Snow Leopard


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Snow Leopard
[Automation Framework in Perl using Selinium made by me]

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Snow Leopard

  1. 1. Created by : Rohan Kachewar
  2. 2. Test suite Xml data container Class Logs APPL Server side logs Report Server Side CLI Log parser UI
  3. 3.  Overview  Selenium is a GUI test automation tool for web applications which has two flavors - Selenium IDE and Selenium Remote Control (RC). Selenium IDE comes with record and playback facility in form of HTML tables, but that seldom works consistently in automation projects. So, for scripting test cases with Selenium RC, one needs to write a generic layer that supports the test scripts. This automation framework provides this generic, application independent layer, which provides ready to use framework(code) that would help testers to develop the test cases for their Application under test (any web UI) faster with minimum scripting required.  This test automation framework is developed for Selenium Remote Control V0.9.0. (Herein after, referred to as, ‘Selenium RC’). Currently, the test automation framework for Selenium consists of following major areas/features:  UI for Running, Scheduling tests  Multiple selection of test cases to be run and hence dynamic test suite creation  Application specific logs  Validation module  Adding and deleting test cases is easy due to a centralized data XML containing the configurable parameters.  Detailed excel report generation along with mailing module  Dashboard data graphs generation
  4. 4. Test Suite: Will run the test suites given through command prompt ,along with basic setup and tear down modules.
  5. 5.  C lass:  We are using object oriented PERL for designing the framework.  In Object Oriented PERL a class is a user written package containing the reusable methods and variables to be used.  So say for example we are executing a player related test case,  Then the Class “” will contain all the player related functions and data structures required for running test cases like player creation with freq 29.97hz, player creation with freq 30hz and so on.  Class in turn receives a test case ID from , using which it withdraws the test case data from a global XML data sheet “data.xml”.  Also the class parses the server side logs  to get the server side data to verify the test case execution.
  6. 6.  XML data container:  This is a global test data container.  It contains all the data required by a test case against that test  Sample:  <tcs >  <!--Test Case 1: Release_Specific/ 5.14-6.1.0/ Open_GoP_and_Closed_GoP_Config/ Open_GoP_with_Compatible_MIPs/ 29.97Hz_and_59.94Hz/ 59.94Hz_HD_Open_GoP_with_Compatible_MIP-5321_Channel_B_and_QT_Media_Wrapper- ->   <tc name="tc1" SM="http://administrator:omneon@" media_director="D8_00032" md_ip="" plname="man1001" mode="Play or Record" freq="Record:59.94 Play:59.94 or 29.97" filesystem="/fs1/clip.dir" video_track="MPEG-2" config="Simple" format="Long GOP" opengop="y" media_port="MIP-5321_11738" control="Manual" tot_audio_channel="default" player_log_file="tc1_player.txt" tc_log_file="C:snow_leopardtc_log_filetc1.txt" bitrate="52" channel="B" wrapper="QuickTime (Reference)" video_definition="default">  </tc> 
  7. 7.  Server side Logs:  This represents the logs of server side utilities like “player test.exe”  The data within these is parsed by the log parser method within the class and is used to verify the test case has been executed as required or not.
  8. 8.  Test Suite Logs and Mail package :  These are the test suite logs which will be mailed nightly.
  9. 9.  Application specific logs along with proper tags i.e. info, warning, critical, failure…etc, and proper time stamp. 20-8-2010 16:19:05 [INFO] Logging Started... 20-8-2010 16:19:05 [INFO] Deleted Earlier Test's Player Test Log File... 20-8-2010 16:19:05 [INFO] Opening SM Application... 20-8-2010 16:19:33 [INFO] Loaded Config Page... 20-8-2010 16:19:35 [INFO] Clicked Player Config Link... 20-8-2010 16:20:13 [INFO] Loaded Player List Page... 20-8-2010 16:20:23 [INFO] Creating a Player with name man1005... 20-8-2010 16:20:28 [INFO] Selected Play or Record mode for man1005 Player ... 20-8-2010 16:20:32 [INFO] Selected Record:59.94 Play:59.94 or 29.97 frequency for man1005 Player …