The f 35- culture change you can believe in v2


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This briefing focuses upon the strategic impact of fleet wide U.S. and allied acquisition and operation of F-35s. This "flying combat system" deployed and operated as a fleet has strategic consequences. The allies are always forward deployed; US forces can plug into the F-35 And Aegis fleets in the Pacific and provide surge and augmentation capability or the US can lead an effort to which allies can contribute. The entire power projection dynamic is altered; your power projection capability is ALWAYS forward deployed.

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The f 35- culture change you can believe in v2

  1. 1. The F-35: Getting On With It Cultural Change You Can Believe In Dr. Robbin F. Laird Second Line of Defense
  2. 2. Overview• The F-35 and its ability to work with, to leverage and to enhance the capability of the power projection forces is at the heart of the next 20 years of rebuilding U.S. and allied forces.• It is really a “flying combat system”, rather than a tactical aircraft, which allows the US and its allies to look at power projection in a very different way.• And it allows the U.S. and its allies to get best value out of their forces.• But the F-35 is a centerpiece of disruptive change.• If the culture of thinking about combat does not change, and one thinks of this as the next iteration of what the services will have for combat aircraft, the entire revolution will be missed. Second Line of Defense
  3. 3. The Baseline Aircraft: 9 Core Capabilities Built-In• A new cockpit and helmet which enable the pilot to function as a tactical decision maker;• A fusion engine which brings together and integrates the core combat systems on the F-35;• The fusion engines of the F-35 fleet are designed to share information across the combat enterprise, or put in other terms each plane is synergy enabled;• The plane is built as a weapon system built on a foundational architecture of chip and software upgradeability; Second Line of Defense
  4. 4. The Baseline Aircraft (2)• The software is built to shape a manageable workload for the pilot;• Stealth is built into the aircraft and is a core enabler for the entire aircraft;• As a flying combat system, the F-35’s advanced agility is a key enabler of combat operations;• The power plant of the F-35 enables a long term growth strategy for the fusion engine. Unlike unmanned aircraft, where the power plant is devoted to flying the aircraft resulting in less than optimal sensor and weapons loading, the F-35 has significant growth possibilities;• The F-35 can fire a full gamut of legacy weapons but lays the foundation for the next generation of weapons as well.•• In short, it is built for the I Pad Generation Pilots Second Line of Defense
  5. 5. The Z Axis for Combat Aircraft Y: Performance Z: C4ISR-D “OODA” Loop Z Axis: Migration from externally X Axis: Time provided C3I toGenerations of Combat Aircraft C4ISR-D in theClustering Over Time(1,2,3,4,5….) cockpit carried byAs Measured by Range, Payload the individual air(improved by system/and weapons platform.carried), Maneuverability (measured byP Sub s), Useful speed, and Range Line of Defense Second
  6. 6. F-35 Z-Axis Fusion C-5 ISR/D (Decision) Cockpit AESA Radar Off Load to Other Off Load to Other Platforms Platforms Communications, Distributed Navigation and Aperature Identification System (DAS) System (CNI) Electronic Electrical Optical Warfare System Targeting System (EOTS) • F-35 Individual Pilots Internal to Their Cockpit Will Have the Best Real Time Data Base of Knowledge in History • Each F-35 Will Be Able To Network and Direct Engagements in 360-Degrees of 3-Dimensional Space by Off Loading Tracks to Other Air/Land/Sea/Space Platforms – Including UAVs and Robots • Fusion Engine Can Drive Unity of Purpose in Focusing World Wide IR&D and R&D on Enhancing C5ISR-D Cockpit Because Each Discreet System Can Be Improved Independently Second Line of Defense 6
  7. 7. Fleet Wide Impacts• “No Platform Fights Alone”• Built from the Bottom Up to be a 21st Century Aircraft – Fleet-Wide Logistics – Global Transparency• Distributed Operations – Wolfpack Approach Enabled – Leverage the Old to Support the New• Pull Function• Retire the OLD (Move on from AWACs, etc.) to Pay for the New if that is Required• If you did not have an F-35, you would have to invent it Second Line of Defense
  8. 8. F-35 Growth Path Growth is Driven by both Platform Evolution and Evolving Distributed Fleet Operations Fusion Engine DevelopmentDistributed FleetOperations Capabilities of the Individual AircraftF-35 Fleet Operating Globally Platforms areand with Global Sustainment Upgraded OverProvides Capabilities for Both Time Enabled byStrategic and Tactical An UpgradeableOperations for both the US Systemand its Allies Architecture Second Line of Defense
  9. 9. Culture Change• Not a Generational but an Epochal Change• Preparing for Tron Warfare• “Aegis is My Wingman”• The F-35 Fleet is a Core Missile Defense Asset• And a Central Player in Dealing with Hypersonics• Logistical Revolution at the Center of Enhanced Combat Capabilities• A New Approach to Combat Learning• A New Approach to Training• 5/102210314/Embrace-Air-Power-Revolution Second Line of Defense
  10. 10. Glimpses of the Future• Northern Edge• Bold Alligator 2012• Libyan Operations Second Line of Defense
  11. 11. Second Line of Defense
  12. 12. BA-12 and F-35 Combat Systems• The BAC1-11 aircraft carrying the F-35 combat systems and see many capabilities coming soon to the ESG;• What I saw on the BAC1-11, I have exponentially greater ability to scan and “see” the battlespace with exponentially greater fidelity than ever before, locating and positively identifying everything from air to sea targets. I can look at the battlespace with the radar, the DAS, a host of other sensors and basically can bring all that information together into one data system, fuse that information — which makes it a flying sensor. (General “Dog” Davis, CG, 2nd MAW).• future-of-the-expeditionary-strike-group/• 0007/Shaping-Battlespace Second Line of Defense
  13. 13. F-35 Bravo Aboard the USS Wasp, October 2011The F-35 community of users – sea based and land based — will be ableto create a pretty tight air grid over the top of the distributed battle spaceso we can share information very freely out there. Second Line of Defense
  14. 14. Facilitates Shift in Power Projection Approach• Aggregative: Signaling, American led, phases where more capability is aggregated and stacked up; linear approach• Scalable: Presence, Honeycombed, U.S. role can be flexible, Allies are forward deployed, multi-directional versus linear.• The first requires significantly greater numbers of platforms, is unaffordable in today’s conditions, and requires an American leadership role out of sync with the evolving global situation.• And the core competitor – the PRC – is shaping its power projection forces around the linear approach. Countering Chinese presence and strategy in Asia is best down with a presence, economy of scale and a reach back strategy.• The second leverages U.S. and allied technologies, is affordable under today’s conditions, and allows for a variable U.S. leadership role in sync with the evolving global situation. Second Line of Defense
  15. 15. Shift in Power Projection (2)• crafting-a-new-pacific-strategy/• Forthcoming: Joint Forces Quarterly: The F-35 and the Future of Power Projection (Laird and Timperlake)• The Long Reach of Aegis (Proceedings, January 2012, 2012-01/long-reach-aegis Second Line of Defense
  16. 16. Re-Shaping Pacific PowerProjection Presence Economy of Force Scalability Allies are Always Forward Deployed Second Line of Defense
  17. 17. Inside the Beltway Games• The Boomer Column• Platform Centric; Stove Piping• The 57 Year Aircraft• Test and Build the Bureaucracy Rather Than Build the Aircraft• Concurrency Games• Keep the Old Because We are Leading From Behind• We are Poor• Ignore those MANUFACTURED aircraft flying over your heads• Ignoring the Osprey Second Line of Defense
  18. 18. Conclusions• You Can Fight With Horses if You Want Too; I am Taking Tanks, Airplanes and a New Warfighting Approach• Options are Inherent in the Technologies; But if You Want to Stay in the Platonic Cave So Be It• A Nike Defense Policy• Don’t Study the Supply Chain: Manufacture the Aircraft• Embrace Culture Change• Use the Pacific Opportunity as a Reshaping Force for the Future – Allies are Always Forward Deployed – How can WE plug in? – How can the U.S. Enable and Surge? Second Line of Defense
  19. 19. For More Information (1)• Second Line of Defense• Second Line of Defense Forum• AOL Defense Second Line of Defense