NEFF Event - Hartlepool Hearty Lives & Real Food Works


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Presentation from Jennifer McDermot(HBC) & David Malone(RFW) at the NEFF event in Durham 22nd May 2013

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NEFF Event - Hartlepool Hearty Lives & Real Food Works

  1. 1. Hartlepool Borough CouncilBHF Hearty Lives Hartlepool:The Generation Game -Younger & Wiser
  2. 2. The BHF Hearty LivesAward ProgrammeIn 2008 the British Heart Foundation (BHF)introduced a new ‘Hearty Lives’ awardprogramme under its Prevention & Care(P&C) work stream to continue its vital,pioneering and caring work.
  3. 3. The Cluster Project AwardNHS Hartlepool and Hartlepool Borough Council –joint bid for a BHF cluster project award to addresshealth inequalities due to Cardio Vascular Disease(CVD) at the Local Authority level.Cluster project award = £100,000 over a period of3 years.
  4. 4. Title of Hartlepool cluster project:BHF Hearty Lives Hartlepool:The Generation Game – Younger & Wiser
  5. 5. BHF Hearty Lives Hartlepool Although the health of the population ofHartlepool is improving the experience of illhealth, disability and premature death fromcardiovascular disease has impacted onmany families for generations evidenced inlocal CVD mortality data.
  6. 6. BHF Hearty Lives Hartlepool Our project aims to support children (aged7-14years) to make healthier choices andbreak the cycle of ill health and prematuredeath from CVD experienced by theirparents and grandparents by gettingchildren and young people engaged,proactive, healthy and skilled to makehealthier choices.
  7. 7. BHF Hearty Lives HartlepoolTeamContacts: Chris Briddon – BHF Nurse Practitioner Kate Watson – Health ImprovementPractitioner Jennifer McDermott – CommunityNutritionist Artie Beat!
  8. 8. Artie Beat!
  9. 9. Real Food Works
  10. 10. Real Food WorksWe are a socially directed business, supporting peoplein adopting a healthier lifestyle, through ‘down toearth’, hand’s-on cooking workshops anddemonstrations.We do this through sessions which are: Suitable for all ages delivered in the community cost-effective fully mobile tailor made for each group/organisation
  11. 11. Real Food Works Since 2006 we have, working in partnershipwith more than 90 organisations, deliveredover 1,100 workshops & demonstrationsengaging with more than 43,000 people –from 3 to 93 years young!
  12. 12. Alerted to tender through NEPO websiteINVITATION TO TENDERHartlepool Borough Council are seeking to appoint asuitable provider/s with appropriate culinary and healtheducation experience to plan, develop, deliver andevaluate a fun interactive Children’s Healthy CookingRoadshow which supports the aims and ethos of theHartlepool Hearty Lives Programme ‘Younger andWiser’.
  13. 13. Tender Process:1. Submitted proposal – Oct 20122. Shortlisted – Nov 20123. Invited for interview – Nov 20124. Interviewed – Dec 20125. Awarded contract – Dec 20126. Signed Contract – Mar 2013
  14. 14. Over the next 12 months we will beworking in all 30 primary schools acrossthe borough delivering sessions with yr 5pupils, including: Heart Health information/activities Hands on cooking for every pupil The Cool Green Smoothie Machine Creating an on-line community to share learning
  15. 15. We plan to extend the work byengaging with families, using thechildren to demonstrate the skills &knowledge they have gained, withthe aim of embedding the learningwithin the family setting.
  16. 16. RFW contact David
  17. 17. Healthy Cookery Roadshow website: