contact us: info@snowflakesoftware.com
    28. 28. Follow us www.snowflakesoftware.com www.linkedin.com (GML-group) www.youtube.com/snowflakesoftware www.flickr.com/photos/snowflakesoftware/ twitter.com/sflakesoftware