Red Apple Inc - why work with us
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Red Apple Inc - why work with us



Quick handbook for people wanting to work with us...

Quick handbook for people wanting to work with us...



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Red Apple Inc - why work with us Red Apple Inc - why work with us Presentation Transcript

  • Thought Paper by Red Apple Inc… Author: Ramesh K Meda, CTO WHY PEOPLE LOVE WORKING WITH US…
  • © Red Apple Inc About Red Apple Inc… • Red Apple Inc is IT Services and Management Organization with focus on – Management Advisory Services – Product Management Services – Global HR Staffing Services – BPO & KPO Services
  • © Red Apple Inc Our Culture • • • • We created company that we can love Basis of our culture… Simplicity & Service Our culture attracts good people We believe, great talent is attracted to great culture • Our culture helps people deliver their personal best
  • What people look for… Now Focus © Red Apple Inc Earlier Retirement benefit Purpose Demand Good Boss Great team to work with Working hours 9 to 5 Whenever Place of work Office Wherever Logitivity To retire from here Whatever… !! Culture Hierarchical Flat Management Authoritative Inclusive Skills Learn and be ready On-the-job learning Contribution One in a team Individual contribution and Team player Disagreement Silent Vocal, but agree to disagree
  • © Red Apple Inc Money… • Business runs to make money. (period) • But, for us – Money happens, we don’t run behind it – Money is side effect of good culture, great deliveries – Delighted customers bring in money • Overall, Money is NOT the reason we exist
  • © Red Apple Inc Our code of culture • We care for our mission and metrics • We focus on solutioning customers pain points • We are shamelessly Transparent • We care of individual contribution • We Hire & Fire with care • We invest in Individuals and Ideas • We question ourselves all the time
  • © Red Apple Inc We care for… • • • • Our culture Our mission Our measurement metrics Those who don’t, don’t exist in our organization !!
  • © Red Apple Inc Customer and us… • We Partner with our customer • Our engagement goal is internalize and solve for customers’ pain points • We work with long term perspective • We love to teach and educate our customers
  • © Red Apple Inc Transparency • We share (almost) everything with our customer • But hold back when… – It is legally required to do so – It is not ours to share – It is in interest of the customer
  • © Red Apple Inc Work culture • • • • Free access to everybody, no questions asked Everybody has time for everybody else Facts before fiction… We speak truth We agree and disagree, violently (trust me, we do) • Everybody has right (duty) to be awesome • We trust ourselves
  • © Red Apple Inc Who owns what • Each employees’ best judgment owns the organization !!! • We care for – Team over self – Company over Team – Customer over Company • There you go… that summarizes our policies… ;)
  • Results are everything for us © Red Apple Inc • We are married to results and not to – Work hours – Amount of time and work – Vacation time – Expenses • No results, no job… simple
  • © Red Apple Inc Meetings • • • • • Our meetings can be organized by anybody Must have goal and result, defined and agreed Debates are fact based Silence in debate is agreement Facts win, not louder voice or title
  • © Red Apple Inc Everybody works… • • • • We are married to common goals Titles are for the sake of it Everybody works… period We are focused on results and not path to get there • Managers help contributors
  • © Red Apple Inc Our hiring policy • We are simply picky • We care for professionals that are – Humble – Effective – Adaptable – Go-getters – Transparent
  • © Red Apple Inc Our firing policy • Great freedom comes with greater responsibility • Any misuse results in firing • Firing process – Verbal warning – Written warning – Parting with smile
  • Want to work with us… © Red Apple Inc • Call us, if you are – – – – – A Star (in your own mind) A great individual contributor Committed individual Good market value and track record A great thinker, to make things simple • Process – We meet and discuss (we don’t believe in interviews) – We explore common platform for our values and believes 
  • What opportunities do we have © Red Apple Inc • Idea incubation – You have great ideas, we will make it happen – You drive, we equip you • Contributor – Professional with extensive hands-on experience – Love what you do in areas of technology, management consultation – Person with right customer connects
  • © Red Apple Inc Conclusion… • We are what we are, and we love it • If you would like to be part of our family, please start conversation with us – Call us on +91 80 4147 9204 and ask for Surya – Write to us
  • Contact us for more information… USA India eMail +1 973 210 3030 +91 80 4147 9204 THANK YOU….