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"Together with novel interior design, interior lighting adds value to the vehicle and the brand."
Interior lighting, which was once limited to serving basic functionalities such as instrument cluster lighting and storage lighting, has evolved to include a variety of innovative applications including ambient lighting. It is of major interest to VMs, as there is always scope for value addition and improvement through the incorporation of a mix of lighting technologies such as light emitting diodes (LED), electroluminescence (EL) and fibre optic light pipes. Interior lighting is now a key contributor to augmenting the appeal of a vehicle’s interiors to consumers with advanced lighting technologies that were once offered only in luxury cars, now available in other segments. These pioneering technologies offer new opportunities and design freedom for vehicle designers to incorporate new styling features in automobile interiors.

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Interview Analysis Report

  1. 1. INTERIOR LIGHTING SYSTEMS IN VEHICLES INTERVIEW ANALYSIS & REPORT Sandeep Supal JULY 25,2009IntroductionOn July 14-22, 2009, I interviewed about 12 people primarily the car drivers in Mumbai as afollow up to the project for designing the interior lighting systems for Mahindra Scorpio underProf. Kishor Munshi at IDC, IIT Bombay. The interview was done to identify the presentscenario of interior lighting system in Indian vehicle & identifying the needs of the user.Through the interview we will able to identify some common issues for the drivers & the targetuser.Findings:The main subjects of the interview are the drivers of the vehicle & most of them are specificgroup of driver who drive rented vehicles. The interview question sheet is attached along withconsist of questions that mainly imply the intensity, usage, problems & requirements of variouspossibilities of interior lighting along with a caselet & customer specifications. The lightingsystem is to be designed for the night usage & safety.The interview sheets are attached as appendices to the report.MethodologyThe project started with the identification of interior lighting possibilities in vehicle exemplifyingthe places & usage of various interior lights inside the vehicle. On basis of this identification aQuestionnaire is designed for interviewing people who use interior lights frequently & find areaswhere the present lighting lacks.A pilot interview is done with a driver of rented car to analyze the susceptibility of theQuestionnaire and its revival. After revising the questionnaire a group of people is formulated tobe the subjects of the interview [drivers of rented cars who drive day in & day out].The interviewis analyzed and the following recommendations are suggested for the design of the interiorlighting system.
  2. 2. Recommendations for design of interior lighting:  The positioning of cabin light is the main area of research for the design as the subjects feels the need of cabin light on the roof top near driver in the front as well as on top of passenger seats at the back {expected even in hatchback vehicles}.  There should not be any conflict in positioning the cabin light with rear mirror leading to bad design for the user.  The intensity of the cabin light should be enough for readability of maps, books etc so the subjects suggest the usage of tube lights & LEDs for the cabin light. The source of cold light is favored by many users inside the vehicle. White and yellow interior light colors are suggested by many users.  Since the usage of cabin light is rare during daytime & is about 5-10 min at night the application of knob {switching} mechanism is the need of the hour to save the battery power.  Automated light {Diminishing light} is one of the technical phenomenons the user expects from design.  Reading light is required to many users for passenger seats.  Simplicity & Professional are the main supported metaphors for the lighting system inside the vehicle. Light design should be minimalistic.  Light colored interiors {light reflectors} are favored over dark colored interiors by many subjects.  Current problem of lighting system is the level of illumination which should be high according to many users but they also expect the less usage of car battery at the same time so its recommended that some external source should be used for interior lighting system like lithium ion batteries ,Ni- Cd batteries etc.  Footwell lighting requirement is supported by many subjects for safety & handling inside the vehicle. The placement of such lighting system should be under the seats or array of light the edges of rubber foot bed. The user expects some colors like purple or reddish-yellow for illuminating the footwell light for stylish glow.  The caselet suggests that the users want detectable dim light inside vehicle (switched on) for night driving for safety and perceive the vehicle coming from the front.  Decorative color lights are suggested by many users for dashboard lighting & creating a visual ambience in the interiors of vehicle but pertaining to the functionality of the lighting system.  Door light {line source} is required only in those public vehicle where new passengers cant operate the door opening mechanism.
  3. 3. INTERIORS LIGHTING POSSIBILITIESSr. TYPES OF INTERIOR PLACE USAGE LIGHTS1 General /Dome lights Top of cabin & also at the Visibility inside the dome ,at middle front top of cabin stoppages, operating inside the for driver cabin2 Vanity lights Lights on the sun visors Used as make up light3 Dashboard lights Behind the instrument Reading the instrument cluster cluster box4 Glove box lights Inside the glove box For illuminating the A/C, Music system, controls, keeping objects5 Storage compt. lights Inside storage For storing luggage at night compartments6 Reading lights Same as in airplanes over Used for reading , mainly found in readers sits or above side chauffer driven vehicles mirror7 Pocket Door lights At the front of pocket door For accessing exit points{locks/ door controls} at night8 Footwell lights Under the seat /near to For visibility of foot controls at footrest nights9 Puddle lights Under the door sides at For stoppage locations in dark used exterior points in race cars10 Threshold lights Working lights under the Working light for mechanic car