Samsung c3510 unlock and repair by cable manual

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Sim unlock and repair your Samsung c3510 and make your phone 100% yours Start using a cheaper / better telecom provider now without paying those ridiculous high unlocking fees from your …

Sim unlock and repair your Samsung c3510 and make your phone 100% yours Start using a cheaper / better telecom provider now without paying those ridiculous high unlocking fees from your provider.

These instructions show you step by step what to do.

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  • 1. Samsung C3510 Unlock and repair by cable Manual A Step-by-Step Guide for your Samsung C3510 to Unlock and repair by cable By - created at Monday 11th of November 2013 08:51:25 AM Page 1/8 Copyright 2006 - 2013
  • 2. Samsung C3510 Unlock and repair by cable This guide contains all the steps that need to be followed exactly to complete Unlock and repair by cable. The estimated completetion time is +/-10 minutes for most users. Experienced users could do it in less then 3 minutes and first time users might need to read the manual twice to make sure they followed all steps. 1. If you do not have a valid SRS username and password yet: Buy a SRS Samsung unlock account 2. Download & run our SRS installer 3. Connect your FTDI USB cable or Serial Cable to your computer (not yet the phone) 4. Install FTDI drivers (only in case you are using a FTDI usb cable) 1. Connect the FTDI USB cable to your computer and your phone. Please use a USB port at the back of your computer (especially with Laptops). If your FTDI USB cable has a external power supply (9 Volt battery connection) you have to use it and connect a 9V battery with sufficient charge. 2. Now Windows will detect new Hardware. Some info boxes will pop-up at your right lower corner. Give Windows a couple minutes to finish this and Windows should pop-up with the 'Found New Hardware Wizard' 3. Choose 'No, not at this time' and click 'Next >'. You will then see: Page 2/8 Copyright 2006 - 2013
  • 3. 4. Choose 'Install from a list or specific location' and press 'Next >'. You will now see: Click on the 'Browse' button and browse to: c:Program FilesSimlock Remote ClientDriversFTDI-Cable. Then click 'Next >' Note: our FTDI drivers are generic FTDI drivers. Some (china) cables need their own Page 3/8 Copyright 2006 - 2013
  • 4. drivers and won't work with ours. In that case use drivers that came with the cable or contact the company where you bought the cable or drivers! 5. Depending on the security settings on your machine Windows might ask: Click 'Continue anyway' 6. Now the drivers are being installed: 7. Click 'Finish' in the last screen 8. You are NOT done yet; after you click 'finish' the 'Found New Hardware Wizard' will Page 4/8 Copyright 2006 - 2013
  • 5. pop-up again. You will have to do the same process exactly the same again. Depending on your cable its is possible you have to do the same process twice more 5. Run Samsung Remote Unlock Client (Start -> Programs -> Simlock Remote Client -> Samsung Remote Unlock client) 6. Login using your SRS login 7. Set Comport to correct port number (How to set FTDI Comport) 1. Make sure your FTDI USB cable is connected to your computer 2. Open 'Device Manager' on your computer: On XP go to: Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> (Switch to Classic view ) -> System -> Hardware (tab) -> Device Manager. On Vista go to: Start -> Type in the following commando in the 'Search box': devmgmt.msc and hit enter. On Windows 7 Click the pearl button (start button) then in the search box type 'Device Manager', you will see 'Device Manager' in the search results. Click and it opens. 3. Now click the '+' at 'Ports (Com & LPT)' 4. You should see a device there identified with 'FTDI' in the name and / or 'USB Serial Port'. You can directly see the com port number behind the name of the device between the brackets () 5. Select (or type) this number under 'Select Comport' in the SRS software 8. Make sure phone is turned OFF 9. Select your phone model from the drop down list 10. Click 'Direct Unlock' or 'Read Unlock Codes' or 'Read E2P'. If phone is in freeze mode always use 'Read Unlock Codes' or 'Read E2P'. 11. When the program says 'press power on phone' insert the cable in the phone and press the power button of the phone for a few seconds, your phone will enter TAT mode and the unlock process will start running. 12. If you used 'Read Unlock Codes' or 'Read E2P' you now have to enter the unlock / unfreeze codes in the phone manually. In case of trouble with 'Direct Unlock' or 'Read Unlock Codes' use the 'Read E2P' function when available. This is a different technique for reading the unlock codes from the phone. Page 5/8 Copyright 2006 - 2013
  • 6. What is C3510 sim unlocking? A simlock is a restriction on your phone to prevent you from switching to other (more cheaper, better performing) networks. To ensure you will be using the network on which you bought the phone they place a simlock on the phone to restrict you from using the phone freely as it was meant to be. If you bought the phone without a simcard (thus not from a Telecom Provider) the phone is always simlock free. Sim unlocking is NOT: - Removing SIM PIN code (PIN 4-8 digit code set by you stored on your SIM) - Removing of user code (also known as: 'phone lock', 'security code' or 'pattern lock') * - Debranding (removing telecom provider logos, APN settings, bloatware) * *UnlockSamsungOnline also offers these services and more for certain models, see website for more info. Our Unlock Methods 1. Unlock by Cable Our proprietary software supporting over 1500 models; unlocking since 2006: 2. Unlock by Codes (by IMEI) Unlock by codes service for all currently available regions: Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Asia Pacific, Australia + New Zeeland. This service does not require any cable or software. Page 6/8 Copyright 2006 - 2013
  • 7. Your Benefits by Unlocking your Samsung C3510 1. The freedom to choose a cheaper Telecom Provider 2. The freedom to choose a Telecom provider with better service / coverage 3. Eliminate roaming fees by using local simcards while traveling 4. Increase resale value for you to sell your phone at higher value 5. Ability to use dual simcard adapters Supported Models Our proprietary unlock by cable software supports over 1500 Samsung models and new models are added regularly. The Samsung C3510 is supported locked everywhere in the world on any carrier* The Unlock by IMEI service supports every Samsung GSM model* simlocked in Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Australia (incl. New Zealand) and Asia Pacific (not incl. Japan and limited to World Wide telecom providers). Not supported for unlock by IMEI are CDMA or hybrids; SCH / SHV models are NOT supported. *Some phones are so called 'hardlocked', they are not directly supported. Only solution is to flash the phone with a non hardlocked firmware after which they can be unlocked without a problem. Hardlocked phones look like: Samsung C3510 Unlock by Cable Requirements PC computer with Windows XP or Windows 7 (Vista is NOT recommended) 32 Bit is highly recommended, 64 bit is supported in most cases Correct cable as mentioned on Stable high speed internet connection (min 256kbps download and 128kbps upload) - do not use 3G modem. We strongly recommend a connection via ethernet cable (thus not WiFi) Remove Samsung PC Studio and / or Samsung KIES software from your PC (we strongly recommend completely disabling any mobile phone management / back-up software) More information on requirements -click here- Page 7/8 Copyright 2006 - 2013
  • 8. Samsung C3510 Unlock Support We proud ourselves with our A+ quality support after and pre-sales. When necessary we go as far as connecting to our customers' destkop via remote support software to solve a problem (and that for a product ranging from $15 - $40). Our main support / contact system is a efficient support ticket system which you can access by clicking here We ask you when contacting our support to provide us with as much details as possible, this helps us help you faster! Trust Us - Unlocking since 2006 Have a look for yourself on the independent biggest review website in the world: Reviews by real customers at You can find more on our own Feedback page and you can read about our history by clicking here. Page 8/8 Copyright 2006 - 2013 Powered by TCPDF (