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re:Invent 2018 re:Cap for Toronto AWS User Group


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Not able to make it to AWS re:Invent this year in Las Vegas (Nov. 26-30)? Don't you worry, my fellow Onicans and I got you covered!

Here are the slides from the final Toronto AWS Users Group Meetup of 2018 ( where we highlighted the top announcements and did a deep dive into a few (to us) most interesting new initiatives.

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re:Invent 2018 re:Cap for Toronto AWS User Group

  1. 1. 1 re:Invent 2018 re:Cap Toronto AWS User Group Meetup
  2. 2. 2 AGENDA 1. Sponsors 2. 3.45 Second Standup 3. Presentation: re:Invent re:Cap! 1. Q&A 2. Discussion & Networking
  3. 3. THANK YOU!
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  8. 8. 3.45 Second Standup
  9. 9. ©2018 ONICAONICA.COM re:Invent 2018 re:Cap Toronto AWS User Group MeetUp Alan Williamson, Director - Solution Architecture Daniel ZivKovic, Cloud Solutions Architect
  10. 10. 11 Event Highlights ● Massive event - over 50,000 attendees ● Over 2,000 unique technical sessions ● AWS shared a flurry of announcements across a range of categories! ● Used Keynote videos as Topic Index ● Many things to many people ● Common theme => Overwhelming for everyone Let’s go through those announcements we think will be most important to you...
  11. 11. 12 Compute
  12. 12. Introducing Amazon EC2 C5n Instances Featuring 100 Gbps of Network Bandwidth 13 Introducing Amazon EC2 A1 Instances Powered By New Arm-based AWS Graviton Processors
  13. 13. New – Hibernate Your EC2 Instances Now you can : ● Hibernate your EC2 ● Then bring them back to life when you need them ● You can use it on freshly launched M3, M4, M5, C3, C4, C5, R3, R4, and R5 instances running Amazon Linux 1 ● Support for Amazon Linux 2 is in the works and will be ready soon ● While the instance is in hibernation, you pay only for the EBS volumes and Elastic IP Addresses attached to it; there are no other hourly charges 14 ZZZZZZZZ
  14. 14. Firecracker – Lightweight Virtualization for Running Multi- Tenant Container Workloads ● Before : In order to attain the desired level of isolation aws used dedicated EC2 instances for each customer ● Now : New virtualization technology that makes use of KVM ● You can launch lightweight micro-virtual machines (microVMs) in non- virtualized environments in a fraction of a second, taking advantage of the security and workload isolation provided by traditional VMs and the resource efficiency that comes along with container 15 Serverless ⇒ You can run multiple lambdas (from different customers) on the same EC2 instance
  15. 15. 16 Networking
  16. 16. New – Use an AWS Transit Gateway to Simplify Your Network Architecture ● Give you the ability to use the new AWS Transit Gateway to build a hub-and- spoke network topology ● You can attach up to 5000 VPCs to each gateway and each attachment can handle up to 50 Gbits/second of bursty traffic. ● You can attach your AWS VPN connections to a Transit Gateway today, with Direct Connect planned for early 2019. 17
  17. 17. 18 New – AWS Global Accelerator for Availability and Performance
  18. 18. 19 Migration
  19. 19. Announcing AWS Outposts ● AWS Outposts bring native AWS services, infrastructure, and operating models to virtually any data center, co-location space, or on-premises facility for a truly consistent and seamless hybrid cloud. ● AWS Outposts infrastructure is fully managed, maintained, and supported by AWS to deliver access to the latest AWS services ● Getting started is easy, you simply log into the AWS Management Console to order your Outposts servers, choosing from a wide range of compute and storage options ● You can order one or more servers, or quarter, half, and full rack unit 20
  20. 20. New - AWS License Manager ● When using a BYOL (Bring Your Own License) strategy ● You need to make sure that you stay within the provisions of the license ● Manage Software Licenses ● Enforce Licensing Rules ● Take into account any enterprise agreements and other terms that govern your use of the licensed software ● Associate them with your deployment mechanism (golden AMIs or Launch Templates) so that EC2 instances launched via the mechanism will be automatically tracked 21
  21. 21. New – AWS Private Marketplace ● New feature that enables you to create a custom digital catalog of pre- approved products from AWS Marketplace ● Select products that meet your procurement policies and make them available for your users ● Customize Private Marketplace with company branding, such as logo, messaging, and color scheme ● All controls for Private Marketplace apply across your entire AWS Organizations entity, and you can define fine-grained controls using IAM 22
  22. 22. New – AWS DataSync – Automated and Accelerated Data Transfer AWS DataSync is a managed service and you pay only for the data that you transfer.
  23. 23. New – AWS Transfer for SFTP – Fully Managed SFTP Service for Amazon S3 AWS Transfer for SFTP, a fully-managed, highly-available SFTP service 24
  24. 24. New – AWS Well-Architected Tool ● AWS Well-Architected Framework, as a tool ● Helps you to define your workload ● Answer questions designed to review the workload against the best practices specified by the five pillars ● Walk away with a plan that will help you to do even better over time 25
  25. 25. 26 Serverless
  26. 26. New for AWS Lambda – Use Any Programming Language and Share Common Components ● Lambda Layers, a way to centrally manage code and data that is shared across multiple functions. ● Lambda Runtime API, a simple interface to use any programming language, or a specific language version, for developing your functions. 27
  27. 27. Lambda Layers – Benefits: ● Lambda Layers, a way to centrally manage code and data that is shared across multiple functions. ● Enforce separation of concerns, between dependencies and your custom business logic. ● Several companies are now providing them as a way for you to easily instrument your code. Epsagon, PureSec, Thundra, DataDog, IOpipe, and more, have all built Layers that you can simply plug in to your existing Lambda functions without modifying your code. 28
  28. 28. New for AWS Lambda – Ruby & other language Runtimes 29
  29. 29. AWS Step Functions – Serverless Workflow Management ● NEW: Richer workflows 30
  30. 30. AWS Step Functions – Serverless Workflow Management ● BENEFIT: Simpler integration, less code 31
  31. 31. Application Load Balancer can now Invoke Lambda Functions to Serve HTTP(S) Requests ● Application Load Balancers now support invoking Lambda functions to serve HTTP(S) requests ● This enables users to access serverless applications from any HTTP client, including web browsers ● Usual AWS Lambda and Application Load Balancer charges apply 32
  32. 32. 33 Storage
  33. 33. New – Automatic Cost Optimization for Amazon S3 via Intelligent Tiering ● A new storage class, S3 Intelligent-Tiering ● This storage class incorporates two access tiers: frequent access and infrequent access ● S3 Intelligent-Tiering monitors access patterns and moves objects that have not been accessed for 30 consecutive days to the infrequent access tier. ● If the data is accessed later, it is automatically moved back to the frequent access tier 34
  34. 34. AWS Announces Amazon S3 Object Lock in all AWS Regions ● Amazon S3 Object Lock enables you to store objects using a "Write Once Read Many" (WORM) model ● Using S3 Object Lock, you can prevent an object from being deleted or overwritten for a fixed amount of time or indefinitely ● S3 Object Lock protection is maintained regardless of which storage class the object resides in and throughout S3 Lifecycle transitions between storage classes 35
  35. 35. Amazon S3 Introduces S3 Batch Operations for Object Management
  36. 36. Introducing Amazon FSx for Windows File Server ● Amazon FSx for Windows File Server provides a fully managed native Microsoft Windows file system so you can easily move your Windows-based applications that require file storage to AWS ● Built on Windows Server, Amazon FSx provides shared file storage with the compatibility and features that your Windows-based applications rely on, including full support for the SMB protocol and Windows NTFS, Active Directory (AD) integration, and Distributed File System (DFS) 37
  37. 37. Introducing Amazon FSx for Lustre ● Amazon FSx for Lustre is a fully managed file system that is optimized for compute-intensive workloads, such as high performance computing, machine learning, and media data processing workflows ● Many of these applications require the high-performance and low latencies of scale-out, parallel file systems ● With Amazon FSx for Lustre, you can launch and run a Lustre file system that can process massive data sets at up to hundreds of gigabytes per second of throughput, millions of IOPS, and sub-millisecond latencies 38
  38. 38. 39 Data ● Databases ● Big Data ● Streaming Data ● Analytics
  39. 39. Announcing Amazon Aurora Global Database ● It allows a single Aurora database to span multiple AWS regions, with fast replication to enable low-latency global reads and disaster recovery from region-wide outages ● Aurora Global Database uses storage-based replication with typical latency of less than 1 second, using dedicated infrastructure that leaves your database fully available to serve application workloads 40
  40. 40. New – Amazon DynamoDB Transactions ● DynamoDB transactions provide developers atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID) across one or more tables within a single AWS account and region ● Many use cases are easier and faster to implement using transactions, for example: a. Processing financial transactions b. Fulfilling and managing orders c. Building multiplayer game engines d. Coordinating actions across distributed components and services ● Three options for reads—eventual consistency, strong consistency, and transactional. ● Two for writes—standard and transactional. 41
  41. 41. Amazon DynamoDB On-Demand – No Capacity Planning and Pay-Per-Request Pricing ● For tables using on-demand mode, DynamoDB instantly accommodates customers’ workloads as they ramp up or down to any previously observed traffic level. If the level of traffic hits a new peak, DynamoDB adapts rapidly to accommodate the workload ● You can change a table from provisioned capacity to on-demand once per day. You can go from on-demand capacity to provisioned as often as you want. 42 Serverless
  42. 42. Announcing Amazon Timestream – Fast, Scalable, Fully Managed Time Series Database – Register for the Preview 43
  43. 43. Announcing AWS Lake Formation ● Creating a data lake with Lake Formation is as simple as defining where your data resides and what data access and security policies you want to apply ● Lake Formation then collects and catalogs data from databases and object storage, moves the data into your new Amazon S3 data lake, cleans and classifies data using machine learning algorithms, and secures access to your sensitive data 44
  44. 44. Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka (Amazon MSK) Amazon MSK is a fully managed, highly available, and secure service that makes it easy for developers and DevOps managers to run applications on Apache Kafka in the AWS Cloud without needing Apache Kafka infrastructure management expertise
  45. 45. Introducing Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) 46
  46. 46. 47 Blockchain
  47. 47. Introducing Amazon Managed Blockchain ● Amazon Managed Blockchain is a fully managed service that allows you to set up and manage a scalable blockchain network with just a few clicks ● Amazon Managed Blockchain eliminates the overhead required to create the network, and automatically scales to meet the demands of thousands of applications running millions of transactions 48
  48. 48. 49 Security & Compliance
  49. 49. Introducing AWS Security Hub ● You now have a single place that aggregates, organizes, and prioritizes your security alerts, or findings, from multiple AWS services, such as: ○ Amazon GuardDuty ○ Amazon Inspector ○ Amazon Macie ○ AWS Partner solutions 50
  50. 50. New – AWS Control Tower ● Automates the set-up of a baseline environment, or landing zone, that is a secure, well-architected multi-account AWS environment ● Quickly set-up and configure your AWS environment ● Get ongoing policy enforcement ● Get visual summaries of your AWS environment 51
  51. 51. 52 IoT
  52. 52. Introducing AWS IoT Events 53 ● Fully managed IoT service that makes it easy to detect and respond to events from IoT sensors and applications ● Recognizes events across multiple sensors to identify operational issues Such as equipment slowdowns, and triggers alerts such as notifying support teams of an issue
  53. 53. Introducing AWS IoT Things Graph Visually connect different devices and web services to build IoT applications 54
  54. 54. Introducing AWS IoT SiteWise ● Collect and organize data from industrial equipment at scale ● Your on-premises industrial data goes through a gateway and is stored in AWS for analysis 55
  55. 55. 56 Machine Learning AWS ML MISSION: “Put Machine Learning in the hands of every developer and data scientist”
  56. 56. Introducing Amazon Textract ● Easily extract text and data from virtually any document ● Goes beyond simple OCR to also identify the contents of fields in forms and information stored in tables 57
  57. 57. Amazon Forecast & Amazon Personalize for developers with no prior ML experience Based on technology that has been developed and used internally for a lot of critical apps within! ● Amazon Personalize allows developers to easily build sophisticated personalization capabilities into their applications, such as personalized product and content recommendations, tailored search results, and targeted marketing promotions. ● Amazon Forecast is Automated forecasting platform. Forecasting has traditionally been a bit of a dark art, where customers try to predict future trends in supply chain, inventory levels, and product demand, based on historical data. 58
  58. 58. New – Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth ● Build Highly Accurate Datasets and Reduce Labeling Costs by up to 70% ● Helps you build datasets for ○ Text classification. ○ Image classification, i.e categorizing images in specific classes. ○ Object detection, i.e. locating objects in images with bounding boxes. ○ Semantic segmentation, i.e. locating objects in images with pixel-level precision. ○ Custom user-defined tasks. 59
  59. 59. New – Amazon SageMaker RL ● Reinforcement Learning (RL) support for SageMaker ● RL is an advanced machine learning (ML) technique which takes a very different approach to training models than other machine learning methods: ○ RL trains models without large amounts of training data ○ Useful when the reward function of a desired outcome is known but the path to achieving it is not and requires a lot of iteration to discover. 60
  60. 60. New – AWS DeepRacer ● AWS DeepRacer is a 1/18th scale race car / toy which gives you an interesting and fun way to get started with reinforcement learning (RL): 61 ● Reinforcement Learning Use Cases:
  61. 61. Amazon QuickSight announces ML Insights ● ML-powered anomaly detection to help customers uncover hidden insights by continuously analyzing across billions of data points. ● ML-powered forecasting and what-if analysis to predict key business metrics with point-and-click simplicity. ● Auto-narratives to help customers tell the story of their dashboard in a plain-language narrative. 62
  62. 62. New - Amazon SageMaker Neo ● The Amazon SageMaker Neo compiler converts models into an efficient common format, which is executed on the device by a compact runtime that uses less than one-hundredth of the resources that a generic framework would traditionally consume ● The Amazon SageMaker Neo runtime is optimized for the underlying hardware, using specific instruction sets that help speed up ML inference ● This has three main benefits: a. Converted models perform at up to twice the speed, with no loss of accuracy. b. Sophisticated models can now run on virtually any resource-limited device, unlocking innovative use cases like autonomous vehicles, automated video security, and anomaly detection in manufacturing. c. Developers can run models on the target hardware without dependencies on the framework 63
  63. 63. New - Amazon Elastic Inference ● GPU-Powered Deep Learning Inference Acceleration ● Lets you attach just the right amount of GPU-powered inference acceleration to any Amazon EC2 instance ● Also available for Amazon SageMaker notebook instances and endpoints To keep up to date on AWS Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning just follow AWS Evangelist Julien Simon: 64
  64. 64. New - Amazon Machine Learning University ● The same machine learning courses used to train engineers at Amazon, now available to all developers through AWS ● More than 30 self-service, self-paced digital courses ● More than 45 hours of courses, videos, and labs ● Targeted at four key groups: developers, data scientists, data platform engineers, and business professionals ● BTW : A new Machine Learning Certification is in beta version 65
  65. 65. 66 Coming Soon ● AWS Outposts ● Amazon API Gateway support for WebSocket APIs ● AWS Lake Formation ● Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive ● Amazon Elastic File System Infrequent Access ● Elastic Fabric Adapter ● Amazon EC2 P3dn instances More announcements at Get updates at “AWS Online Tech Talks”
  66. 66. 67 Questions?