Internet Market Magic of Getting Found Pt.II

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  • 1. The Magic of Getting Found 2nd Half
    Bob Bradley
  • 2. Added features
    Tips and Tricks
  • 3. Google Analytics
    Monthly trends
    Overall Data
    Total visitors and where they came from
  • 4. Analytics A Closer Look
    Search queries
    On the Blog
  • 5. The XML Sitemap
    Provides a roadmap to help the Google search engine crawl a website more effectively.
    Good for sites with AJAX or FLASH or a site that does not have good internal linking
    HTML Sitemap
    Can only be read by Google
    There are Pro and Con arguments
  • 6. The Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
    Programming style that adds fonts, colors, spacing, navigation to web documents one time rather than on all pages.
    Good for SEO
    Search Engine friendly layouts
    Can eliminate tables
  • 7. Websites
    When did GoogleBot last visit and what did it see?
    Click on “Cached”
  • 8. Put the “F” in Your Site
    Heatmaps from user eyetracking studies of three websites.
  • 9. Navigation rules
    10 seconds
    • Don’t make me think
    • 10. Two Clicks to Action
    • 11. Tell me where I am and
    • 12. How to get back
    • 13. Make stuff clickable
    • 14. Call(s) for action
    Bread crumbs
  • 15. Google Rules
    Black Hat Techniques-Beware
    • Keyword stuffing- putting keywords and phrases all over a page to make sure it gets indexed to those words
    • 16. Cloaking- showing one page to Googlebot and a completely different page to real human visitors. Google despises this aplenty.
    • 17. Invisible Text- Creatinga “white on white” page that only the bots, crawlers and spiders can see with keyword all over them
    • 18. Doorway Pages- Pagesmade up for particular search terms for search engines that clutter the search results
    Google Jail
  • 19. Images Don’t Rule
    Oh, yea, I remember, its called the Alt Tag Workaround
    <imgsrc="../skin1/images/home/Tea.jpg" alt="bulk organic herbs and spices - wholesale and retail"/>
    You can also put ordinary descriptive text adjacent to the image
  • 20. Neither do these!
    So Mr. Googlebot now you have me scared, are there other things you CAN’T do?
    Yea there are some
    Have a hard time with FLASH
    Have some difficulty with JAVA SCRIPT
    Hard to read DYNAMIC CONTENT
    CSS, cascading style sheets, I can see the best
  • 21. Get Listed Locally
    There are criteria for order of rankings
  • The Snippet
    Money does not buy this; algorithm driven
    The HTML-View Source
  • 28. The Snippet
    A snippet is your URL and the 160 black characters from your website that appear on that results page.
    A rich snippet is a more dynamic and visual sample of your content on the same results page that may include reviews, pictures, or even a video.
  • 29. Tools Bars Etc.
    From SEO for firefox add on
    You can toggle information links and find out about sites
  • 30. Advertising
    It is about CONVERSIONS
    Getting them to do what you want them to do
  • 31. Customer Acquisition
    Are customers FREE?
    Search Engine Results Pages
    This is why we don’t obsess about them
    are only
    III didn’t wake up this morning just to buy your stuff!!!
    Of total number of web pages
    Some web marketers claim that they get less than ___of their visits from search results
  • 32. There are Crowded Serps
    Sponsored Links appear at top of page
    Even real time twitter results are beginning to appear
    Local results appear at top of page
    Some estimate that this takes up 80% of the “above the fold area”
  • 33. Pay Per Click
  • 34. The Networks
    Search Network
    (Think Rhode Island)
    Display Network*
    (Think California)
    *Formerly the Content Network
  • 35. The Big Three + One
    Profile Information may allow good demographic targeting and results analysis
  • 36. Understand the CTR
    The Click thru Rate (CTR) is obtained by dividing the "number of users who clicked on an ad on a web page by the "number of times the ad was delivered" (impressions).
    For example, if a banner ad was delivered 100 times (impressions delivered) and one person clicked on it, The resulting CTR would be 1 percent.
    It made me do something
  • 37. The Google System
    Wants to see relevant ads
    Wants a good experience by both
    Wants to show relevant ads
    The interest of three parties must be satisfied
    We want everybody happy because that means $$$$$
  • 38. A Simple Look at Auction Basics
    Price Paid
    Now we add “QUALITY SCORE”
    Knew u couldn’t keep it simple
    You only pay the bid of the advertiser below you
  • 39. The Ad Rank
    Amount Paid
    Ad Rank
    Using the logic of paying only the amount of your next lowest competitor BUT applying the QUALITY SCORE as a factor, we come to a formula
    The price that advertiser 1 has to pay is determined by dividing the AD RANK of the next lowest bidder by the QUALITY SCORE of the advertiser Then add $.01
  • 40. Improve your CTR Improve everything
    Actual CPC
    Ad Rank
    Min Bid Price
    No lower advertiser
  • 41. Improving your CTR
    Actual CPC
    Ad Rank
    Min Bid Price
    So by increasing your QUALITY SCORE (a significant factor being CTR) you can decrease your CPC and not lose position
  • 42. Take Aways
    It’s about the click
    through rate
  • 43. Improving the CTR
    Avoid using very general keywords (shoes).
    Focus on using targeted keywords which describe your actual products or service in a rather specific way (repair jogging shoes).
    Relevant Keywords (included in ad text)
    Simple, enticing ads with strong call to action
    Organize your account for maximum effectiveness
    Create ads that are highly targeted to the keywords in that Ad Group.
    Test, test, test
  • 44. Self-setting clock
    Self-setting clock
    Self-setting clock
    Improving the CTR
    Remember to Sell the benefits not the features
    Which is which? I know, do you?
    The answer
    Fewer Keystrokes
    Immediate information
    Designed just for you
    Buy it when you want it
    Ready to use out of the box
    Self setting clock
    50 number speed dial
    One click financial reports
    Custom Programs
    Open 24 hours
    Batteries included
    Remember the drill and the hole!
  • 45. Landing Page
    Why do I need this?
    Its closes the deal!!
  • 46. The Landing Page
    Many marketers think that because they ran a very effective ad the sale is automatic
    This couldn’t be further from the truth
    An effective ad ONLY gets people . Where the click takes you must
    That is the LANDING PAGE. This page is intrinsically connected to any ad or solicitation that you may initiate
    The landing page may contribute up
    to 1/3 to your quality score
    to click
  • 47. Landing Page
    Designed to convert
    The objective is to get the “clicker” to take some form of action that leads to a sale
    There a few questions to ask yourself when creating a landing page:
    What are you offering?
    Who do you wish to appeal to?
    Why would they be interested in your offer?
    What do they need to do to participate/purchase?
    Remember the….
  • 48. Landing Page
    Call to action (multiple)
    Keep it logical
    Keep it focused
    White space is your friend
    Good use of images
    Fast load times
  • 49.
  • 50. Or how about these that appeared on the top of serps in sponsored ads area
    Which one(s) gets your attention?
  • 51. Landing Page
    Also note the organization of the navigation pane
  • 52. Landing Page
    The actual home page
  • 53. Connecting the Information
  • 54. Using Twitter to Connect
    It goes to the twitter version of their home page which keeps a consistent message and view
  • 55. Adwords
    You will see these off to the right of the Results pages
  • 56. Pay Per Click
    Guess what drives your ad appearing
    Holy Smokes Batman
    You buy KEYWORD PHRASES and you pay each time the ad is clicked
  • 57. Adwords Starting Out
  • 58. Google Adwords
    Determine what you can spend
    Set your daily budget in Adwords
    You can adjust it at any time
    Determine your language settings
    Determine your Geo-Targeting (local, regional)
    Lotsa help from the providers
  • 59. The Anatomy of an Ad
    Questions generate clicks
    Compelling questions are better
    Based on searchers need
    Need Design Help?
    Need a Better Brand?
    Need Better Credit?
    The title line is CLICKABLE
  • 60. Tools: Google Adwords
  • 61. Got Questions?
  • 62. Adwords Help and Info
  • 63. Setting Up the Campaign
  • 64.
  • 65. The Campaign
    It also scanned my website and gave me other possible keywords
    Words I chose
  • 66. Pay Per Click
    Managing Keywords and tracking their performance
  • 67. Controlling Costs
    Good ad performance
    Good Landing page
    Longer tail, targeted keywords will reduce the clicks and increase the conversions
    Exact Phrase Match
    GeoTarget your ads
    Limit the days
    Set a budget amount
    Use negative keywords
    Quality Score
    Use “Position Preference” to control position of ad
  • 68. Adwords-What to do
    Educate yourself or get outside education
    Determine an amount you can spend over a period of time ($500 over 2-3 months)
    Determine important keyword phrases
    Set up an AdGroup with the phrases (more than one phrase)
    Make effective ads (entice, benefits, ask for order)
    Make it narrow at first
    Limit daily budget
    Limit to geographic regions
    Limit to certain day.
    And then measure the results, Why?
    Do what works and do not do what does not work
  • 69. Pros and Cons
    It is pretty simple (in concept)
    Without proper management it can cost a fortune
    Junk traffic can suck the life out of your program
    There is no economy of scale-the more clicks the more it costs (focus on conversion)
    It can generate traffic right away (within a few minutes)
    You can adjust to changing market conditions right away
    Is effective to generate buzz for new product launch
    It can be a bargain for niche, targeted keyword phrases
    (For example, you might not want to pay the top bid for 'bicycles', but 'Landshark Bicycles' is probably a lot less expensive ($.10 per click as of this writing, actually).
  • 70. Adwords More that You Can Do
    Split Test your Landing page
    In marketing you are seldom right the first time-your initial landing page may not “close the deal”
    You can create several landing pages with different enticements, colors, offers, benefits
    When your ad is clicked it will randomly pick a landing page to show and provide data to indicate effectiveness of each landing page
    Say What?
  • 71. Kewl Stuff…The Keyword Reverse Engineer
    Heh, I’m no engineer!!
    You can test words by sending yourself emails in GMAIL using various keywords and see what ads appear.
    Then you know what keywords result in what ads.
  • 72. The Display Network
    The Google Network is comprised of a large group of websites and other products that covers 80% of unique internet users around the world
    Google claims over 6 billion ad impressions per day
  • 75.
  • 76. Categories of display network partners
    Click on “Automotive” and the partners websites are displayed with estimates of volume (visitors)
  • 77. The Adsense Program
    The Google Adsense Program is the “flip” side of the content advertiser.
    Website owners sign up for the Adsense Program and allow ads to appear on their site(s).
    Yes, you can make money with the Adsense program
  • 78. Setting it Up
  • 79. Ads via Google Adsense
  • 80. Ad Groups
    Ad Group- a family of keywords built around a common theme
    Someone selling Movie Merchandise
    Matrix Clothing
    Spiderman Games
    Star Wars Toys
    Your ad group's entire keyword list helps determine where your ads show on the Content Network.
    Each ad group should have a cluster of 5 to 20 keywords that relate closely to one another and to the ads in that ad group.
    The more closely related your keywords, the more likely it is that your ads will find the right audience.
    Keyword phrases chosen
  • 81. Ad Group Keywords
    Spiderman toys 
    Spiderman clothes 
    Figures Starwars
    Spiderman pajamas
    Matrix Clothes
    Starwars DVD
    Ad Groups for
    Spiderman Toys
    Starwars Toys
    Matrix Toys
    Ad Groups for
    For Each Movie topic
    Spiderman, Starwars and Matrix.
    Too many different topics-hard to determine the right place to locate your ad
  • 82. Conversion Tracking
    Sort by column
  • 83. Advertising Professionals
  • 84. Advertising-What to do
    DIY or purchase the service
    Study ads presented in your market (yellow section)
    Make effective landing page(s)
    Start slowly with limitations
    Budget; Phrase match; long tail keywords; negative
    Measure the results- what works what doesn’t
    Expand keywords/adgroups and increase budget
    Measure results and determine future strategy
    Move to the display network (but carefully!)
    Measure the results
    The end result will be maximum targeted visitors to your site
  • 85. Goals and Objectives
    Lost and lonely site
    500 visits per month
    1% conversion
    Not much money made
    Good SEO +500
    Basic Adwords +1000
    Conversion +1%
    The day after
    Display Ads +2000
    Conversion +2%
    Next Week
    7-8% conversion
    This all assumes you have
    a good business model
  • 86. Basic Website
    Great SEO
    Off page marketing
    Good business gets it rolling
    Search Advertising
    Solid navigation and design keeps it going
    Display Network
  • 87. It Seems like a Lot of Stuff
    But…how do you eat an elephant?
    One bite at a time
  • 88. This is the…
    Of Getting Found
  • 89. FAQ’s
    Are you for hire? No, even if I was, it is against the ethics of SCORE to use the organization for personnel gain.
    Can I make an appointment with you about this topic?
    Yes, but I do not counsel very often. These workshops are designed to give you “self help” counseling. Check out my website/blog and review the materials and references. Follow me on Twitter/Facebook
    Can you recommend anyone to do this for me?
    No. It is not in the SCORE mantra to recommend services for clients. This would turn us into a purchasing “filter”.
    Where can I get additional help?
    These workshops are designed to facilitate your thinking so that you may be your own best resource. Does it take time?-YES, does it always reap the benefits you wish?-NO, but that is the essence of business.
  • 90. Thank you and
    Good Luck!!