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Itc2093 intro
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Itc2093 intro


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Course Content

Course Content

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  • 1. OFFICE AUTOMATION ITC 2093|| KHAIRUL NOOR AZWA BINTI KAMARUDIN || || 0194140500 || || || ||office at mostly will be in the library.....||
  • 2. Do and don’t• Do silent your hp• Don’t come late to my class• Do shutdown ur pc b4 u get out from lab• Do follow the lab’s rules• Do ask question if you don’t understand• Do follow college’s rules - short hair - wear shoes - no rounded t-shirt #
  • 3. Pre- Requisite NILCredit Hour : 3
  • 4. Marking Sceme (DMK n DMG)Project - 15%Presentation -10%Assignment + Quiz -10%Test - 15%Lab Assessment - 10%Final Exam - 50%• TOTAL -100% #
  • 5. Marking Sceme (DTE n DIA)Project - 15%Presentation -10%Assignment + Quiz -20%Test - 15%Lab Assessment - 10%Final Exam - 40%• TOTAL -100% #
  • 6. Subject OutcomeAfter completing this module, students will be able to :• apply an understanding of basic computer technology and the Microsoft Office software• demonstrate skill and knowledge using Windows Operating System, Word, Excel, Power Point, and Access at a beginning and intermediate level to solve problems #
  • 7. Subject Content• Overview of computers• Operating System• Selecting appropriate Windows icons, buttons and boxes for system configuration and memory management.• Using Windows environment efficiently by multitasking (running several programs simultaneously) and exchanging data between different programs.• Customizing Windows by choosing colour schemes, changing fonts, adjusting mouse• Setting, configuring desktop, changing date, time and currency formats, and selecting printer drive• Internet – Intro to Internet, How does Internet work, internet activities #
  • 8. Subject Content….cont• Word Processing - Ms Word – Creating and printing a document. – Formatting a document. – Saving and retrieving a document. – Deleting text. – Inserting text. – Justification – Finding and replacing text. – Working with multiple documents. – Use of desktop publishing – graphics/text – Using mail merge and tables – Styles #
  • 9. Subject Content….cont• Electronic Presentation -Ms PowerPoint• Principles• Building a slide presentation• Creating the master slide information• Slide sorter view• Creating a presentation in outline view• Adding clip art and art objects to the presentation• Fill colors and sealing objects• Enhancing a presentation• Adding graphs to a presentation• Adding tables to a presentation• Adding special effects• Setting slide timings for an automatic slide show #
  • 10. Subject Content….cont• Electronic Spreadsheet - Ms Excel – Using menu options – Creating and printing a spreadsheet – Improving the appearance of a spreadsheet – Labels & values – Formulas & functions – Working with multiple spreadsheets – Editing data – Copy/move data – Changing cell styles – Changing numeric formatting – Creating a graph – Creating a database – Editing and sorting a database # – Extracting records from a database
  • 11. Subject Content….cont• DBMS (Database Management Sys.) - Ms Access – Table basic – Customizing table fields – Table relationship – Creating Form – Custom controls – Query Fundamental – The report wizard – Custom report – Merging access and words #