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Leverage Real-Time Data for Cross-Channel Marketing. By Peter Chase

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Agenda: …

• The Role of Integrated Data in Marketing
• The 7 Obstacles to Integrating Marketing Data
• Integrated Marketing Demonstration
• Wrap Up and Q&A

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  • 1. Leverage Real-Time Data for Cross-Channel Marketing Peter Chase EVP and Founder, Scribe Software, @PeterRChase
  • 2. From Impressions to Involvement • • • • Rise above the noise Buyers engage brands later Know your prospect Targeted, aware, personalized
  • 3. Breaking Down Customer Data Silos • • • • ERP, CRM, Marketing, Social, other Data design drives need to be surgical Synchronize Attribute data Capture and share Interaction data
  • 4. Obstacle #1 Divergent Data Models • Flat vs. Normal vs. Hierachical • 1:N or N:1 relationship common • Industry can lead to complex CRM relationship models • Logically map before you start
  • 5. Obstacle #2 Data Quality • Completeness or accuracy of data elements in the record • Missing or bad data • Destroys effectiveness of application • Assess a sample of your data • Leverage tools in integration design
  • 6. Obstacle #3 Duplicates • • • • • Technically part of Data Quality Cost money and make you look bad Destroy user adoption Utilize advanced matching services Address at all entry points with standardized, consistent approach
  • 7. Obstacle #4 Data Relevance • • • • Strip out the noise Too much data destroys productivity Cloud computing/storage costs issue Start with the end, prioritize key fields to drive ROI, strip away everything else
  • 8. Obstacle #5 Performance • The right data to the right person at the right TIME • Latency versus throughput • Utilize change/event data capture • Utilize bulk & parallel processing
  • 9. Obstacle #6 Rate of Change • Innovate, don’t imitate • Rigid solutions lock you in • Change in applications and process inevitable • Utilize open and flexible integration platform
  • 10. Obstacle #7 IT Dependence • Access and credentials • Availability of programmer resources • Utilize cloud GUI based integration platform
  • 11. New inbound leads are captured through HubSpot and synced with Dynamics CRM 1
  • 12. Leads are then qualified in Sales and added to Campaigns which are synced with Marketo 1
  • 13. Outbound marketing activity occurs in Marketo like emails and the tracking data about that activity is synced with CRM 1
  • 14. QlikView is selected as a BI tool and all data will now flow to it transactionally 1
  • 15. Next Steps Get started on it tomorrow Pick off the low hanging fruit Build experience and momentum Tackle the more complex high value use cases • Achieve Effective Integrated Marketing • • • •
  • 16. peter.chase@scribesoft.com brendan.peterson@scribesoft.com peter.chase@scribesoft.com