How to recover lost data on mac easily


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    If you want to restore deleted data from mac quickly. I suggest perfect and easy to use program, you can use Third-party software Kernel for Mac Data Recovery Tool. It can smartly ecover documents, photos, music, videos, emails & more from Mac computer and most storage devices. Reference link :
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How to recover lost data on mac easily

  1. 1. How to recover lost data on Mac easily?Have you ever had bad experience of deleting precious photos, videos and otherdata accidentally? Are you wondering how to find them back? In fact, it is very easyto restore your lost data with a powerful data recovery software which can help yourecovering any file that has been lost, deleted, formatted or even got inaccessibledue to some system problem.Why the files can be recovered?When a file is deleted under the Mac OS X operating system, the file is moved to thetrash bin. Once the file has been emptied from the trash bin, the name is completelywiped from the HFS+ file system. The only way to recover the data is to look for theRAW bits and bytes of the file using the file signature search algorithm. Therefore, itis very important to make sure when scanning a Mac volume for deleted data, theRAW analyzer option is always selected.If you are looking for a good solution to find your lost data back, please follow thenext step-by-step guide:step 1:Run the application and click "Continue" to start the wizard.step 2:Click the"Hard Drive" icon and click "Continue" buttom.
  2. 2. step 3:Select the volume from which the files were deleted.step 4:Click the "Deleted File Recovery" icon and Check "RAW scan" option
  3. 3. step 5:Check your selected options, If you are satisfied with your options that youhave chosen, click the "Continue" button to begin the scan for deleted files.You will see the scan progress in the progress bar below. You can interrupt the scanby clicking the "Pause" button or view Log messages by check the Show Logmessages box.
  4. 4. step 6:Preview and save the recoverable files, To save the files, you would select thefiles on the right side of the screen and click the "Save" icon in the tool bar.To select multiple files either use the Shift key (to select several files in succession)or the Ctrl key (to select individual files) of your keyboard. If you wish to select allitems in the file list, choose Select all from Edit menu.A typical save dialog will be displayed, and you will be able to recover your deletedfiles to another storage device or another drive letter in the system.