The iTechies: Sharing the Best of the Best Free Web-based Tools

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This PowerPoint was used at the "iTechie" session, which was part of the National Leadership SpecialQuest held in Denver, CO in April of 2010. In this fun experiential session, participants will …

This PowerPoint was used at the "iTechie" session, which was part of the National Leadership SpecialQuest held in Denver, CO in April of 2010. In this fun experiential session, participants will received an introduction to over 15 FREE and easy to use collaboration, productivity, and social media tools. They also learned about how these tools can support their work and communication with professionals and families. The audience was made of early childhood professionals and family members. *This session included a 40 minute discussion.

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  • Display as people enter room.
  • PRESENTATION NOTES In advance of this session, participants completed a survey regarding what they wanted to learn. Additionally, they were invited to visit an online group discussion in to complete introductions. Additionally they were provided with a set of terms & definitions (through Grouply) to help prepare them for the session. This presentation follows the format of the Oscars. Two hosts introduce the session and reference the survey and online activity in advance of this session. You need to seek 9 volunteers. 2 presenters for each category (collaboration, social media, and productivity), and 1 winner per category. Prior to the start of your session provide your volunteers with their scripts. I provided this information 15 min in advance (as people walked in the room) and it worked out fine. As presenters approach the front of the room, pass them a notebook containing their script. Inside the notebook include the winners envelope, which would include the winners acceptance speech. Instruct your presenters to pass the winning envelop to the winner. Winners will read their acceptance speech from the envelop. As winners reach the front of the room a presenter or host should present an oscar statue. The winner should then read their acceptance speech and for fun you can have your winners ad lib. *Prior to the start of the session, winners were also provided with some items (boa, toy jewelry, hats etc.) to spice up their wardrobe as a winner. Play music as presenters approach the front of the room (aka stage), as winners approach the stage, and when its time for winners to leave the stage. I used an iPod to control the music instead of trying to include it within my PowerPoint.
  • Display during intro music and announcement of Rebecka and Deborah. Deborah Thank you for attending today's session. I'm Deborah Conn and  I'm co-hosting today's session The iTechie Awards! Featuring the Best Free and Easy Web Based Tools with Rebecka Anderson. Rebecka Hi Everyone. Thanks for attending today. When we first began preparing for this session we knew we wanted it to be a introduction to some new tools, but we also wanted to make sure that the tools we selected were meaningful to you which was why we did a survey. 
  • Display during intro music and announcement of Rebecka and Deborah. Deborah Thank you for attending today's session. I'm Deborah Conn and  I'm co-hosting today's session The iTechie Awards! Featuring the Best Free and Easy Web Based Tools with Rebecka Anderson. Rebecka Hi Everyone. Thanks for attending today. When we first began preparing for this session we knew we wanted it to be a introduction to some new tools, but we also wanted to make sure that the tools we selected were meaningful to you which was why we did a survey. 
  • Deborah When we looked at the survey results we were both amazed to see how detailed and varied your responses to the questions were.  Upon reviewing the results we noticed some trends.   Rebecka On screen you are looking at  a word cloud, which I created with Wordle. Wordle is a a free web-based service that allows you to type in or copy/paste words so that you can see them in a more visually pleasing manner. The significance of this tool, is that it  increases the size of words that are used more frequently. What you are seeing on screen are your survey responses. As you can see there is also a wide range of topics. So we’ve come up with a plan to provide you with good relevant information and opportunity for discussion as it relates to your own situations. 
  • Deborah As you know, we've kicked off this session online with Grouply with a get to you know you activity.  So, in addition to Grouply you've been introduced to two tools.  Today you will be introduced to 13 more tools, and will have an opportunity to talk about some practical applications of the tools. This session does include discussion and Q&A time, but there's not enough time to cover everything that you listed on your surveys.
  • Rebecka To meet your needs based upon what you specified in the survey, I'm going to offer a series of live follow-up events delivered as a webinar and through, which is a video presentation format. This will not only expose you to the practical application of 2 more tools, it will give you an opportunity to explore additional topics. In addition to this, Deborah and I have created a list of all of the services mentioned today along with many others. You will have access to them through delicious, a social bookmarking service, which we will talk more about at the end of the session. Deborah For those of you interested in knowing which organizations in early childhood and early childhood special education are using tech and social media, we've bookmarked many of those organizations on delicious as well. At the end of today's session we will distribute to you the information on how to access delicious.
  • Rebecka Before we go any further I want to acknowledge and thank all of you for completing online introductions through grouply.  I'd also like to recognize the iReporters in the room. They may be tweeting/blogging as we go along. Twitter users be sure to add the hashtag #SQ10. Also, thanks to Barb Razer and Robin Wells for their help today. Lastly, today's PowerPoint will be available to everyone and it will include the script. All of the tools we presented today and their web addresses will be available to within the PowerPoint. Also, as Deborah just mentioned, these tools will also be available to you on delicious so don't feel like you need to take notes and capture product names and web addresses because that will be given to you. 
  • Deborah Yes, we hope you will enjoy the session and that you will be active in today's discussions. We have a fun program planned today and here's how it looks: we have the itechie awards ceremony which will be similar to the oscars we will have "after party" discussion groups and then some closing remarks Rebecka If during the itechie awards ceremony questions come up for you, note them and ask them during the discussion section. You can also tweet your questions if you are on Twitter just be sure to add #SQ10, and I will get back to you. I will be available in the internet cafe if you have questions or want to discuss something specific. You are also welcome to send me an email with your question while you are here or after you go home.  Deborah Ok, lets get started. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the stage " X" and "X" who will be presenting the iTechie award for Collaboration.
  • PLAY ENTER MUSIC TRACK Presenter 1 In the category of COLLABORATION,  the nominees for the best  FREE and EASY web-based tools are…
  • Presenter 1 Writeboard! Writeboard allows users to create and collaborate on a document.  It allows for the quick creation of a document and does NOT require collaborators to register. Simply forward a link to those you wish to collaborate with.
  • Presenter 1 Writeboard is an excellent tool for brainstorming, the sharing of ideas, and the beginning stages of document development. Writeboard keeps things simple by offering basic formatting options such as bolding. Its export feature allows you to download the document to your computer for more extensive formatting. Writeboard features version links, and each time an edit is saved, a new version is  created.  You can go back and review prior versions at any time. Presenter 2 The next nominee is….
  • Presenter 2 Google Docs Google Docs allows for the creation and collaboration of documents.  It requires its users to have a Google email address otherwise known as gmail, but it allows for real-time AND anytime collaboration on the document. 
  • Presenter 2 It offers a interface familiar to that of Microsoft Word's formatting toolbar, but  it includes some features that Word doesn't,  such as the ability  to see all previously saved versions of the document, which also indicates who the editor was. 
  • Presenter 2 Google Docs isn't just for creating and collaborating on documents similar to those created in Microsoft Word. You can create and collaborate on spreadsheets similar to the format of Microsoft Excel,  and presentations like PowerPoint. 
  • Presenter 2 Google Docs allows you export documents as Microsoft Office file types, as well as other file types so you can work locally on your computer.  Lastly, Google Docs offers a built in share button that allows you to easily invite collaborators to work online with you. It even provides an option for you to message your collaborators. Presenter 1 The next nominee is…
  • Presenter 1 DimDim! DimDim's free version allows for the delivery of a web conference for up to 20 people so that you can meet or train others in real-time. It allows two-way communication through chat, the telephone, or you can choose to communicate through your computer's microphone and speakers. 
  • Presenter 1 DimDim lets you show a presentation, edit documents with others, conduct tours of websites, display your own desktop, record your meeting, and even share your screen for others to annotate. 
  • Presenter 1 DimDim offers a straight forward meeting setup process that provides you with a registration widget which you can embed in a webpage. Additionally, meeting rooms are assigned friendly urls. One of DimDim's most unique and notable features is that users and hosts do not need to download anything to their computers so no need to worry about whether or not users have admin access to their computers. Presenter 2 The next nominee is…
  • Presenter 2 MediaFire! MediaFire offers unlimited file storage and sharing of files with no limits on how many times a file is downloaded, or how much data is transferred. 
  • Presenter 2 Through the creation of a folder and setting privacy controls, you can quickly create a private and central location for your organization to share files. Once you've uploaded a file you can choose to share it with others by using a link provided to you, or you can use an embed code,  so that you may make the file available for download through a website.  MediaFire also offers quick links to a variety of social networking sites so if you want to make your file available to your network, you can.  Presenter 1 And the winner is…
  • Presenter 1 Google Docs! Winner Thank you so much for recognizing the power of Google Docs because that son of gun Steve Jobs from Apple sure didn't appreciate it. My most favorite feature of Google Docs is its ability to create forms that can be embedded within web pages. Now everyone can have an interactive site and collect data on the fly whether it be a survey or event registration.  <PRESENTER AD LIB> Deborah Ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the stage "X" and "X" who will be presenting the iTechie award for Social Media.
  • PLAY ENTER MUSIC TRACK Presenter 1 In the category of Social Media,  the nominees for the best  FREE and EASY web-based tools are…
  • Presenter 1 Twitter! Twitter is the infamous social networking tool that requires those sharing, to compose messages known as tweets in 140 characters or less.
  • Presenter 1 While many have focused on "tweeting," Twitter is an excellent tool for listening and learning. In fact, there are several individuals and organizations tweeting about early childhood on Twitter as we speak.
  • Presenter 1 Twitter is easy to use and there are several 3rd party applications that can be used to access your twitter account to help you organize and filter the tweets of everyone you follow. Twitter's short messages and integration with other tools can actually save you time as tweets containing news updates, and links to valuable resources can be delivered to you in a way that is most efficient for you whether it be by visiting the Twitter website, having tweets sent from select users sent as text messages, or by using an application like TweetDeck, which can organize tweets by tags and users.  Presenter 2 The next nominee is…
  • Presenter 2 Slideshare! Slideshare is a social media site centered around the sharing of PowerPoint presentations, which may or may not include audio Its social features allow you to learn, and for others to learn from you.
  • Presenter 2 Its social features include: searchable user profiles like Beth Kanter’s the ability to talk with other Slideshare users by posting to their walls, or by commenting on a presentation an option to follow other users so that you are aware of new content being posted it also features discussion groups as well as the ability to send private messages Lastly, Slideshare includes several quick links to a variety of social media services and provides an embed code of your presentation so you can display it within a webpage. Presenter 1 The next nominee is…
  • Presenter 1 iGoogle! iGoogle is Google's user homepage for those with gmail accounts. By default it displays recent news and the weather, but what makes iGoogle unique is that it can transformed into a powerful social media tool.
  • Presenter 1 By adding social media widgets to iGoogle, which is as simple as the click of a button, you can  read what's happening with all your social sites. This centralized view of your social sites is commonly known as life streaming .iGoogle does require a gmail address, but you can choose to have your gmail account displayed on your iGoogle page.
  • Presenter 1 If you're interested in a less "techy" format when viewing your lifestream, you can take advantage of one of the many background themes. Presenter 2 And the winner is…
  • Presenter 2 Slideshare Winner Thank you! Slideshare is an awesome tool that my colleagues and I thought of, and we are so stoked that our programmers were able to to make such an easy tool for us to use. It has allowed me to share all of my crazy super awesome presentations with the world, and it was so simple to do. I think my favorite feature of the tool is being able synch audio to my slides. <PRESENTER AD LIB> Deborah Ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the stage "X" and "X" who will be presenting the iTechie award for Productivity.
  • PLAY ENTER MUSIC TRACK Presenter 1 In the category of Productivity,  the nominees for the best  FREE and EASY web-based tools are…
  • Presenter 1 ToodleDo! ToodleDo offers free task management software which allows you to create a to do list.  It allows you to organize and sort tasks by: creating project folders, specifying due dates, and setting priority levels. 
  • Presenter 1 ToodleDo! What makes ToodleDo most notable, is its inclusion of tools and services that can be used to manage the list. For example users can: manage the list through the website, synch the list to iCal, Google Calendar, or Outlook, and receive notifications of due dates through Twitter or email. Lastly, many of the tools and services offered by ToodleDo will keep your lists in synch. For example, if you make an update to your  to do list using the iPhone app, you will see the update appear the next time you login to ToodleDo's website.  Presenter 2 The next nominee is…
  • Presenter 2 Zoho! Zoho offers a wide variety of productivity and collaboration apps. Its greatest strengths lie in its numerous offerings and the fact that the applications offered were created to work together. 
  • Presenter 2 A notable application included within the Zoho Suite is Zoho Viewer, which allows you to share a document.  Other services can do this, but Zoho allows you to share a document without ever signing up for a Zoho account. Zoho Viewer displays documents through your web browser as versus a typical file download, and it even includes an edit feature.  As with many of the other services we've heard about today, Zoho also provides a link to the file that can be emailed, or you can choose to embed the document into your own website.  Presenter 1 The next nominee is…
  • Presenter 1 Yola! Yola is an ad free web design and hosting service that enables anyone to create a website regardless of their technical background.
  • Presenter 1 Yola features customizable templates and includes an easy drag and drop approach to designing websites.  No coding experience is required.  Yola allows website designers to upload and link to document types such as pdfs, and allows for the creation of password protected pages. Additionally, Yola includes access to a number of widgets that allow you to embed information from other sites such as Twitter and Google Maps. In fact, Yola offers over 60,000 widgets! Presenter 2 The next nominee is…
  • Presenter 2 SurveyGizmo! SurveyGizmo allows you to design, create, and host visually pleasing surveys and polls that can be branded with your organization's logo. Its free service allows you to create an unlimited number of surveys with an unlimited amount of questions. 
  • Presenter 2 SurveyGizmo provides creators with a link to the survey, and an embed code so that the survey can be displayed within a website. Results can be viewed in real-time, and they can also be exported.  A notable feature of SurveyGizmo is that it creates 508 compliant surveys, meaning individuals using  assistive technology (such as a screen reader) can easily access the survey.  Lastly, SurveyGizmo provides ad free surveys, and includes the option to create a custom thank you page so that your users receive proper closure. Presenter 1 And the winner is…
  • Presenter 1 SurveyGizmo Winner Thank you, and thanks to my programmers who created a tool for the novice! I need to mention that we would not be receiving this award if it were not for our technical support team who happily recovered a set of survey responses for the academy's own Rebecka Anderson who inadvertently deleted her data.  <PRESENTER AD LIB> Deborah OK, wow we just heard about 11 free easy to use web-based tools. Lets talk more about these tools and their applications as part of our after party. 
  • For your category, brainstorm a list of potential uses of the tools within your assigned category that could be used with work, family and/or your community, and discuss within your group Assemble a list of questions Designate a reporter 10 Mins
  • Deborah Ask to hear back from each group.  Transition to staying touch section.
  • Inform group that because of time we won't be able to answer all questions, but that we have an opportunity to follow-up on Grouply. Rebecka will send reminders about Grouply follow -up and will send invites for future webinars on topics specified in the survey. 
  • VIDEO IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR DISTRIBUTION VISIT to purchase or view through their website Rebecka Before we end today I want to share with you one more tool which is going to allow Deborah and I to share our favorite websites with you, and will give you an opportunity for you to share with us. Earlier in the session we mentioned a tool called Delicious. Delicious is a social bookmarking tool, and we are going to watch a very short video that will do a much better job at explaining it than I. 
  • Rebecka We have bookmarked our sites and tagged them with #SQ10. You can share your sites by creating an account. Tag your sites with #SQ10 if the sites relate to this event or session. (modify for your own presentation)
  • Rebecka Before we move on to the reflection activity, I want to show you one final tool called Poll Everywhere. I’m going to create a poll through their website and you all can respond with the cell phones and see the results in real-time. Mobile Technology is the Emerging Technology. This screen will be up for the remainder of the session.
  • Deborah <USE FLIPCHART TO DISPLAY IF KEEPING POLL EVERYWHERE SCREEN UP> Personal Journaling Reflect on what we have discussed today.  Take a few minutes to jot down in your journal or on a to do list or put into your PDA some ideas that you would like to consider using in your work. Please take time to write down something that you will want to share with someone on your team or back home.  What are the key points from this session you will want to share during the synthesis activity tomorrow?
  • Deborah <BARB TO CHART FEEDBACK> Continuous Improvement What in this session helped you to gain a deeper understanding and confidence in using web-based social media, collaboration, and tools. What suggestions do you have for enhancing your learning about these tools?  What other ways can we continue to learn from one another about web-based tools other than those we’ve already discussed once we are no longer face-to-face?


  • 1. the iTechies the best FREE and EASY Web-Based Tools
  • 2. NOTES/Disclaimer This face-to-face presentation has been modified for presentation on SlideShare. The audio (voices) for this PowerPoint has been reenacted. Review the NOTES section of this slide for details. Special thanks to Jeanne Schroeder who played the role of Deborah Conn and thanks to Susan Stewart, Sandy Tradewell, Ann Johnson, Greg Johnson, Elizabeth Schroeder, Cecilia Harris, and Kathy Whitener who filled the roles of presenters and winners. This presentation was created by Rebecka Anderson and Deborah Conn. Slides created by Rebecka Anderson.
  • 3. the iTechies the best FREE and EASY Web-Based Tools
  • 4. Deborah Conn Rebecka Anderson
  • 5. Rebecka Deborah
  • 6.  
  • 7.
    • 2 Tools So Far
      • Grouply
      • Wordle
    • 13 More!
      • During Awards
      • During Closing
  • 8. Ongoing Opportunities to Learn Using:
  • 9. Housekeeping Items
      • Online Intros
      • iReporters Will Be Reporting
      • Thanks Barb Razer & Robin Wells
      • PPT with Script & Resources will Be Available
    Tag: #SQ 10
  • 10. Agenda
    • iTechie Awards
    • After Party Discussion
    • Closing
    Tag: #SQ 10
  • 11.  
  • 12. write, share, revise, compare
    • short form to create
    • collaborators receive a link
  • 13.  
  • 14.  
  • 15. Similar to MS Word
  • 16. COLLABORATE real time or anytime
  • 17. .doc .xls .ppt .pdf .html .txt SHARE
  • 18. chat here FREE Teleconference use computer microphone/speakers or video
  • 19. Edit Docs, Present, View Websites Share mac or win desktop Annotate docs
  • 20. Registration Widget Friendly!
    • Embed in Web Pages
    • Share on Social Sites
  • 21. share files without registering/signing-up! Public or Private
  • 22. public or private Public or Private Sharing is EASY! share with your network
  • 23. Google Docs! Create & add forms to websites! No coding required!
  • 24.  
  • 25. Updates = Tweets
  • 26. Follow & LISTEN
  • 27. Read & Post via Twitter Website Read & Post via 3 rd Party Apps Read Tweets search Write Tweets Here
  • 28.  
  • 29. Follow & Message
  • 30.  
  • 31. Rebecka’s Lifestream Through iGoogle my email facebook twitter my docs
  • 32.  
  • 33. Slideshare! synch mp3 files to your slideshow
  • 34.  
  • 35. Add Tasks View To Do List
  • 36. Popular Tools & Services (over 17 more available)
  • 37. Zoho Productivity Suite
  • 38. ways to share your document shared doc zoho viewer attach files, no sign-up required
  • 39.  
  • 40. drag widget to content area select colors, layout , add pages, add files, set navigation Drag Widgets Here
  • 41. Sample Survey Note! Hidden free account link or get free account , student account , or non-profit account
  • 42. 508 compliant!
    • Collecting Data
    • User friendly url
    • Embed code on webpage
    • Links to social media
    • Viewing Data
    • Export data
    • View online
    • Real-time results
    • Customize
    • Add logo
    • Set colors
    • Thank you page
  • 43. SurveyGizmo!
  • 44. Divide Into 3-6 Groups Collaboration Writeboard Word processing Google Docs Create many doc types DimDim Train /meet in real time MediaFire Share files Social Media Twitter 140 or less/listen tool Slideshare Share PowerPoints iGoogle Create lifestream Productivity ToodleDo Create to do lists Zoho Access to many tools Yola Web creation & hosting SurveyGizmo Survey & form creation
    • Brainstorm a list of potential uses of the tools within your assigned category that could be used with work, family, and/or community.
    • List your questions.
    • Designate reporter.
  • 45. Barb Take Notes in Google Docs
  • 46. Staying in Touch
    • Grouply
    • Webinars
    • uStream
  • 47. Common Craft Video on Social Bookmarking and Delicious see notes
  • 48. delicious #SQ 10
  • 49. Poll Everywhere Link to Poll Everywhere
  • 50.  
  • 51.  
  • 52. Sites From iTechie Awards Collaboration Writeboard Google Docs DimDim MediaFire Social Media Twitter Slideshare iGoogle Productivity ToodleDo Zoho Yola SurveyGizmo Other Tools Mentioned Grouply Wordle Delicious Poll Everywhere iTeamwork