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  1. 1. Search Trekker Boy I walk because it is hard. Ho me Me Po sted o n De ce m be r 20 , 20 11 ← Pre vio us Ne xt → TFN 2008 Route Day 6: Riding home, the day of adversities The previous night I slept without a plan. The options were to ride to Ooty throught the normal route. Ride to Masinagudi, rest for the day and climb the hairpin bends. Or else go home. I climbed in Feb on a CAM ride to Ooty via the normal route. So it was tempting to try the hairpin bends climb via Masinagudi. Either way I would need a day’s rest. I woke up and rode towards Madumalai after seeing most red buses to Mysore had no luggage space for the cycle. The climb right after Gudalur told me “You have no more strength! Give up”. The empty tempos and pickup trucks going towards Madumalai were tempting but I pushed myself to ride upto to Madumalai.
  2. 2. — Right to Mas inagudi. Left to Mys ore and go home. I went left. The elephant attack on Canadian cyclist was another excuse. No tempo, trucks were to be seen. From the CAM ride, I remember except for the little uphill right after Masinagudi junction, it was mostly downhill or flat to Tamil Nadu – Karnataka Bandipur border. So I rode on.
  3. 3. — Mudumalai Tiger Res erve from the CAM ride. — Karnataka s ide of Bandipur. A long uphill this was . I s topped thrice to catch breath. I passed Bandipur and the front (left) shifter broke. I rode in 1*(5,6,7) till Mysore. Slow but still moving!
  4. 4. — I s witched between riding with the broken gear and taking lift in three different tempos for 30 KM. I rode for a total of 70 KM on the las t day.
  5. 5. — The lake near Mys ore Airport. Jus t on time for a great Sun s et view. The final reward of the journey. — The road from Gundlupet to Mys ore was the s caries t. Heavy traffic. No white line on the left. I got thrown off the tarmac more times than any other day. I passed Mysore Ring Road. Chamundi hills. It was dusk. 4 KM to Mysore Palace, I loaded the bike to an auto rickshaw. At the bus stop, a Volvo Bus Conductor demanded Rs. 250 for the bike and won’t budge. I found a Rajahamsa driver who was willing to take the bike for 50 bucks and helped load it into the rear luggage box.
  6. 6. I reached Satellite Bus Stop(on Mysore road, Bangalore) a little before 2200. I tried riding but soon gave up. It was going to be a navigation nightmare again. My first solo cycle tour ended with 580 KM on the odometer. Like 0 0 This entry was po sted in cycling, t f n20 0 8ro ut e by Be njam in Rualt hanzauva. Bo o kmark the pe rm alink . 8 THO UG HTS O N “TFN 20 0 8 RO UTE DAY 6 : RIDING HO ME, THE DAY O F ADVERSITIES ” Alast air Hum phre ys o n De ce m be r 21, 20 11 at 6 :39 am said: I really enjoyed reading this. Lots of happy memories for me of India. Really nice photos and honest writing too. Excellent! Reply ↓ Benjamin Rualthanzauva o n De ce m be r 21, 20 11 at 12:0 6 pm said: Thanks for dropping by Alastair. Once again, you (the books) fooled me into doing this But I am far far from regretting the experience. I even got lots of new adventure ideas while busying talking to myself on the road. I don’t like cycling as a sport. Just the adventure and touring part. Reply ↓
  7. 7. anil s kadsur o n De ce m be r 23, 20 11 at 11:30 am said: wow, beautiful photos and a very transparent expression, thank you for posting it in BBC!!!! Reply ↓ Benjamin Rualthanzauva o n De ce m be r 23, 20 11 at 11:4 4 am said: well thanks to you too and BBC. It’s also the many ride reports in BBC that motivated me. Reply ↓ Akash o n De ce m be r 23, 20 11 at 12:5 1 pm said: Nice ride report Benjamin……doing it solo…at your pace…and enjoying the ride – Fantastic.
  8. 8. Reply ↓ Benjamin Rualthanzauva o n De ce m be r 24 , 20 11 at 2:16 pm said: Thanks Akash. Indeed nice. There were also times I asked myself “Why on Earth am I doing this?” usually on bad uphill roads. But thats why I chose to be on the road cycling. Once you start, you got to finish it. Reply ↓ Narsi o n De ce m be r 23, 20 11 at 1:37 pm said: It was truly inspiring to read your ride stories! Thank you so much! I have never done a 100km ride before (max has been around 60km) but am planning to ride to Mysore next week. This might be just the push I need to make it happen! Reply ↓ Benjamin Rualthanzauva o n De ce m be r 24 , 20 11 at 2:18 pm said: Hi Narsi, It was other riders who inspired me too. Before this, the max I did in a day was 70K, twice and quite far apart.
  9. 9. Just do it, you will be there. When I started from home that one morning, I was doubtful making it to Mysore road from HSR! Reply ↓ Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Name * Email * Website Comment
  10. 10. Post Comment Pro udly po we re d by Wo rdPre ss So c ial Wid g e ts p o we re d b y AB-We b Lo g .c o m .