EDDI - Business Technologies [Secure Solutions for the Future]


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EDDI is a business technology company located in Latvia, with 18 years of international experience providing different business and IT services.
This presentation is an introduction of EDDI. If you want to find out more, you're welcome to visit www.eddi.lv or follow us on Twitter @eddi_lv

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EDDI - Business Technologies [Secure Solutions for the Future]

  1. 1. EDDI Secure Solutions for the Future
  2. 2. We have: International experience, mostly in the Baltic States; More than 10 strategic partners, including Microsoft, Capgemini and 8Man; More than 18 years of practice; More than 50 satisfied companies – clients and partners; More than 30 off-the-shelf solutions and a lot more possibilities to customize as well.
  3. 3. We offer: Innovations, Freedom, Security, Satisfaction Our knowledge for your success: Business Solutions - Business management consultations and solutions Information Technologies – Maintenance and management of your information and communication technologies Communications and Networks - Installation of communication networks Outsourcing - Provision of all necessary outsourcing services
  4. 4. Relationship between Business and IT What Business thinks about IT: " IT is too slow and limits my abilities to make quick changes." What IT thinks about Business: "Business has misconceptions of what we can provide." Business: "My company must be flexible enough to be able to evolve together with the market changes." IT: "Infrastructure must be constructed on secure ground to ensure security, reliability and stable operation."
  5. 5. Close cooperation between business and IT provides new opportunities Benefits for Business: • Easier to manage and keep track of what is happening; • Faster cooperation between employees, encouraged by implemented improvements; • Operational decision-making based on results; • Information is available regardless of people’s availability. Benefits for IT: • Infrastructure is well- organized and easy to administer; • Information is securely stored; • Improved work efficiency due to established procedures; • Understanding of business needs and resources to respond to them.
  6. 6. Why you should choose us: We are focused on achieving the best result for our client; We start every partnership with analyzing and understanding client’s strategic objectives; We are able to make the IT infrastructure work for your business and your objectives, rather than vice versa; In 18 years we’ve gathered a lot of experience working with hundreds of small and large enterprises; We are different because we are open, always ready to change and welcoming to any needs that our clients may have.
  7. 7. We have been representatives of Capgemini in the Baltic States for 9 years. We are part of the Nordic block, which covers Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. We ensure IT outsourcing and maintenance of Capgemini policies for Schneider Electric in the Baltic States, as well as in associated companies – Lexel fabrika and Baltic Distribution Centre. We have also implemented several innovative IT infrastructure projects. Projects that we are particularly proud of:
  8. 8. Situation: Construction of new plant Many different subcontractors with diverse principles of collaboration Constant coordination with parent company Solution: Management and implementation of several infrastructure improvement projects Strategic partnership in IS and IT projects "Over the past seven years, there has never been a case in which a CEMEX process has not caused true excitement among SIA Eddi staff. This excitement is what has determined the durability of our relations with this business partner." Jānis Jakaitis, Head of infrastructure and software, CEMEX Projects that we are particularly proud of:
  9. 9. Situation: 6 branches in Latvia Dissatisfaction with former IT partner’s input in development of IT infrastructure Solution: Optimisation of server infrastructure Implementation of failover cluster solution Development of business continuity plan Development of IT strategy, all associated documentation and control of strategy implementation "I can confidently say that since the beginning of our partnership with Eddi, IT infrastructure of SLO Latvia has experienced a substantial leap in development, and we have achieved a level where IT is providing a strong support for our business functions." Māris Renigers, Head of Web department Projects that we are particularly proud of:
  10. 10. Our clients:
  11. 11. EDDI Beyond Technologies THANK YOU!
  12. 12. EDDI LLC "Jaunbumani", Dreilini Stopini administrative district, LV-2130, Latvia Phone: +371 67549756 Fax: +371 67549757 E-mail: eddi@eddi.lv Twitter: @eddi_lv Detailed information: www.eddi.lv