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Case riot (english version)

  1. 1. EXPERIENCES AND RESULTS THAT PROVE THE PRODUCTIVITY OF THE PLATFORM May/2013What Riot’s experience can bring to the marketAn agency specializing in social media, such as Riot, needs a monitoring and excellencemanagement platform; find out why it chose ScupCustomer: RiotIndustry: Communication agencyLocation: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza, BrazilNumber of employees: +200Website: Dias, BusinessIntelligence manager atRiot. Scup allowed theagency to boost itsoperational efficiency.
  2. 2. EXPERIENCES AND RESULTS THAT PROVE THE PRODUCTIVITY OF THE PLATFORM May/2013 30% less garbage; 90% more items collected and 170% more items classified; 50% less time spent on classification; An increase of 80% in process automation.It all began in 2006. The agency Riotentered the market, specializing in socialmedia. It didn’t take it long to cast its netfurther afield into other digital and mobilespaces.Riot currently describes itself as a “full-service digital agency”: the job of bringingpeople and brands closer extends tocomputers, cell phones, tablets game andsmart TVs.The agency develops content, monitoring,social CRM, Social Customer Service, media,creation and planning for clients such asL’Oreal, Renault, Pepsi, Nextel and Vale.In order to ensure efficient delivery, LatinAmerica’s largest social media agencyrelies on Scup for monitoring andmanagement.“We recommend Scup because we arecertain it is the best monitoring software inthe market”, says Daniele Dias, BusinessIntelligence manager of Riot. “The platformis constantly updated and the team is opento suggestions from those living the day-to-day operations”.ChallengesBefore Scup, Riot used another tool thatdidn’t meet its requirements, ending upimposing a range of difficulties andlimitations on the agency’s work.Daniele recalls that one of the majordifficulties was in trying to reduce deliverytimes. “We found it impractical to work withhigh-volume data, which resulted inbottom-line losses”, she explains.She went on to say that previously,monitoring was capturing a lot of irrelevantdata or “garbage”. “Classifying a relativelysmall number of items became extremelytime-consuming”.HOW SCUP HELPED RIOT
  3. 3. EXPERIENCES AND RESULTS THAT PROVE THE PRODUCTIVITY OF THE PLATFORM May/2013As it needed to overcome these obstaclesand boost its response time, the agencybegan evaluating offers of monitoringplatforms. “After doing a comparative studywe made a safe bet on Scup”, says Daniele.“Now we spend lesstime with operationalactivities, and moretime actually thinkingabout the brandswe monitor”After ScupAfter deciding to hire Scup, the agency’swork first and foremost became muchfaster. “Our demand to enhance the speedof response was immediately addressed”,says Daniele, “because data capturebecame almost instantaneous”.The time devoted to classifying mentionsfell by half. On another paid platform theyhad tested, the operation took an averageof 2 to 3 minutes, because the tags had tobe inserted individually and manually. WithScup the average time was 1 to 2 minutes.According to Daniele, there was an overallincrease of around 80% in processautomation.The volume of results also rose. While acompetitor platform indexed 22,000mentions, in the same period Scup indexed40,000 mentions for one of the agency’sclients.With regard to the work of classifying items,the increase was around 170%. Where Riothad previously evaluated an average of1,500 mentions a month, the “post-Scup”average rose to 4,000/month.The quality of the data collected also rose.Riot estimates that it gathers approximately30% less garbage using Scup – which meansvaluable savings in both time and in theinputs that are extremely pertinent to theanalysis.“The principal gains we made with Scup liein the higher productivity of our analysts”,says Daniele. “Now we spend less time withoperational activities, and more timeactually thinking about the brands wemonitor”. In this way Riot identifiesopportunities, generating intelligence bothfor the client and for itself.
  4. 4. EXPERIENCES AND RESULTS THAT PROVE THE PRODUCTIVITY OF THE PLATFORM May/2013Why Scup?Alongside the gains in productivity, Danielementions the quality of the support as animportant reason for having hired Scup.“They use a simple system that respondsquickly to any doubt”, she says, “whichmakes our day-to-day much easier”.Furthermore, the routine of an analystusing Scup is never backbreaking, accordingto Daniele, who describes the platform’sinterface as friendly and intuitive.Investments in innovation are alsomentioned as a differential.“Scup always has its eye on tendencies”, sheconcludes, “which puts our mind at easebecause we know we are up to date interms of the market”.Riot’s headquarters in SãoPaulo. With Scup, analystswere able to increasetheir productivity.