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Sky-High & Etiquette Wise
Savoir Vivre & Business Etiquette Proposal

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Sky-High Etiquette Proposal

  1. 1. Details of the Courses A- Dining Etiquette Course Sky-High & Etiquette Wise Savoir Vivre & Business Etiquette Proposal
  2. 2. Dining Etiquette Course Knowing and using good table manners is an important social skill that can help people fit more rapidly in their workplace and reflect a better image of themselves and their corporation. The idea behind learning what seem to be small details about dining is that they can walk into any dining situation and immediately feel comfortable, portray confidence and focus on whatever business or social needs to be addressed. During the dining course participants will enjoy a delicious four-course meal while learning how to: use the utensils, eat bread and butter, salad, main course and finally the dessert. Dining course at Intercontinental, Le Vendome Beirut. Anytime between 11:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. at Au Premier Restaurant. Dining course at Scoozi, Verdun. Time 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Private dining course for individuals, couples, families and groups
  3. 3. Social Etiquette The program covers a range of every-day etiquette topics including appropriate greeting behavior and social etiquette, situational and seasonal tips, communication and gender guidelines, and much more. The course covers the following topics. A- Social IQ: B- Personal and Professional Development: Greetings and Introductions Organizational Skills First impressions Time management Good Handshakes Coping With Stress Phone and cell phone etiquette Appropriate Dress Personal grooming Positive Attitude Gift giving Polite Demeanor Invitations and RSVP’s Thank you notes The perfect host/hostess Dining etiquette (theoretical) Posture
  4. 4. Business Etiquette Courses The programs focus on the key elements that individuals will need to enhance their image and become more confident in dealing with other people in a more professional and universal way. A- Communicating Respect and Leadership: Everything you need to know to help individuals and groups in business settings communicate with confidence and courtesy. Topics include pinpointing communication problems and over- coming communication catastrophes. Course covers the following topics: Communicating Professionalism Nonverbal Communication (first impressions, handshakes, use of business cards etc.) Verbal Communication (voice, word choice etc.) High Tech Talk – Technology and Courtesy Office Politics for the Nonpolitical – Workplace Communication
  5. 5. B- The Power of Professional Presence: Knowledge about how to present yourself professionally gives a powerful edge over the competition. First impressions do matter and there’s a lot more to professionalism than an expensive suit. Success in modern business is determined by a combination of confidence, competence, attitude, demeanor, and communication. These are enhanced by a polished executive image. This content includes tips on how to leave a positive lasting impression, dis- cusses what “professionalism” means in relation to appearance and attitude, details about what “performance” attire is, recognizing behaviors that undermine your credibility, nonver- bal communication and utilizing posture and stance to communicate more effectively. Lasting Impressions Professional Dress for Men Professional Dress for Woman Building and Projecting Confidence Elements of Professionalism: Demeanor and Attitude
  6. 6. C- Leveraging Your Social IQ Among other things, success in modern business is typically achieved through a combina- tion of technical skills, timing, character, attitude, and Social IQ. Increasingly, Social IQ is one quality which when leveraged can boost success. This content covers the basics of Social IQ including theories and why it is important. In addition to the basics of Social IQ - as related to business environments, materials include: key facets of productivity, ten steps to gaining con- fidence and how to eliminate self-defeating behaviors, decision-making skills, negotiating, time and priorities management strategies and more. Boost Your Social IQ Productivity and Priorities Making Minutes Count: Time Management Decision Making and Negotiating Skills 10 Steps to Gaining Confidence (how to eliminate self-defeating behavior)
  7. 7. D- Setting the Standard: This course covers essential business entertaining and corporate courtesy. Topics include everything from formal business dining, to networking and reception etiquette, corporate gift giving, proper use of thank you cards and business correspondence, etc… Business Dining (Theoretical) Networking Corporate Courtesies Meetings and Presentations Travel Etiquette Regards, Sky-High Company Etiquette Wise Company
  8. 8. Contact Us Elssy Baddour Managing Director Mobile: +961- 3 53 28 26 E-mail: Website: Social Networks: Facebook: Myspace: Twitter: Sky_High Twillow: Sky_High LinkedIn: Address: Baddour Bldg, Grd Floor, Riff Street, El Naher, Beirut - Lebanon