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How to catch the curator's eye



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How to catch the curator's eye

  1. PI CK M CaTCHi E! nG THE CUr aTO r’S EY E Kit Seeborg | WebVisions PDX 2012
  2. The curator is an editor who sorts through the content to find the information relevant to a company and/or its audience. Curators are not content creators. and this is where the challenge lies for thought leadership. Scott Gillum Forbes Jan. 6, 2012
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  6. Pinterest - DiY Curation
  7. H OW TO CaTCH THE CU r aTOr ’S EYE...
  8. 1 tent eas y to find Make your con
  9. 2 Follow trends
  10. Curatio n Candy “Top Trend s” lists =
  11. 3 avoid t he echo chamber
  12. 4 te-sized versions Create bi
  13. he curato r sees... What t
  14. 5 Choose your titl e wisely PUN CHY! anatomy of the Perfect landing Page
  15. Jenny twitter ppt final v.2 NOT SO MUCH
  16. 6 bit about yourself Tel l us a little
  17. 7 tent easy to share Mak e your con
  18. easy to share
  19. HC OW TO aTCH TH E CUr aTO r’S EYE... 1 Make content easy to find 2 Understand trends 3 no echo chamber 4 include a bite-sized version 5 Choose your title wisely 6 Tell us about yourself 7 Make it easy to share
  20. T HA NK YO U! Kit Seeborg @zsazsa @bumpertunes @slideshare Slidedeck designed by David Crandall