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Building AWS Compatible Cloud Services
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Building AWS Compatible Cloud Services



Presentation at Apache CloudStack Collaboration Conference Europe in Amsterdam on 21st November 2013.

Presentation at Apache CloudStack Collaboration Conference Europe in Amsterdam on 21st November 2013.




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    Building AWS Compatible Cloud Services Building AWS Compatible Cloud Services Presentation Transcript

    • Building  AWS-‐‑‒Compatible  Public   Cloud  Service Shinichiro  Kashiwagi Cloud  Services  Division NTT  Communications 1   Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. Copyright © 2013 NTT Communications Corporation. All right reserved.
    • Cloudn  introduction •  Who  I  am –  Lead  developer  of  a  public  cloud  service  in  NTT   Communications –  Working  in  UK  branch  now  for  a  VMware-‐‑‒based  private  cloud  service •   Cloudn  -‐‑‒  NTTComʼ’s  public  cloud  service –  Starting  from  6.9  EUR/VM –  AWS-‐‑‒compatible  services  and  APIs Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. 2
    • Service  Concepts •  Comprehensive  low-‐‑‒cost  IaaS  services –  We  are  a  follower –  Support  standard  services,  not  only  Compute •  AWS  Compatible  as  much  as  possible •  Free  Network  traffic –  Benefit  from  our  Tier-‐‑‒1  Global  IP  Backbone  and   global  DC  coverage •  Multi-‐‑‒region,  multi-‐‑‒zone –  Available  in  United  States  and  Japan –  Planning  to  expand  to  other  regions Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. 3
    • Product  Line-‐‑‒up •  Offering  most  popular  AWS  compatible   services  including  EC2,  S3,  ELB.. –  Over  CloudStack! Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. 4
    • Feature  Comparison CloudStack  is  a  IaaS  pla?orm  while  AWS  is  a  comprehensive  service     Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. 5
    • Challenges Feature   AWS   CloudStack   Compute   ✔ (EC2)   ✔   Load  Balancing   ✔ (ELB)   ✔  (beIer  with  NetScaler)   Autoscaling   ✔ (Autoscaling)   Dynamic  DNS   ✔ (Route53)   Monitoring   ✔ (CloudWatch)   Provisioning   ✔ (EC2)   Object  Storage   ✔ (S3)   Databases   ✔ (RDS)   Content  Delivery   ✔ (CloudFront)   Portal   ✔ (console)   ApplicaBon  services     ✔ (SQS,  SNS..)   Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. Service  Providers   have  to  prepare   6
    • Architecture Region   Portal   CloudStack   (Compute)   Addi3onal   Services   Zone   L7  Proxy   Monitoring   Opera3on   and  Support     Billing   Zone   Compute  Nodes   Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. Compute  Nodes   7
    • Compute •  Cloudstack  AWSAPI  module –  Supporting  important  EC2  APIs –  Limitations •  CloudStack  3.0.6~∼ •  Basic  networking  mode  only •  Mapping  AWS  concepts  to  CloudStack  world •  Regions,  Zones •  Compute  Offering  names •  Differences  in  compute  model –  IP  address  persistency –  Lack  of  local  disk  (Instance  Store  in  AWS) –  Difficult  to  share  templates Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. 8
    • Compute  GUI Compute  GUI  for  CloudStack  2.x  zones   Compute  GUI  for  CloudStack  3.x  zones   Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. 9
    • Load  Balancing •  Evaluated  CloudStack  native  load   balancers –  VR  (haproxy),  NetScaler –  No  AWS  API! •  Newly  implemented –  Load  Balancing  “Advanced” –  AWS  ELB  compatible  features •  Multi-‐‑‒zone •  SSL  termination •  AWS  ELB  compatible  API Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. 10
    • Load  Balancing  Advanced  -‐‑‒  GUI Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. 11
    • Dynamic  DNS •  CloudStack  VR  DNS:  dnsmasq –  DHCP  server –  Static  configuration –  No  external  API •  Newly  implemented –  AWS  Route53  compatible  API •  Except  some  features  such  ash  latency  based  round   robin –  No  synchronisation  with  CloudStack  DNS Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. 12
    • Monitoring •  CloudStack  native  HA  mechanism –  Slow  to  detect  failure –  Not  sure  about  DB  integrity  during  convergence –  No  external  interface •  Newly  implemented –  AWS  CloudWatch  compatible  API •  Challenges –  KVM  handler •  virsh  operations  should  be  serialised •  Security  group  bug  in  CloudPlatform  3.x Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. 13
    • Autoscaling •  Available  in  CloudStack  4.1   –  Needs  NetScaler –  Coordination  with   Monitoring  and  Load   Balancing •  CloudStack  Autoscaling   uses  SNMP  for  monitoring   and  controls  CloudStack   load  balancing •  Not  pluggable,  not   extensitble  yet –  No  AWS  API •  Newly  implemented –  Works  without  NetScaler Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. 14
    • Provisioning •  CloudStack  has  no  bulk  VM  provisioning   feature •  Newly  implemented Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. 15
    • Object  Storage •  CloudStack  did  not  have  integrated  object  storage   service •  Adpoted  Cloudian –  Offering  AWS  S3  compatible  API –  Emulate  the  similar  domain  hierarchy  as  CloudStack Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. 16
    • Relational  Database •  Anything  to  do  with  CloudStack? •  We  implemented  anyway –  offering  MySQL  clusters –  with  AWS  RDS  compatible  API Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. 17
    • PaaS •  Anything  to  do  with  CloudStack? •  We  are  offering  CloudFoundry  on  top  of   CloudStack  IaaS Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. 18
    • Portal Reseller specific function Reseller  A   Customer Management Billing Management Payment Management Customer  Support   Reseller-Portal API •  Create Customer •  Delete Customer •  Suspend Customer •  Resume Customer •  Get Billing Info Reseller  B   …..   Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. Various products Portal    +     Authen3ca3on  Servers   Customer  Management Order Management Common function •  SSO Authentication Portal GUI (SSO to Product GUI) Account Management Product Management Billing Calculation Portal-Product API •  Add Account • Delete Account • Suspend Account • Resume account • Update API Keys • Get Usage
    • Lessons  learned •  Built  a  subset  of  AWS  service  using  CloudStack –  Using  Ruby  on  Rails  (and  Java) –  AWSAPI  module  is  good –  Users  can  benefit  from  AWS  ecosystem,  including  various   tools  and  techniques •  Key  design  points –  Compute  –  difference  in  model  and  semantics –  API  versions  and  authentication  (signature  versions) –  Behavior  compatibility •  Error  messages •  Abnormal  cases Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. 20
    • “Will  CloudStack  be  following  AWS?” •  AWS  API  is  only  available  for  Compute –  What  about  other  services? –  Will  such  related  services  be  included  in   CloudStack? •  NetScaler-‐‑‒dependence Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. 21
    • Thank  you http://www.ntt.com/cloudn_̲e/ shinichiro.kashiwagi@ntt.eu @skash88 Copyright  ©  NTT  Communica3ons  Corpora3on.  All  right  reserved. 22