Human resource trends of 2011


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Human Resource professionals over the world have spotted trends developing in their industry. Understanding these 2011 trends will save you time and money. Continue to read this article for a glance at some of the emerging HR trends of 2011.

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Human resource trends of 2011

  1. 1. Human Resource Trends of 2011Human Resource professionals all over the world have spotted trends developing in each of their ownindustry. Understanding these 2011 trends will save you time, effort and money. The following is aglance at some of the emerging Human Resource trends of 2011:The EconomyWhile the world has certainly not been impacted equally by the economic downturn of recent years, it issafe to say that all areas of the world have been affected in some way or the other. Layoffs and cutbackshave greatly increased in the past years, and for those lucky enough to stay employed, experience yearswithout raises, bonuses and profit sharing from their employers.A New Generation Entering the WorkforceSo the Baby Boomers are still in the workforce industry handling squashed dreams of nearingretirement, and in addition to the Millennials and Generation X, here comes Generation Y fresh on thescene. As a result, employers are trying to navigate an employment relationship with four distinctgroups. Age is far from the only variance among the generations. Each generation has a different workethic and varied needs from their employers and the workplace must try to accommodate eachsufficiently.The New Recruitment RegimeTechnology has transformed many aspects of employment over the eras, and 2011 has not seen an endto the evolution. Social networking is super hot and hiring managers need to tap into these resourcesnow to be successful in the recruitment process. Employee recruiting and networking will continue tobuild virtually online. Make sure your recruitment firm taps into these sources too.The Push for FlexibilityEmployees always want Work-Life-Balance, and many employers are responding with flexible hours,better leave packages and alternative work options such as telecommuting, and greater work placeflexibility like allowing pets and babies at the office. Those employers, who embrace this shift, must findways to ensure productivity and accountability with their workers. And for those who do not, must facethe challenge of competing for talent with those who do.Economic downturn or not, employers and HR professionals must see the importance of keeping upwith the needs of its work force. Every business owner should bear in mind of the changes because itplays an important role in defining the success of the company. As we trek along the uphill climb fromthe past two years, it is important to be mindful of the Human Resource trends of 2011.If you have a vacancy that needs filling, were an Australian recruitment agency who will find, shortlist,and guarantee your new team member. Call today for your free position profile