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Luxury Bathroom Remodeling San Francisco
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Luxury Bathroom Remodeling San Francisco


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The bathroom is an important part of your home, and given the rhythms of life, the importance of this part of the house has become paramount.

The bathroom is an important part of your home, and given the rhythms of life, the importance of this part of the house has become paramount.

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  • 1. Luxury Bathroom Remodeling San FranciscoThe bathroom is an important part of your home, and given the rhythms of life, theimportance of this part of the house has become paramount. We spend close to 3 hoursin the bathroom, looking for relaxation and if this space is well-designed, it can do a lotto give you that ‘high’. If you are in San Francisco and are looking for luxury bathroomremodeling, see an expert who specializes in home remodeling San Francisco.Redesigning your bathroom can take a lot of plumbing, fittings and fixtures. Remodelingthe bathroom will give you more space to add other things.Whether the bathroom remodeling is complete or partial, it can add a lot of value to yourhome in San Francisco. First off, you need to add a new shower. Use a recent andenergy efficient model. You may go for a neo angle shower that has a diamond shapedpan. The benefit of using such a shower is that it can be fitted into the corner for spacesaving. This kind of bathroom remodeling San Francisco can be done by enclosing theshower with glass including the ceramic tiles. You may even opt for steam showers, oruse a whirlpool tub which is separate from the shower.Update the existing vanities and cabinets. Countertops, which are made of expensivematerials such as laminate, need to be replaced with stone as it is attractive, highquality and durable. You should also include a double sink with a countertop. Custommade cabinets are ideal as the complement the overall design of the bathroom. Youmay even go for inbuilt cabinets for an upscale look and feel. If the bathroom is hugeuse inbuilt vanity.Old light fixtures can be replaced with updated models. Use recessed lights in themedicine cabinets and light fixtures in the shower. Wall sconces beside mirrors andchrome light can bring an elegant and contemporary look. A window or skylight can beinstalled to increase natural lighting.For the flooring, it is best to go for ceramic tiles which are available in a variety of colorsand styles. Adding patterns can diversify the look and add style. You can work it outbest by placing the tiles diagonally and using tile molding which adds to the look of thefloor and makes it moisture resistant.
  • 2. By replacing the minute details of your bathroom like exhaust fans and towel racks, youcan add to the luxury look. Install a humidistat-controlled exhaust fan for regulating themoisture levels in your bathroom. Accessorize the space with matching bathmats,towels, mirrors and wall art.About Author:Bathroom remodeling San Francisco does not have to be an elaborate affair asnowadays all you need to do is contact a home remodeling San Francisco expert.