Heritage Investments in real estate
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Heritage Investments in real estate



Sergey Sander, director of the Swiss company The Leading Properties of the World presents an individual approach to investments in real estate — Heritage Investments

Sergey Sander, director of the Swiss company The Leading Properties of the World presents an individual approach to investments in real estate — Heritage Investments



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Heritage Investments in real estate Heritage Investments in real estate Presentation Transcript

  • Heritage Investments in real estate
  • Sergey Sander, director of the Swiss company The Leading Properties of the World presents an individual approach to investments in real estate — 
 Heritage Investments
  • I’m not 
 an investment guru
  • I work 
 in real estate
  • Namely investment 
 real estate
  • What does 
 an investor want? 
 I think I know 
 the answer 
 to this question
  • Guaranteed 
 passive income !
  • Preferably 
 for as long 
 as possible ! !
  • In your 
 desired location ! !
  • To be able to care 
 for loved ones !
  • To challenge 
 yourself ! !
  • To leave something 
 to posterity !
  • To avoid 
 situations !
  • Did I miss 
 something? !
  • All of us are concerned with the same question: “Where to invest?”
  • Source: Wealth Report 2012 Russians are No.1 
 in the luxury real estate investments. People from Hongkong, China, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, France and Singapore also invest in luxury 
 real estate.
  • Some believe in gold
  • Some believe 
 in start-ups !
  • Whilst others go for expansion !
  • But you 
 never know
  • Not all real estate 
 has value ! !
  • The price of shares 
 and gold tend to fall ! ! !
  • According 
 to research 
 90% of start-ups 
 go bust 
 in the first year ! ! !
  • Sometimes 
 you can’t understand how to run a business without the owner ! ! !
  • And on top of that banking secrecy 
 is on the way out, 
 and then taxes, 
 and global fight 
 against offshore havens and money laundering !
  • Sometimes 
 banks collapse 
 and investments disappear
  • Do you really want 
 to reinvent the wheel?
  • Photo source: retireloaded.com Robert Kijosaki, the author of the bestseller Rich daddy poor daddy has relied on a passive income by investing 
 in the real estate
  • Photo source: nymag.com Warren Buffett 
 is famous for his criticism of investment 
 in gold and other commodities
  • Photo source: retireloaded.com Donald Trump 
 is a living proof that 
 the majority of fortunes are made in real estate
  • I know what kind 
 of real estate will 
 help you save 
 and multiply your 
 assets for the benefit 
 of next generations
  • Invest in real estate 
 in TOP-cities well known for their living standards, investment appeal and 
 a cultural heritage
  • I call this approach Heritage Investments
  • Source: PWC, Emerging Trends 
 in Real Estate (Europe, 2013) TOP 10 Cities for real estate investment: Munich, Berlin, London, Istanbul, Hamburg, Paris, Zurich, Stockholm, Moscow, Warsaw
  • A sharp 
 population growth !
  • Global appeal ! !
  • Economic activity ! ! !
  • Do you think it’s enough 
 for the city you invest in to be beautiful? ! ! ! !
  • Or to have beautiful countryside around? ! ! ! ! !
  • Always add value
  • Once there was Serviced apartments 
 in Munich, Germany
  • And now Serviced apartments 
 in Munich, Germany
  • Once there was Pembroke House, Campsbourne Road, London
  • And now Pembroke House, Campsbourne Road, London
  • Once there was Greenberry House, 
 78 Adelaide Road, London
  • And now Greenberry House, 
 78 Adelaide Road, London
  • I’m definitely 
 not the first one 
 to think of it !
  • Marcus Crassus 
 began investing 
 in real estate 
 in Ancient Rome ! !
  • And throughout time wealthy people opted 
 for investment 
 in real estate ! ! !
  • Investing in Heritage 
 is the Perpetuum Mobile of passive income ! ! ! !
  • But you have competitors ! ! ! ! !
  • Institutional investors: banks, funds, REITs 
 and billions of investments ! ! ! ! !
  • There are few decent offers on the market
  • How do you generate income from your property investments 
 in these conditions? !
  • I believe in three 
 simple rules of success in Heritage Investments
  • 1 Direct ownership 
 of an investment property
  • 2 Benefit from 
 leading global banks 
 and historically low interest rates to acquire property allowing 
 to increase returns 
 on your investments
  • 3 No to expensive investment management structures like funds 
 and REITs, minimize management expenses !
  • All this puts the profit into your piggy bank and not into 
 somebody else’s ! !
  • Seven extra benefits 
 of Нeritage Investments ! !
  • 1 Нeritage means confidentiality
  • One Hyde Park 
 doesn’t disclose 
 the identity 
 of the owners
  • In many countries information from 
 the land registry 
 is closed !
  • 2 Нeritage gives you 
 a possibility to receive official income 
 in any country 
 of the world and 
 to sleep well
  • 3 Нeritage is a tool 
 for managing inheritance and handing over 
 the capital to coming generations
  • 4 Heritage is an ideal possibility for teaching and involving the children in managing family assets
  • 5 Нeritage is a basis 
 for obtaining residency or dual citizenship
  • 6 Нeritage is a lift 
 for your social status
  • 7 Heritage is something 
 to be remembered by
  • How much would 
 your Heritage cost? ! !
  • € 200,000 
 for an apartment? ! ! !
  • Or € 80 mln 
 for the whole project? ! ! ! !
  • The most important secret of Heritage allowing you to become an owner of the best properties in the world !
  • Is co-ownership ! !
  • The system 
 of co-ownership 
 works faultlessly 
 in many countries, 
 like Swiss watches ! !
  • GREENBERRY 6,556,115 23 % 9 APARTMENTS HOUSE 680,000–1,535,000 GBP 78 ADELAIDE RD, NW3 3PX LONDON PROJECT COSTS, GBP PROJECT YIELD COMPLETION DATE DEVELOPMENT PERIOD Completed development comprising of nine apartments some of them duplexes with private gardens situated in a prestigious residential area close to two tube stations Chalk Farm and Swiss Cottage. Primrose Hill, Belsize Park and Camden are a walking distance away. AREA (SQ.M.) NUMBER OF APARTMENTS AUGUST 2013 25 MONTHS 1,051 9 PURCHASE COSTS, GBP ASKING PRICE PRICE PER SQ.M. STAMP DUTY (5%) 3,650,000 3,473 182,500 AGENCIE’S FEES (2%) 87,600 LEGAL FEES 15,600 TOTAL PURCHASE COSTS PRICE PER SQ.M. 3,935,700 3,745 CONSTRUCTION COSTS, GBP 2,620,415 TOTAL COSTS BEFORE COMPLETION 6,556,115 GROSS DEVELOPMENT VALUЕ, GBP 9,411,650 PRICE FOR SQ.M. NET PROFIT DEVELOPMENT FEES (20% OF PROFIT ) INVESTMENT YIELD, % 9,500 1,959,381 400,000 23
  • STUDIOMUC SERVICE APARTMENTS IN MUNICH-SCHWABING Studiomic is the fifth apartment building in central Munich by a well-known developer Schimpel & Winter Immobiliengruppe. This project takes the famous type of Studiosus Appartments into a prestigious location designed to question the typical image of business people. 21,4 % YIELD FROM INVESTED CAPITAL EXAMPLE AREA (SQ.M.) NUMBER OF ROOMS 22 1 PRICE, EUR PRICE PURCHASE COSTS (5%) TOTAL PURCHASE COSTS 194,000 9,700 203,700 FUNDING, EUR INVESTMENT CAPITAL (20%) 40,740 MORTGAGE 1, WFK 30 YEARS (1.8%) 50,000 MORTGAGE 2 (3%) 112,960 MONTHLY INSTALLMENT MORTGAGE 1 183 MONTHLY INSTALLMENT MORTGAGE 2 377 TOTAL INSTALLMENTS ANNUALLY 6,718 YIELD YIELD FROM RENT, EURO/YEAR (AFTER MAINTENANCE COSTS DEDUCTION) YIELD BEFORE TAX DEDUCTION AND MORTGAGE INSTALLMENTS PAID, % YIELD FROM INVESTED CAPITAL, % 40,740 4.5 21.4
  • LIVING108 EXCLUSIVE APARTMENTS IN BERLIN-MITTE Residence Living 108 is situated in Chausseestrasse street, which is the extension of the famous Friedrichstrasse in the very heart of Berlin, 10 minutes away from Brandenburg Gate and Alexanderplatz. 128 apartments have high quality materials and offer unique standard of living. Modern open architecture blends in with the creative landscape design, cosy patios and private fitness centre. 4,2 % 100% OCCUPANCY YIELD 500,000 EUR INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY APARTMENT 1 AREA (SQ.M.) APARTMENT 1 NUMBER OF BEDROOMS APARTMENT 2 AREA (SQ.M.) APARTMENT 2 NUMBER OF BEDROOMS 49 1 59 1 PRICE, EUR APARTMENT 1 223,900 APARTMENT 2 269,800 PARKING LOT 35,000 STAMP DUTY (5%) 26,435 NOTARY FEES AND LAND REGISTRATION COSTS (1,5%) 7,930 LAWYER FEES 5,000 AGENCY FEE (5.95%) 31,458 FURNISHING OF THE APARTMENTS 30,000 TOTAL SELLING COSTS 565,783 EXPECTED MONTHLY YIELD, EUR APARTMENT 1 1,030 APARTMENT 2 (INCL A PARKING LOT ) 1,270 TOTAL MONTHLY YIELD 2,300 ANNUAL YIELD,% 4.2
  • Make your choice whether to invest 
 € 100,000 
 in an apartment 
 in Bulgaria, Greece 
 or Spain
  • Or in one of the best investment properties 
 in Germany, Switzerland or Great Britain
  • You decide. 
 Remember to think twice
  • Tricky questions
  • What are the 
 guarantees that my investment is safe?
  • Direct ownership 
 of investment properties. All transactions 
 are carried out only under the supervision 
 of the notary or leading lawyers
  • Institute of land registry and the protection 
 of private property guaranteed by the state
  • I only take a fee 
 for this service
  • What’s wrong 
 with a holidays house?
  • We can always 
 assist you to buy 
 the best apartment, house, villa, chalet 
 in any country
  • Just remember that residential property 
 is a pleasant possession but not an asset 
 and you always have maintenance costs
  • Therefore it makes sense to invest 
 a part of your wealth 
 in Нeritage
  • Is it in vogue? 
 Forget everything else and grab Heritage?
  • Нeritage — 
 оne of the oldest 
 and most reliable 
 ways to invest
  • Keep money 
 in Swiss banks, 
 invest in various 
 financial products, develop your own business
  • And invest part 
 of the capital 
 in Нeritage
  • Have you already 
 made the decision 
 to invest in Heritage?
  • Contact me today 
 to discuss your strategy in Heritage Investments Sergey Sander Phone number +41 21 966 03 03 Phone number +41 79 841 92 62 sergey.sander@leadingproperties.com www.leadingproperties.com
  • Talk to your relatives, friends, partners 
 or clients about investing in Heritage. 
 Send them the link to this presentation