App42 Student Lab - Android Game Dev Series V0.3


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ShepHertz has started App42 Student Lab to provide umpteen learning and practical simulation to budding developers.
The Android Game Dev Series is the first workshop that is being conducted in association with Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur. The Series consists of three Webinars and a month-long Hackathon for college students to learn and bring their ideas to reality.
In this third Webinar V0.3 we have covered: how to convert your single-player game to a realtime multiplayer game using AppWarp Engine, and how to monetize from your Apps

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App42 Student Lab - Android Game Dev Series V0.3

  1. 1. Workshop conducted by (Wednesday 19th March 2014) App42 Student Lab – Android Game Dev Series V 0.3
  2. 2. V 0.1 Walkthrough Key Takeaways -  Basic Steps of Developing any App/Game  Configuring Java for your System  Android SDK Setup  Developing a sample Tic-Tac-Toe Game  Creating a basic Leaderboard
  3. 3. V 0.2 Walkthrough Key Takeaways -  Engaging users to your Game  Integrating Facebook to your Game  Creating a Social Leaderboard  Publishing on the Play Store  Simple and Effective techniques of Marketing
  4. 4. V 0.3 Agenda Why Multiplayer Games Challenges in developing a Multiplayer Game AppWarp –Realtime Multiplayer Engine Converting your single-player Tic-Tac-Toe Game to Multiplayer Using AppWarp AppWarp Offer for Students and Indies Monetization Techniques
  5. 5. Why Multiplayer Games Plethora of multiplayer games coming up each day on the Play Store Millions of server messages being exchanged in massive multiplayer games • Thus, more monetization value A high user-engagement and stickiness factor Allow users to play with their friends and people from all over the world. It’s not just the strategy or role-playing games alone, but casual games too It is anticipated that future growth in mobile games will involve most multiplayer gaming options According to the latest statistics, multiplayer gaming is going to capture the global gaming market in 2014
  6. 6. Challenges in developing a Multiplayer Game Handling Internet Connectivity for Realtime Gameplay Latency issues • Multiplayer games normally require a huge server space for deployment • The user-base for the game needs to be predicted beforehand to buy the server space • The prediction needs to be good to avoid latency issues in the game Data handling • Huge amount of data needs to be handled with correct encoding and decoding Time consuming and resource-incentive task
  7. 7. AppWarp cloud solution is so designed that developers do not need to do any server side coding • This directly saves around 60% of the coding time, effort and cost It is a Realtime Multiplayer Gaming Engine, which allows you to make multiplayer games like MMORPGs, Casino Games, Racing Multiplayers, MMO Arcade games and all other genres Out of the box features to take care of the challenges you face in multiplayer game development • Custom Binary Protocol to have seamless communication across devices • Connection Resiliency Support to tackle connection-drops in between • Match-making for quick-play mode • Inbuilt Room/Lobby Logic • and more.. AppWarp – Realtime Multiplayer Engine
  8. 8. Contd.. Match - Making In-App Chat Challenge BasedTurn Based Massive Multiplayer Gaming Engine Room/Lobby Logic Connection Resiliency
  9. 9. Converting your single-player Tic-Tac-Toe game to Multiplayer using AppWarp Follow the link for a complete Video Tutorial
  10. 10. AppWarp Package for Students and Indies ShepHertz has recently made it’s Starter Package FREE for Students and Indie Developers Why? We being the largest Backend-as-a-Service provider in India, understand it to be our duty to support the burgeoning Indie culture in India Key Benefits –  Use App42 Backend APIs, App42 Social Features and AppWarp Multiplayer Engine FREE till your game does well in the market (i.e. upto a cap of 1mn API Hits/App/month for App42 and 2mn/messages/game/month for AppWarp)  Develop as many Apps/Games as you want and use as many APIs as you like WE JUST WANT YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL ON THE CLOUD!
  11. 11. Monetization Techniques Ways to make money with your Apps  Paid Apps  Advertising/Ad Monetization  In-App Purchases/Freemium Model  Subscriptions  Sponsorships/Promotions  Lead Generation using Analytics  Affiliate Sales  Utilizing User Data
  12. 12. (5th March – 2nd April) Category of games: • Casual single-player • 2 – player turn-based • Multiplayer Rules:  Use atleast two App42 Backend APIs or AppWarp Multiplayer Engine  Submission of Entries (.apk) by 26th March 2014 (Send us your entries at  Results – 2nd April ’14 Register now National Hackathon for Students
  13. 13. Links for Reference : Follow us on: Contact: Skype: ShepHertz