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Introductory session to what Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 has to offer.

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  • Welcome to this TR on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.REMEMBER: Cover what the session is about upfront in case walked into the wrong room.
  • ASK: Who is a developer? Who has written some code?ASK: For an thing they would like to track?For each point ask who can do all of this?
  • ASK: Get a thing you want to keep lists of. Get two values to describe it.REMEMBER: Show the views, tables, print and excel support.
  • CRM is many things to many people and the many players in the market are all trying to spin it a little differently than each other to highlight their strong points. These are some of the definitions I found with Google.
  • Simplified view where the customer can be any thing.
  • ASK: Get some examples from the people of where they think CRM is usedRealtors – Speak about live map integration which gives a single view. Countryside propertiesBanks – Speak about MOM integration which gives a single view. FNBManufacturing – Speak about central repository and offline support. Software – It ain’t TFS, but it could be ;) Fund admins – state machine like interaction. Reporting & bi. Sasfin.Freight – Scheduling engine understanding services, staff, trucks etc…
  • SQL Server used to store the data A bit of business logic maintains data integrity and securitySecurity very adaptableSimple design separates data a presentation through web servicesWeb services ws* and fully documentedWorkflow is workflow foundation basedNo VS supported creation only web basedInterface is simple and familiarDive deeperSQL is made up of atleast 2 database (1 for config used globally, 1 per organization for customization and data)Data is surface through viewsEasy to use data structures which are well named1 view maintains sql & crm security, the maintains only sql securityPluginsAllow for low level access, pre and post eventsUseful for auditing, security and near real integration itemsNote: the logic and security remainsThree web servicesOnline used for CRUD like operationsMetabase used for schema changesOffline is a subset of the online oneWorkflowOffline workflow a subset of onlineInterfaceWeb interface (the normal one)Outlook online – web one surfaced through outlook. Sync of calendar, contacts and tasks.Outlook offline – when connect same as outlook online, when disconnect, uses local SQL and web server. Sync of dataCustom – It’s all documented why not build your own?
  • SCRIPT: On logging of call, send an email. Wait for 10 min and send an escalation task if not resolved. Based on subject assign the call to the WPF or Linux developer and place in the right queue.
  • SCRIPT: Add a new tab for admin, add a section and add/move admin like fields therePut important fields on main pageAdd an IFRAME point it to /moviegraphs.html set to use all available space.If time allows show whats is in moviegraphs.htmlIf time allows go back to the workflow demo to show the escalation occured
  • CRM makes a great platform for building a solution because of the points above
  • Customer Contact List: This is at a high level database of all customers - businesses and the people in them and what those people’s roles are. Benefits of a centralized customer list is that should anyone here need to contact a customer they can look it up centrally and find the correct person to speak to. Growing it further it makes a great starting point for data mining customer information for inviting the right people to events (such as golf days, technical overviews etc….) and also cross selling solutions. Sales Pipeline: A central database of all sales that are currently happening would let the sales person identify which should be focused on, and provide Exco with real time reports on the number of potential deals what the chance of those deals closing is and values (estimate, weighted and actual) of the pipeline. This can also feed into resource planning where deals at a certain high percentage can be triggers to HR or Project Managers to start planning for future a need of more staff.Many applications (such as the number 1 used CRM in the world, Excel) could do that so how does CRM make it easier? Integration with Outlook makes it easier to keep contact information up to date and simple forms and offline support make it quick to capture. The end of the day though it is people which drive it and only if people use it will it be worth anything.Facilities: I see that facilities has a call logging tool, but CRM could be used for it as well. In addition to just logging the call it provides a number of reports on status of calls etc… and also handle escalation of calls based on priority and sender. Facilties could also use CRM as a central database of equipment and be able to link equipment to users and (with a bit of customization) visually see who has what. If there is a monitoring solution like SCOM then it could also be tied in so that calls are raised when equipment exceeds thresholds or failures happen.Event Management: The best way to explain this is with an example like the BB&D stand at TechEd. CRM be used to create a list of tasks and assign them to people for the work required in preparation, it can also track the costs of the prep and running of the stand. Once completed the feedback can be entered into CRM and we can see what the cost vs. return of it was. We can also compare various events against each other to see which are working out the best for us.HR Queries: The same way facilities has call logging, so could HR. Using the security model in CRM it can be secured so that only HR can see what they are.Cars/Parking: I see that there is an almost daily email from Mpho to us about someone’s car needing to be moved. HR does record your license details for the access card, but this information is not available to anyone else. It would be beneficial to put something like this in CRM so that instead of emailing everyone, Mpho can pick up the phone and get hold of the person who’s car it is. Once again the security model could be in place to allow her read only access, HR full access and no one else access.
  • Microsoft CRM

    1. 1. What&apos;s Microsoft CRM all about?<br />Technical Readiness Session<br />
    2. 2. Can You Do This?<br />Create a SQL table which is at least 3NF?<br />Create 2 SQL views based on that table?<br />Have 1 of the SQL views check your AD credentials and apply the security model?<br />Create an ASP.NET form for creating and editing the data?<br />Create a list to view the data?<br />Print support<br />Excel support<br />Can you do this in under THREE minutes?<br />
    3. 3. DEMO<br />You can do that ;)<br />
    4. 4. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a term applied to processes implemented by a company to handle their contact with their customers.<br /><br />Acronym for Customer Relationship Management. CRM entails all aspects of interaction a company has with its customer<br /><br />Software systems that range from simple, off-the-shelf contact management solutions to high-end interactive selling suites that combine sales, marketing, and executive information tools.<br /><br />Customer relationship management: Infrastructure that enables delineation of and increase in customer value and the correct means by which to increase customer value and motivate valuable customers to remain loyal <br /><br />The technology solutions for large companies or other organizations to manage their contact with customers, including sales (and Sales Force Automation, SFA), shipping, service, and other &quot;front office&quot; activities<br /><br />What is a CRM?<br />
    5. 5. My Concise Definition<br />A central location for all the information you need to deal with the things that are important.<br />
    6. 6. The Out of the Box Experience<br />Sales<br />Leads and Opportunities<br />Marketing<br />Marketing lists and campaigns (events)<br />Service<br />Case management and knowledge base<br />Scheduling<br />
    7. 7. Thinking Out of the Box<br />Realtors managing property sales<br />Banks managing ATMs<br />Manufacturing companies meeting compliance<br />Software companies tracking bugs<br />Fund Admins managing a fund<br />Freight company managing vehicles and staff<br />More:<br />
    8. 8. CRM is like an Orge… layers<br />Presentation Layer<br />Web Interface<br />Outlook Online<br />Outlook Offline<br />Custom<br />Web Service<br />Workflow<br />Offline Web Service<br />Online Web Service<br />Metabase Service<br />Online and Offline Workflow<br />Internal Business Logic and Security<br />Post- Event Plugins<br />Pre-Event Plugins<br />Internal Business Logic and Security<br />SQL Databases<br />Views<br />Config<br />Tables<br />
    9. 9. DEMO<br />Workflow development<br />
    10. 10. DEMO<br />Front end development<br />
    11. 11. Used in the demo<br />Creating graphs using JavaScript by Andy-Scott<br /><br />JavaScript SDK by Ascentium<br /><br />Wikipedia – for the data<br />
    12. 12. CRM as a Platform<br />Front End: Web, Outlook, Mobile, Custom<br />Database is taken care of<br />Web service enabled<br />Workflow Engine<br />Administration tools<br />Security model<br />Reporting<br />Std features done: Printing, export, import<br />Adv features done: Offline, Dynamic Excel<br />
    13. 13. WARNING<br />The following slide is my own ideas and are not a reflection of ideas, plans, rumors or anything else BB&D may do with CRM.<br />Please avoid politics, jumping to conclusions or misinterpretation of the following slide.<br />Take it for what it is, just some ideas.<br />
    14. 14. BB&D + CRM = Why, How, Where, When<br />Customer contact list<br />Sales pipeline<br />Facilities<br />Event Management<br />HR Queries<br />Cars/Parking <br />
    15. 15. Common Questions<br />Can CRM run on other databases?<br />Can it integrate with SharePoint etc..?<br />What version is out?<br />Mobile device support?<br />Scalable?<br />Other OS support?<br />.Net Framework Version?<br />Windows 2008 & SQL 2008 support?<br />
    16. 16. Questions?<br />