Joomla CCK extensies - JUG Heerenveen, NL


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Joomla CCK extensies - JUG Heerenveen, NL

  1. 1. Flexibel met CCK extensies Sander Potjer @sanderpotjer Joomla  User  Groep  Heerenveen  -­‐  4  oktober  2011
  2. 2. Wie is Sander Potjer?• Co-founder of• Organizer Joomla!Days Netherlands• Organizer Joomla! User Groups in The Netherlands• Joomla Community Leadership Team (CLT) member• Company: Sander Potjer Webdevelopment• E-mail:
  3. 3. Joomla CCK extensies
  4. 4. Slides by Leonardo Miranda de Almeida JoomlaDay Brazil
  5. 5. Content Systemsof Joomla See more
  6. 6. Content Systems of JoomlaFields limited to a feature article.You can extend the functionality using different publishers,content plugins and buttons. See more
  7. 7. Content Systems of JoomlaDisorganization of content.Content focused on a single field with the editor. See more
  8. 8. Content Systems of JoomlaMaintenance difficulties for lay people.Limited knowledge in HTML for complex layouts. See more
  9. 9. Understanding a CCK! See more
  10. 10. Understanding a CCKCCK (Content Constructor Kit)A CCK is a support tool for building content.With this tool you can extend the functionality of a CMScontent.Tool for creating custom fields.Tool already well known in the Drupal CMS. See more
  11. 11. Understanding a CCKFacilitates - Insert contents separated by fields of differenttypes.Customize - Eliminates tiresome individual customization ofcontent using HTML editor or in the article.Organize - Data divided into fields that can be used in possiblesearch filters.FIexibility - Several possible manipulations with the datatransformed into real systems similar to Joomla components. See more
  12. 12. Bron: JUG010,
  13. 13. Bron: JUG010,
  14. 14. Bron: JUG010,
  15. 15. How it all began?Directory components See more
  16. 16. Directory componentsWho has never tested a system for Joomla directory? AlphaContent See more
  17. 17. Directory components See more
  18. 18. Directory components See more
  19. 19. Joomla CCKs See more
  20. 20. What CCKs in the market? 1. JReviews July 2006 2. Sobi2 September 2006 3. Fabrikar January 2007 4. Catalog April 2008 5. Resources October 2008 6. Form2Content February 2009 Classified as 7. K2 March 2009 CCKs in site 8. Zoo March 2009 9. JSebold July 2009 10.FlexiContent September 2009Source: See more
  21. 21. Categorization on the integration1. Resources Components without2. K2 integration with the categories and content3. Zoo default Joomla Components with4. Form2Content integration with the5. JSebold categories and content6. FlexiContent default Joomla See more
  22. 22. CCKs withoutintegration See
  23. 23. CCKs without integration Use of scarce resources that integrate with the structure of CCK default Joomla content. Do not use the com_content table for storing content. Own modules and plugins by the author because they are not compatible with the content created for Joomla. See more
  24. 24. Resources CCK See more
  25. 25. Resources v1.0.6Company: Might ExtensionsSite: www.mightyextensions.comPrice: Free component, but you must be a paid member todownload some modules, advanced fields, filters, among otherfeatures.Site Definition: MightyResources is the most advanced CCK(Content Construction Kit) component for Joomla 1.5. See more
  26. 26. Resources v1.0.6Key Features UsersTotal management via front-endProfile page with some extra features CategoriesUnlimited Categories and SubcategoriesSaves an article in several categories TemplatesCreating custom templatesSeveral ready-made templates *paid See more
  27. 27. Resources v1.0.6 See more
  28. 28. Resources v1.0.6Key Features Content TypesCreate unlimited with many customizations FieldsUnlimited Fields30 types of fields *paid Filters and searchesField can be a filter with multiple valuesPer session or class, sorting by field5 + extra filter Plugins *paid See more
  29. 29. Resources v1.0.6 See more
  30. 30. Resources v1.0.6Comments Directory / catalogs - Maybe because it was one of the first components for Joomla CCK type structure seems to be inspired by directory systems / catalogs Multi Instances - Before there was a limitation of a single instance of a single component system, the resources came to meet this need and extend with new features Extra Features - tags, comments and vote Difficult to understand - Many configuration options making it difficult to understand Great documentation - with video tutorials See more
  31. 31. Resources v1.0.6TipsTarget audienceServes well as all levels of users to have enough tutorialsTemplatesSeveral templates paid. Customization with the intermediate level.Recommended Types of SystemsMainly directories / catalogs with profiles and user managementvia front-end See more
  32. 32. K2 CCK See
  33. 33. K2 v2.3Company: JoomlaWorksSite: www.getk2.orgPrice: Free (photo gallery paid).Site Definition: K2 is the popular powerful content componentfor Joomla! with CCK-like features developed by JoomlaWorks,makers of fine Joomla! extensions since 2006. See more
  34. 34. K2 v2.3Key Features UsersAdministration via front-endView user profile with content belowUser groups with permissions CategoriesCategories and Unlimited SubcategoriesSaves an article in only one category TemplatesCustomization using template override See more
  35. 35. K2 v2.3Key Features Content TypesThere, the customization is done by categories, groups, fieldsand template FieldsStandard fields: Photos, videos, and attachments7 types of extra fields Filters and searchesNon-existent by the company See more
  36. 36. K2 v2.3 See more
  37. 37. K2 v2.3Comments Most popular - more popular with many CCK active users More extensions - qty CCK more extensions Com_content turbinado - Component-based standard component of many improvements to articles joomla Extra features - Comments, tags Few resources CCK - Few types of fields, less customization of forms, no filter and search system See more
  38. 38. K2 v2.3TipsTarget audienceServes well as all levels of users to have resemblance with theArticles component for Joomla!TemplatesCustomization with the same level of template Joomla.Recommended Types of SystemsSystems like Joomla Articles with plugins and custom layout,blogs and catalogs. See more
  39. 39. Zoo CCK See more
  40. 40. Zoo v2.0.3 See more
  41. 41. Zoo v2.0.3Company: YooThemeSite: www.yootheme.comPrice: Free with paid applicationsSite Definition: ZOO is a flexible and powerful contentapplication builder to manage your content See more
  42. 42. Zoo v2.0.3Key Features UsersNo option CategoriesCategories and Unlimited SubcategoriesSaves an article in several categories TemplatesLimited customization See more
  43. 43. Zoo v2.0.3Key Features Content TypesCreate unlimited with a few customizations FieldsSeveral types of fieldsFields advanced paid Filters and searchesNo option See more
  44. 44. Zoo v2.0.3Comments More limited - few free fields, no option for users, no filter and search system Paid applications - The best use is in the paid applications Change in the front end - only provided in version 2.1 Limitation extensions - Only YOOtools Pretty interface - Features such as drag and drop and a beautiful look The appearance deceives - Despite having a beautiful presentation is a very limited CCK See more
  45. 45. Zoo v2.0.3 See more
  46. 46. Zoo v2.0.3TipsTarget audienceServes well as all levels of users to have applications ready tobe customized paidTemplatesA little customizationRecommended Types of SystemsOnly systems in the applications paid with few modifications. See more
  47. 47. K2 Zoo Resources 0 2 3 Users 2 3 3 Categories 2 3 3 Templates 2 0 3 Content Types 2 1 3 Field Types 0 0 3 See more Filters & search 2 3 3 1 2 3 Extensions 0 3 3 Usability 1 2 3 Documentation 2 0 3 Flex. Forms 0 1 3 Advanced Cust. Comparative CCKs without integration 19 20 30 Total
  48. 48. CCKs with integration See more
  49. 49. Categorization on integration1. Resources Components without2. K2 integration with the categories and content3. Zoo default Joomla Components with4. Form2Content integration with the5. JSebold categories and content6. FlexiContent default Joomla See more
  50. 50. CCKs with integration Use resources that integrate with CCK content design standard Joomla. Use the com_content table for storing content. Are compatible with components, modules and plugins created for Joomla content. See more
  51. 51. Form2Content CCK See more
  52. 52. Form2Content LITE v1.1.0Company: Open Source DesignSite: www.form2content.comPrice: LITE version free, paid PROSite Definition: Form2Content PRO is an article submissioncomponent for Joomla!. It allows you to create customsubmission forms for Joomla Articles. See more
  53. 53. Form2Content LITE v1.1.0Key Features UsersNo option CategoriesSame Joomla TemplatesCustomization very practical - I like it! :D See more
  54. 54. Form2Content LITE v1.1.0Key Features Content TypesCreate unlimited with a few customizations FieldsOnly five free and paid 10Can be extended using plugins Joomla Filters and searchesSold separately as a component See more
  55. 55. Form2Content LITE v1.1.0Comments More limited - few free fields, no user customization, no filter and search system free Forum - did not identify any support forum Validation - No field validation was identified Integration - With other systems the same manufacturer Simple and Convenient - Despite the lack of some resources development is very fast Templates - Development and practical with good customization can use Joomla plugins See more
  56. 56. Form2Content LITE v1.1.0 See more
  57. 57. Form2Content LITE v1.1.0TipsTarget audienceServes well as all levels of users by easeTemplatesEasy customization, rapid and completeRecommended Types of SystemsSimple systems with rapid development See more
  58. 58. FLEXIContent CCK See more
  59. 59. FLEXIContent - v1.5.3c See more
  60. 60. FLEXIContent - v1.5.3cCompany: Vista MediaSite: www.flexicontent.orgPrice: FreeSite Definition: FLEXIcontent is primarily an advancedcontent management system developed to replace the nativearticle manager of Joomla! 1.5 See more
  61. 61. FLEXIContent - v1.5.3cKey Features UsersAnother component to manage permissions (FLEXIAccess) CategoriesCategories and Unlimited SubcategoriesSaves an article in several categories TemplatesCustomization with html, css and php See more
  62. 62. FLEXIContent - v1.5.3cKey Features Content TypesCreate unlimited with a few customizationsNo relationship categories Fields16 types of fieldsChoose one or more types of content Filters and searchesNonexistent See more
  63. 63. FLEXIContent - v1.5.3c See more
  64. 64. FLEXIContent - v1.5.3cComments Good usability - Easy to understand Practical - Development without much detail Good field types - Varied kinds of fields with good settings Extras - Tags and versioning Almost complete - Except for the ability to filter and search to be launched soon Without documentation - Limited to one forum See more
  65. 65. FLEXIContent - v1.5.3c See more
  66. 66. FLEXIContent - v1.5.3cTipsTarget audienceSuitable for intermediate users or some notion of html, css andphpTemplatesCustomization with html, css and phpRecommended Types of SystemsAll types of systems that do not require filters and searches See more
  67. 67. jSeblod CCK See more
  68. 68. jSeblod - v1.5.3cCompany: SeblodSite: www.jseblod-cck.comPrice: GratuitoSite Definition: It is an extension to build personalizedcontent. It is Open Source and GPL. A content type is definedby a set of fields. They can be used in all components of themanager as Joomla Articles Joomla Joomla category manager,the user manager of Joomla, Virtuemart shop ... See more
  69. 69. jSeblod - v1.5.3cKey Features Users o Extends Management Users o Add any type of field (avatar, CAPTCHA, galleries, ...) o reation and modification via front@end o Creating custom lists with users o Import CSV file with one click using o Creation of various types of users with different fields and templates o Choice of fields on the form and visualization o Creation of modules to form, lists or profile See more
  70. 70. jSeblod - v1.5.3cKey Features Users See more
  71. 71. jSeblod - v1.5.3cKey Features Categories o Extends Management Categories o Add any type of field in the Category o You can remove fields leaving simpler patterns o Creation and modification via front-end o Management Categories o Email Notification o Export using CCK Packs See more
  72. 72. jSeblod - v1.5.3cKey Features Categories
  73. 73. jSeblod - v1.5.3cKey Features Templates o Templates for content and forms o Automatic or custom generated template o Template engine o Based on Joomla template system o Change the presentation of content according to their location on site o Add PHP, XHTML, codes Joomla! (Jdoc), CSS, JavaScript, parameters o Export using CCK Packs See more
  74. 74. jSeblod - v1.5.3cKey Features Templates See more
  75. 75. jSeblod - v1.5.3cKey Features Content Types o Set of fields that define the form o Associated with a template for content and another to form o Choose different fields in front-end and back-end, for the same content See more
  76. 76. jSeblod - v1.5.3cKey Features Fields o More than 40 types of generic fields o Extend field of type Plugin using Joomla! o Management using Ajax o Validation Rules o Several parameters for each field type o Drop-down dynamics based on data from table o Camp X: X times to repeat a field o A library with more than 260 fields ready for use See more
  77. 77. jSeblod - v1.5.3cKey Features Fields See more
  78. 78. jSeblod - v1.5.3cKey Features Filters and searches o Sort results according to four levels of priority criteria o Search and list for a variety of field types such as Checkbox, Select, Upload, Wysiwyg, etc.. almost all fields are searchable o Compare, eg, price higher than the set value and smaller than the other o Choose multiple fields to be fetched in a single field o Consider only words longer than X characters o Make a field in another field type to search Ex: checkbox => select See more
  79. 79. jSeblod - v1.5.3cKey Features Filters and searches See more
  80. 80. jSeblod - v1.5.3cComments No comments. See more
  81. 81. jSeblod - v1.5.3cTipsTarget audienceRecommended for advanced users with some notion of html,css and phpTemplatesCustomization with html, css,js,php and joomla pluginRecommended Types of SystemsAll types of systems, especially the most complete See more
  82. 82. F2C FLEXI jSeblod 0 3 0 Users 3 3 0 Categories 1 3 3 Templates 1 3 1 Content Types 2 3 1 Field Types 0 3 0 See more Filters & search 2 3 0 3 3 3 Extensions 1 3 2 Usability 2 1 1 Doc. & support 2 3 3 Flex. Forms Comparative CCKs with integration 2 3 0 Advanced Cust. 33 19 15 Total
  83. 83. Thank you!