Movable Type 5.1


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Sneak Preview of the Movable Type 5.1.

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Movable Type 5.1

  1. 1. MTDDC July 31st. 2010 Jun Kaneko
  2. 2. 5.1 enables you to Manage Large Amounts of Data with Custom Listing and Sorting using Modern Browsers
  3. 3. Listing Framework Integrating the System, Websites and Blogs Custom Sorting of Categories and Folders IE8, Webkit support
  4. 4. Listing Framework
  5. 5. Have you ever tried to... 10,000+ users in the forum Filter users who have never posted any topic or comment also been registered more than a year ago Delete !
  6. 6. Or during your website renewal... 1,000+ existing pages Filter pages by the folder Sort by the Basename List renewal pages
  7. 7. Yes, you can do it with 5.1
  8. 8. Add/Remove columns NOTE: This feature is in development phase and specifications are subject to change.
  9. 9. Filter entries within 30 days Sort by the number of comments NOTE: This feature is in development phase and specifications are subject to change.
  10. 10. Combine multiple filters Save as a custom filter NOTE: This feature is in development phase and specifications are subject to change.
  11. 11. “Listing Framework” covers; Managing • Pages, Entries • Comments, Trackbacks • Websites, Blogs • Users, Permissions etc
  12. 12. Select all or some items across the paginated results
  13. 13. Demo ?
  14. 14. You can check out the latest code from the SVN ! % svn co /svn/movabletype/trunk
  15. 15. For Plugin Developers With a new listing framework, you can • Add custom columns from your plugin • Use Ajax API to render the dynamic listing More documentation will be available during 5.1 Beta.
  16. 16. Sorting Categories and Folders
  17. 17. Drag & Drop to sort categories and folders • Custom sort can be specified in MT tags • MTTopLevelCategories • MTSubCategories • MTCategoryNext • MTCategoryPrevious sort_by=”user_custom”
  18. 18. Integrating the System, Websites and Blogs
  19. 19. Manage all entries, comments and other objects at the system level
  20. 20. mt:Include in Movable Type 5.0 <mt:BlogParentWebsite> <$mt:WebsiteID setvar="website_id"$> </mt:BlogParentWebsite> <$mt:Include module="XXX" blog_id="$website_id"$>
  21. 21. In Movable Type 5.1 <$mt:Include module="XXX" parent="1"$> Include the website template from children blogs, the website version of global=”1”. MT will search only website templates, not to escalate to the sytem.
  22. 22. Link to the proper templates
  23. 23. Using include_blogs and exclude_blogs together <mt:Entries include_blogs="all" exclude_blogs="1, 3"> <mt:Entries include_blogs="children" exclude_blogs="1, 3">
  24. 24. Template Editor Syntax Hi-light On/Off
  25. 25. Supported Browsers Internet Explorer 8 Safari latest Firefox latest No change for the server environment
  26. 26. Welcome Feedback Feature Requests Discussions Bug Reports Forum MTOS-dev ML /mailman/listinfo/mtos-dev
  27. 27. Internationalizing your plugins and themes
  28. 28. Our community will help you to Internationalize your plugins, themes and the documentation
  29. 29. Collaborating on GitHub Project forked by the collaborator “Pull” Request to merge the change
  30. 30. Recommended License “This library is a free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.” = Dual Licensing of GPL and Artistic The most popular license in CPAN “Creative Commons” is recommended for themes
  31. 31. Document Translation Project Movable Type Designerʼs guide, contributed by Hajime Fujimoto. Translation
  32. 32. 5.1 Schedule Start BETA this Autumn Release at the beginning of 2011
  33. 33. There is more than one way to do it, but sometimes consistency is not a bad thing either. Perl motto
  34. 34. Create your own way by sharing it with others. Thank you !