South bend lathe sb1001 8 k 8-inch by 18-inch bench lathe best offers

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  • 1. Below are reviews of South BendLathe SB1001 8K - 8-Inch by 18-InchBench Lathe
  • 2. Achieve precise results for jewelry making and more using the SB1001 8K 18-inchbench lathe from South Bend Lathe. This tool features a three V-way bed and avariable-speed spindle to set the perfect cutting speed. Its also equipped with along-barrel tailstock, a 4-way tool post, a 3-jaw scroll chuck, and an emergency stopbutton. This lathe is well suited for jewelers, watchmakers, gunsmiths, opticalengineers, and others making small parts to extremely precise tolerances. SB10018-Inch-by-18-Inch Bench LatheAt a Glance: Three V-way bed for accuracy, durability,and rigidity Variable-speed spindle from 50 to 2,300 RPM Can cut inch or metricthreads Backed by a one-year warranty The 8K lathe is well suited for jewelrymaking, watch making, and other highly detailed work (click each to enlarge). ThreeV-Way Bed for Greater Accuracy and Durability Like other South Bend lathes, the 8Khas a foundation, or bed, that is made with hardened and ground castings in atraditional three V-way prismatic design--resulting in exceptional accuracy,durability, and rigidity. The tool offers 18 inches between centers. AdjustableSpindle for Optimal Results The headstock of the 8K features a D1-3 variable-speedspindle that operates at 50 to 2,300 RPM. A convenience adjustment knob anddigital display enable you to change the spindle speed quickly and accurately. Thevariable speed control enables you to set the perfect cutting speed forexceptionally fine finishes. Multiple Feed Rates and Inch and Metric ThreadingAbility The carriage on the 8K has longitudinal power feeding capabilities with nineavailable feed speeds ranging from 0.003 to 0.0051 inches per revolution. Forthreading, the gearbox provides 12 different inch-thread settings from 10 to 32threads per inch and 12 different metric-thread pitches from 0.4 to 3 millimeters.Additional Features Other highlights of the 8K include a classically styled long-barreltailstock, a 4-way tool post, a 3-jaw scroll chuck, and an emergency stop button.The tool also contains high-quality cogged belts for power transmission and reducedvibration. Dimensions and Weight This product measures 19 by 40 by 18 inches (Hx W x D) and weighs 268 pounds. About South Bend Lathe South Bend Lathe Workswas founded in 1906, and within just a quarter of a century it became the largestmanufacturer of precision metalworking lathes in the world, with customers in morethan 88 countries. Today, the company is proud to boast that it offers the largestselection of premium-quality manual lathes in the world. Its product line includesthe legendary 10K and Heavy 10 lathes as well as a broad range of other lathesthat cover users of any size up to heavy industrial machine shops. Whats in the BoxOne 8K lathe, one 4-inch 3-jaw scroll chuck with back plate and reversible jaws, onetoolbox, Morse taper No. 2 and No. 3 carbide-tipped dead centers, one Morse taperspindle sleeve, one set of change gears, one oil gun, one 13-millimeter box endwrench, one 14-millimeter wrench, one 13- and 16-millimeter wrench, and one hexwrench set. Features of the 8K lathe include a quick-change gearbox, a 4-way tool
  • 3. post, and a long-barrel tailstock (click each to enlarge). Read moreProduct FeatureSwing over bed: 8-InchqDistance between centers: 18-InchqSwing over cross slide: 5-InchqSwing over saddle: 5-InchqCross slide travel: 3-1/4-InchqRead moreq