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  • TED Talk Takeaways: 8 Ways to Hook Your Audience 30 July 2014, 07:00 AM “You will live 7.5 minutes longer than you would have otherwise, just because you watched this talk.” This was the claim that video game designer Jane McGonigal presented to the crowd during her June 2012 TED talk. As the camera panned over the members of the audience, their … Read More..
  • Designing Your Own Personal Logo for Presentations 28 July 2014, 07:53 AM If you live on SlideShare like my team does, then you can understand the challenge of sharing and showcasing a logo that makes an impact. Your logo typically drives the entire look and feel of your deck, so having one that stands out absolutely matters. It’s your voice. It’s your … Read More..
  • Weekend Reading: Presentations on Making Killer Presentations 25 July 2014, 08:43 AM Presentation tips are always — and naturally — a hot topic with the SlideShare community. What’s best advice for making a killer deck? There’s plenty of advice, on everything from design to structure and delivery. More recently, three presentation pros shared their top tips for creating an outstanding presentation.… Read More..
  • Rise of the Blurred Image 21 July 2014, 08:00 AM If you find yourself frequently uploading your decks to SlideShare, you are probably reading this post right now to find the latest tip, trick or edge to shoot you ahead of the competition. One of the things that will help you get there? Photography. More specifically, the rise … Read More..
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