Introduction To Confluence


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Overview of Confluence and its features and how it is useful for enterprises. Updated with new social features in Confluence 3.0 and SharePoint Integration

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Introduction To Confluence

  1. 1. Outline • What is Confluence • Features • Why Confluence • About Akeles Consulting Akeles Consulting
  2. 2. What is Confluence? • Confluence is the world’s most popular commercial enterprise wiki that lets you edit and share wiki pages, documents and rich content in a secure manner • It is a platform for an organization to collaborate across teams and share business knowledge. • Comes with lots of features for social networking and interaction • Confluence harvest knowledge by capturing knowledge and conversations as “a side effect of work” • Confluence allows doing more with less by facilitating collaboration and information flow Akeles Consulting
  3. 3. One wiki. Many uses. Documentation Website Replace Email Collaboration Shared Drive Reporting Knowledge Extranet Intranet Management Akeles Consulting
  4. 4. Outline • What is Confluence • Features • Why Confluence • About Akeles Consulting Akeles Consulting
  5. 5. Confluence Features – Spaces • No limit – allows creation of many independent spaces for different purposes. • Permissions – control permissions of each space for people and groups Akeles Consulting
  6. 6. Confluence Features – Editing • Allows a variety of editing choices – Wiki Markup – Rich Text Editor (What You See Is What You Get) – Microsoft Word/OpenOffice Writer Akeles Consulting
  7. 7. Confluence Features – Versioning • Log down details of every change • Find out what has been changed easily Akeles Consulting
  8. 8. Confluence Features – Notifications • Stay up to date – When, Where and how you want it Recent Updates Emails RSS Akeles Consulting
  9. 9. Confluence Features – Discussions • Capture valuable knowledge on any page or blog post • Search and link comments easily • Get notified when someone makes a comment Akeles Consulting
  10. 10. Confluence Features – Tagging • Allows tagging content with your own meaningful keywords • Provide another dimension of organization to group related content Akeles Consulting
  11. 11. Confluence Features – Powerful Search • Fast, flexible search to find the info you want easily • Everything is searchable – including content in attachments (pdf, doc, ppt, etc) Akeles Consulting
  12. 12. Confluence Features – Office Integration • View your PowerPoints and Excels directly on Confluence Akeles Consulting
  13. 13. Confluence Features – Web 2.0 • Embed content from popular websites directly inside Confluence Akeles Consulting
  14. 14. Twitter • Share bits of info without wiki pages or blogs • Twitter within Confluence • Or link up with the real twitter Akeles Consulting
  15. 15. Social Networking • Ability to form networks by adding friends • Be updated on the status updates and activities of the friends Akeles Consulting
  16. 16. Profile Pages • Own personal space – express yourself – Blog about work – Storing personal content Akeles Consulting
  17. 17. Confluence Features – 300+ Plugins Gliffy Diagram Editor Charts Task Lists Calendars Akeles Consulting
  18. 18. Sharepoint Connector • Seamless integration with MOSS Akeles Consulting
  19. 19. Sharepoint Connector • Embed Confluence content within SharePoint Akeles Consulting
  20. 20. Sharepoint Connector • Search Confluence & SharePoint in one location Akeles Consulting
  21. 21. Confluence Features – Others • Secure – Confluence provides fine-grained enterprise level security • Usable – Intuitive interface designed with both business and technical users in mind • Administration – A low maintenance system with straightforward administration capability • Connectivity – Able to integrate with existing user stores (LDAP or Active Directory) and industry-standard databases • Open – An open API, full source code access allow for further integration and customization of Confluence functionality • SharePoint – Access SharePoint’s document facilities from within Confluence and vice versa. And search both from a single location Akeles Consulting
  22. 22. Outline • What is Confluence • Features • Why Confluence • About Akeles Consulting Akeles Consulting
  23. 23. Why Confluence • Email is for communication, not for collaboration • Tedious and confusing • Not a good tool to capture knowledge Email Wiki Collaboration Collaboration Akeles Consulting
  24. 24. Do More With Less Top 5 time wasting activities for knowledge workers Activity Cost Per Year Managing Emails USD$21,700 Creating Documents USD$19.900 Analyzing Information USD$14,400 Searching for Information USD$14,300 Reviewing Documents USD$13,200 Source: IDC Akeles Consulting
  25. 25. Who uses Confluence Over 7,100 customers in more than 94 countries Akeles Consulting
  26. 26. Top 10 reasons to use Confluence 1. Features you won’t find elsewhere 2. It … just … works 3. Fair, upfront licensing policy 4. Battle tested by the world corporations 5. Your information, your way 6. Easily customizable and extensible 7. Legendary service 8. Confluence runs anywhere 9. Continually improving 10. Recognized with many industry awards Akeles Consulting
  27. 27. Customer Testimonials “Confluence was so easy and intuitive that it took off in no time. It has been a great relief using Confluence; to get information in and out of our company system so quickly.” Paul Rene Jorgensen, Telenor “Productivity has definitely increased. It's great to know that there is one central place to go and find or add to materials. We have been able to open up the wiki to people who wouldn't have interacted with us previously.” Aturadg Aleahmad, University of California, Berkeley Akeles Consulting
  28. 28. Outline • What is Confluence • Features • Why Confluence • About Akeles Consulting Akeles Consulting
  29. 29. About Akeles Consulting • We don’t only sell tools. • We help companies & knowledge workers to be more efficient by – Capturing knowledge as a side effect of work – Promoting and facilitating collaboration – Making information flow to the right people – Reducing time to search for information – Building communities • The tool is only a means to do it. Akeles Consulting
  30. 30. About Akeles Consulting • For more information, talk to us @ – – Akeles Consulting
  31. 31. A Quote to Share "The only irreplaceable capital an organization possesses is the knowledge and ability of its people. The productivity of that capital depends on how effectively people share their competence with those who can use it." Andrew Carnegie Akeles Consulting