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Hybrid automation framework


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Presentation about Hybrid Automation Framework with Java.

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Hybrid automation framework

  1. 1. Hybrid Automation Framework with java DOAI TRAN
  2. 2. Contents - Selenium – Hybrid Framework - Advantages of Hybrid Framework - Architecture of hybrid framework. - Flow Diagram - Object Repository - Test Cases – Test Suite - Keyword Supports - Execution - Reports - Exception Handling - Log. - Demo
  3. 3. Hybrid Framework SELENIUM FRAMEWORK Data Driven Hybrid Framework Keyword Driven Log4j, POI Excel File, TestNG, Maven, Integrate with Jenkins
  4. 4. Advantages of Hybrid Framework - Less Technical Expertise - Easy To Understand - Early Start - Re-usability of component - Re-usability of code
  5. 5. Architecture of hybrid framework. Controller Test Data ExecuteTestCases ReadWriteExcel log keyword Core Framework Object Repository Test Report Log for actions Screenshot Selenium Webdriver
  6. 6. Flow Diagram - Below is the Flow Diagram of Framework Execution Controller Test Cases TestCases Test Steps Test ObjectActions Test Data
  7. 7. Object Repository We will collect all Object repository in txt file. - Object name will be managed following naming conventions as below:
  8. 8. Object Repository  Preparation steps - config - We list URL of object repository file (txt) in Constants class.
  9. 9. Object Repository (Cont)  Preparation steps – config - Then, we can call object repository on Controller to execute
  10. 10. Test Cases – Test Suite  We will manage Test Suite and Test Cases through Excel file.  Test Suite >< Excel file.  Test Suite sheet: + To summary all Test Cases will be defined on Test Suite. + Whether Control Test Cases be run or not (Run Mode)
  11. 11. Test Cases – Test Steps
  12. 12. Keyword Support
  13. 13. Execution  Select the test suite and test report location and input name of test suite before executed
  14. 14. Reports  After executed, we can get the report file (Excel file).
  15. 15. Reports  After executed, we can get the report file (Excel file).
  16. 16. Exception Handling  All failed steps on a test cases will be taken screenshot to keep tracking.  In imageLog folder.  Screenshot file be named with naming convention.
  17. 17. Log for all steps  In logfile.log, we can see all log of all steps be executed in a Test Cases / Test Suites
  18. 18. References  ToolsQA. Hybrid Framework  Guru99 – Automation Framework  Apache POI 3.5  Apache Log4j 1.2  Data Driven and Keyword Driven Selenium ToolsQA  Exception handling in Selenium – ToolsQA